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How to Set Boundaries, Say No, and Still Feel Good About It, with Erin Acton

When was the last time you said “yes” when you really wanted to say “no”? Erin will share with you how you can express yourself clearly so that others respect your decision. Isn’t it time you started saying “no” to others so you can start saying “yes” to you?  You will discover:
• How to create clear boundaries so it’s easier to say no.
• How to say no in a way that people respect, and leaves you feeling good about it
• How to deal with people who won’t take no for an answer

About: Erin Acton is an international speaker and certified life and business coach. Before that, she doused so many fires while leading the communications for a $50M company that she burned out. From the ashes of her 20-year communications and broadcasting careers, she started her own business and created powerful tools and strategies so no one else needs to struggle like she did. Now Erin helps leaders and entrepreneurs go from burnout to balance. But most of her clients aren’t burned out! They just have big goals and dreams and want to avoid burnout while making their magic happen. Her step-by-step formulas, practical tools, and high-impact techniques can help you create balance, live with purpose, and love your life. www.erinacton.com

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