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We enhance and support the personal and professional development of women from Southern Vancouver Island..

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Rosemarie BarnesBeing a business owner, employer or leader in today’s business world requires an awareness of the needs of Generation X, Y, and Z. We interact with people of all ages in our business, personal and social lives. Whether engaging with staff, clients or your children, understanding the difference in values and what motivates them will help make you a better communicator, employer, parent and business owner.

Savvy employers are aware that Generation X prefers carefully funneled information, Generation Y feeds on mentorship and praise, and the upcoming Generation Z needs to understand how their tasks fit in with the whole.

Join Rosemarie Barnes as she provides insight into the generational divide, how to cope, how to strengthen multi-generational relationships through a better understanding of their needs and what they value, and how to make the workplace more united.  Read the full description and meeting details – click here

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USED BOOK SALE at the March 24th meeting.  All books $5 with proceeds to our charities.


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