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At a very young age, Nadine Hanchar learned that she was a problem solver. It led her to a 30-plus year career as a counselor, consultant, and facilitator.

Nadine specializes in helping with trauma issues or relationship challenges. Trained in many conventional and non-traditional modalities, she takes a holistic approach to support clients with their healing and personal growth.

Trauma Support
Any kind of trauma can severely debilitate people. Nadine’s sessions can combine many techniques, so clients are no longer affected with the trauma and can get on with a better quality of life.

Besides trauma, Nadine helps those who are:

  • In a crisis situation in their life
  • Transitioning from one area or stage to another
  • Plagued by anxiety
  • Facing life-altering changes (i.e. divorce, marriage, bereavement)

“My approach is very results oriented,” explains Nadine. “People see me for weeks or sometimes months, instead of years with other practitioners.”

Drawing on a large tool box, if one thing isn’t working, there is always another tool, method, or technique to try.

Relationship Expert
Couples, individuals, and even business teams come to Nadine to improve and fine tune their relationships. By teaching them how to bridge communications gaps, through coaching or workshops, she helps people:

  • Understand themselves and each other
  • Discover how they are different and how they are the same
  • Recognize how they give or receive communications

Knowing Me, Knowing You
Nadine recently published her first book Knowing Me, Knowing You, The PEP Personality Process©. The process, based on her 30 years of counseling experience, helps people understand things like how they filter information and handle stress, to how we understand each other and how we learn and process information.

Her book is a great tool for couples, families, and business teams to help individuals understand why they do the things they do and how to accept and respect each other to build stronger relationships.

Nadine sees clients in her Victoria office, and also supports people remotely. For counseling or training, visit her website. To buy her book visit Amazon.


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Written by Bonnie Chomica Marketing Done Write.

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