EcoStar_LogoThe power of connecting was evidenced last night at the Vancouver Island EcoStar Awards hosted by Jill Doucette of Synergy Enterprises.

I was so inspired by the many businesses in Victoria who are contributing to the sustainability of our beautiful city with their innovation, sustainable practices and operations. During the awards ceremony, I met Christina Robev, co-founder of Studio Robazzo, who were commissioned to design and manufacture the awards for the 16 Vancouver Island EcoStar winners. Constructed using recycled driftwood and marble, they were stunning! Studo Robazzo is a holistic lifestyle design studio focusing on collaborative and sustainable innnovation.

Studio Robazzo have a cool story. After creating the Mayors mayors awardMedal Awards for the City of Victoria, and being present at the awards ceremony, Studio Robazzo networked with Synergy Enterprises who asked them to design the EcoStar Awards. And tonight at the EcoStar Awards they were approached to design another project using some material very synonymous with Victorians (it’s a secret right now). Now that’s the power of networking!

Business networking is a quintessential way to grow your business through relationship building. The power of connection is like a tapestry, each strand interwoven and connected. Attending events, that are aligned with your vision or values, is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals. How can you be of service to those new connections and who do they need to meet to achieve success?. Now get out there, build your network and have fun!

DAlcadinho_Sept15_580x679Deb Alcadinho is the founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN). She is passionate about helping women in business succeed. She is a business advisor and personal branding maven with Your Brand Power, a community connector, educator, mentor and speaker. She’s married and mom to three handsome young men.