Meet WWBN Gold Member Toni Dosouto

With a flair for fashion, Toni Dosouto loves her role as the local Cabi clothing representative. Cabi is a designer brand with a different business model offering stylish and comfortable clothing that makes women feel special.

Toni fell in love with the clothing line when she saw the fun designs, quality of the fabric and sewing, and the unique detailing on each piece. When the opportunity arose to take on the business, she jumped on it.

She enjoys working with women, chatting and building relationships, so this business allows her to present a very personal approach. The Cabi line allows her to engage with her clients and help them to find just the right pieces to fit their unique body type and personal style.

Shopping Options

You can shop with Toni in a variety of ways.

  • She can drop off a variety of pieces at your home to try on in private
  • Come to Toni’s home and see the whole line and sale items
  • Host a home party for friends, or an office party or other event for colleagues.

Toni goes beyond just selling clothing. With a consultative approach, she helps people make their look complete. She offers styling suggestions for accessories, jewellery, and most importantly, what undergarments work best for specific pieces.

Cabi Gives Back

Since the beginning, Cabi has been on a mission to encourage and empower women in need. They have helped women in developing countries to start businesses; women in natural disasters or who have lost their home; and ongoing fundraising efforts in local communities. And each season, the proceeds from one specific item are donated to their Cabi Foundation.

Ready to be a Cabi Girl?

Get in touch with Toni to find out more or to book a style appointment. Call 250-888-2065 or email


This business spotlight is provided as a benefit to Toni Dosouto as a Gold Member of WWBN.

Written by Bonnie Chomica (Marketing Done Write)   


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