Meet WWBN Gold Member Meghan Smith

As a life coach, Meghan Smith is a partner in discovery with her clients, who are predominantly high-performing mothers. They are often in survival mode—exhausted, unfulfilled, and without purpose. Meghan helps them transform their lives through personal, spiritual, and professional growth, as well as through more fulfilled relationships.

Meghan was one of those high-performing mothers herself. After graduating top of her class at law school and landing a sought-after job as a commercial litigator, she soon realized she just wasn’t fulfilled.  It wasn’t until she hired a coach that she came alive to the idea that she was here for more than just pay cheques and keeping her kids happy. What Meghan learned for herself, she now helps her clients discover—that anything is possible when you get clear that your fulfillment and your joyful experience of life matters.

Each client is unique but Meghan sees many commonalities among the moms she works with: mom guilt, resentment, lack of self-care, martyrdom, people-pleasing, and spreading themselves too thin. Part of Meghan’s work is to support women to have a complete different experience of motherhood—an empowering one—than the one that seems to come automatically to those high-performing types.

Coaching is a thought-provoking, sometimes confrontational process and is usually far from linear but the results are truly transformational.  Meghan’s advice is to not wait until it “makes sense” or until you “feel ready”.  It may never make sense but it will change your life.

Meghan’s strength is bringing out the best version of you through a combination of love, reflection, structure, and accountability.  As you thrive so will the people around you, family, friends, businesses and colleagues.

If you want to feel more alive, joyful, and fulfilled, contact Meghan for a free one-hour coaching session, and see if this is the journey for you.


This business spotlight is provided as a benefit to Meghan Smith as a Gold Member of WWBN.

Written by Bonnie Chomica (Marketing Done Write)