Meet WWBN Gold Member Bonnie Chomica

Marketing Mentor, Bonnie Chomica offers feedback, advice, and guidance to business owners seeking better marketing results.

Her career evolved over 30 years in marketing communications, giving Bonnie an expert eye for identifying and developing improved marketing strategies that focus on writing, processes, and digital technology tools.

Marketing covers so many different areas, so Bonnie zeros in on key targets to establish a solid foundation of marketing assets specific to each client. She prepares clients to try things out of their comfort zone, so they can scale up their marketing efforts. Key areas of focus are:

Content Planning – idea generation, development, and calendars

Email Marketing – newsletters, lead magnets, and drip marketing

Blogging – strategy, writing style, and structure

By combining these tactics with a client’s website and social media presence, Bonnie guides clients to design a plan, establish protocols, build content, and be ready to deploy their strategies. When the client executes the plan, Bonnie monitors its progress and provides feedback by pointing out things done well, and where improvements can be made.

For the do-it-yourself marketer, it’s difficult to know what you are doing right, what you are missing, and what other directions you should take.

 “You don’t know what you don’t know,” explains Bonnie. “I tend to fill in a lot of holes for my clients, so they have a better understanding of what and why they are doing things. It makes things clearer.”

Bonnie offers a Marketing Checkup to evaluate your current marketing plan and she offers specific packages to build your marketing strategies.

As Bonnie’s client, you’ll learn how to implement new skills, see the potential for bigger and even more impactful opportunities to grow your business, and gain confidence as a successful marketer.

Contact Bonnie for more details at or call 1-250-667-7647.


This business spotlight is provided as a benefit to Bonnie Chomica as a Gold Member of WWBN.

It’s also written by Bonnie Chomica (Marketing Done Write)