Barbara Marengo, at the BEBA Collective, represents artists from Africa here in Canada at exhibitions and online, through the sale of limited edition prints as well as original and functional art.

Barbara and her family moved here from South Africa in 2018.  Seeking a lifestyle change due to the increasing decline of that country’s economy and culture, she is driven to educate people about our global consciousness and the need for a social conscience to achieve that.

She believes art is the best medium to accomplish this as art transcends barriers of language, time, religion, gender and race. Art is able to convey a clear message in a highly emotive way to a wide audience across a broad spectrum of media.

Proceeds from the BEBA Collective’s online sales go to the African Wildlife Foundation, as well as community initiatives for education and social upliftment in the South African Eastern Cape. In 2020, they will review Canadian Artists and charitable foundations to support in the same way and create a cross-cultural bridge.

The BEBA Collective is part of a movement to create a new model to empower artists to thrive economically within the new digital global village we all occupy.

A new dawn for Artists in the digital economy.

To educate and receive input from visitors on their initiative, the BEBA Collective is looking to secure a retail space in Victoria to further develop a global art movement, geographically bridging African and Canadian creatives.

For more information on how to think globally in your local environment by communicating through art, contact Barbara Marengo, at or visit the Beba Collective website.


This business spotlight is provided as a benefit to Barbara Marengo as a Gold Member of WWBN.

Written by Bonnie Chomica (Marketing Done Write)