Meet WWBN Gold Member Aleita Laird

After a life of working in left-brain careers, Aleita Laird finally found her creative outlet as a jewelry designer. It started as a fun hobby, but soon turned into a thriving, joyful business.

Aleita creates one-of-a-kind designs. Incorporating exquisite gem stones and classic pearls with gold, silver, or leather, she makes jewelry for women who want to spoil themselves with something unique.

Inspired by living on the west coast and lots of time spent in Hawaii, Aleita describes her designs as very feminine, dreamy, and powerfully romantic.

I love my Ocean Sparkle Collection because of the colours,” she explains. “They are influenced by the sky and ocean, and tropical fish and flowers.


Many of Aleita’s clients come to her to create a custom piece from individual stones or pearls that they didn’t know what to do with.

Or they have found old fashioned, out-of-style, or damaged jewelry that’s been sitting in a drawer. Aleita gives new life to them. She loves to pick things apart, pull design ideas together, and then get input from her client to make something they will be thrilled to wear.


To be a part of Aleita’s vibrant circle, you can join her VIP Club to:

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Are you ready to treat yourself to some fabulous hand-made jewelry? Whether you consider something from her current collections, or have something old you want to update, Aleita will ensure you have vibrant and elegant pieces that you’ll love to show off.

Contact her to find out more at or call 250-658-4147.


This business spotlight is provided as a benefit to Aleita Laird as a Gold Member of WWBN.

Written by Bonnie Chomica (Marketing Done Write)          

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