We believe in the power of connection, the strength of collaboration and the value of community. 

Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN) provides a platform for female business owners and professionals to achieve professional and personal success, get unstuck and move their business forward. Business learning and networking events twice per month feature a keynote speaker to foster learning and networking time to build connection.  Deb has developed numerous free downloadable resources, along with other trainings and courses are available for self study on the store.  The Essential Networking Guide is one of WWBN’s signature free downloads.

Our founder, Deb Alcadinho facilitates and runs Elevate21 Mastermind,  a premier mastermind group for established business women who are seeking elevated conversations to move their business forward. To discuss problems, challenges or have discussions in a confidential, non-competitive, safe space; to get unstuck!; to be supported and encouraged by women who have your back; to take action and be held accountable to get it done!

And because we all need a little fun in our life, we offer member-only social and fun events throughout the year.

Become a WWBN Member and enjoy awesome perks.  

  • As a newbie to the Westshore two and a half years ago, I grudgingly forced myself to go out and meet people. WWBN was the perfect mix of welcoming community and valuable business support. Both in person and virtually, this community of business owners and supporters is diverse, welcoming and thought-provoking. Love being part of this supportive community! ~ Jilly Hyndman, CPCC PCC, the heartrageous coach

  • I loved attending WWBN events in person prior to COVID. I found the speakers inspiring, the mix of business women very interesting, supportive and caring. Deb Alcadinho’s leadership was spot on, punctual and compassionate. I am really looking forward to attending these in person luncheons again hopefully in the near future. As there is nothing like the touch and camaraderie of meeting in person.  ~ Aleita Laird, Aleita Jewelry

  • I have been a member of the Westshore Women’s Business Network for some time now. I experimented with different networks and returned to WWBN because I found the energy and the sincere comradery among this group calling me back. As with all businesses, it is the leader who sets the tone and is the underpinning of the culture and the successes that are created. At WWBN this is Deb Alcadinho. Deb is leadership and brings a deep passion and commitment to what she does. Deb brings warmth, grace and purpose to all members and from here, members experience a sense of value and appreciation for who they are and what they bring to WWBN. It’s a lovely group, come join us!!  ~ Heather Beaton, Heather Beaton Inc.

  • I have been a member of Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN) for more than 10 years. Deb Alcadinho is the most professional and effective facilitator I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is brilliant at networking and at helping the members of her group expand their contacts. She cares about people and it is obvious in how she conducts her business. I understand, and it is evident in everything that she does, that her primary objectives are to give back to her community. I have joined many other networking groups for women over the past 20 years. Some of these groups were very well established across international borders. I have always spent at least six months with a new group, to try to get a feel for the members, the goals of the group and the style of the facilitator. WWBN is the ONLY networking group that I currently participate in and the only group that I have stayed with for more than a year. I highly recommend Deb and the Westshore Women’s Business Network organization to any woman in business on Vancouver Island. who is looking to interact with and get to know other women in business. ~ Patricia Haakonson, Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

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