If you own a business, run a business or are an employee in an organization, joining WWBN will help you:

  • INCREASE exposure for your business
  • BUILD business relationships with new customers or suppliers, businesses and industries
  • GROW your personal and professional networks
  • form STRATEGIC alliances or collaborations with other businesses
  • MENTOR a new entrepreneur or business owner with your knowledge and expertise
  • MARKET your personal brand and increase your business brand exposure

By joining WWBN you will:

  • INCREASE opportunities for professional development
  • GAIN access to trainers, educators, business leaders and thought leaders at each event
  • ACCESS resources, tips, tools and techniques to make you more productive, profitable and successful

Entrepreneurs need support, some need encouragement, some just need validation. Solopreneurs need to get out and meet people.

All business owners and business people need to connect regularly with their customers, new and current, on a face to face level.

WWBN Will Energize Your Business

WWBN Will Fuel Your Brain

WWBN Will Tune Up Your Tool Kit       


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WWBN 2018 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
WWBN 2018
"I love the atmosphere, group, content and format.  I think it’s all fantastic and productive.  I also think you do a wonderful job being a welcoming host, organizer and are sincere and professional in your interactions with fellow business professionals.  It’s very refreshing and a skill set for us all to strive towards." 

Become a WWBN Member and enjoy awesome perks.  

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