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March & April 2019 – Personal Branding for Female Business Owners

Personal branding is the way of clarifying and communicating what makes you different and unique, and then using those qualities to guide your business decisions. It’s about understanding your unique attributes and using them to separate you from your competition. 


“Personal branding means clearly communicating your unique promise of value
that you offer your customers”. 

A strong brand enables you to:

  • make more money
    – by charging a premium for products and services
    – by increasing your market share
    – by expanding your products or services
  • attract the best customer easily and effortlessly
    – with targeted marketing and perfect messaging
  • attract top quality, engaged employees or business partners
    – by expressing clear values, mission, vision and passion
  • thrive during downturns in the economy

In this 4-part training, you’ll uncover Your Unique Promise of Value. 

Part 1 – Define your unique Vision and Purpose

Part 2 – Understand and define your Core Values, Passions, Authenticity and Personal Attributes

Part 3 – Define your Goals

Part 4 – Describe your Ideal Client and define your Target Market and complete your competitive analysis to define your differentiation. 

We’ll wrap it all up into a compelling Personal Brand Profile so you can Live Your Brand. 

This training is ideal for a female entrepreneur in an existing business who wants to create a compelling personal brand; or one who is considering a re-brand. 

A compelling brand provides the guidance system (your GPS) to shape your business strategy, branding and marketing. A brand with clarity helps you not only define a direction for your business, but helps keep it on track

Training led by Personal Branding Maven, Deb Alcadinho.


Past Training Classes

  • Pitch Perfect – The Art of the Elevator Pitch

Rosemarie Barnes, Confident Stages, is a coach to individuals to learn to speak and share their brilliance in the most powerful way with their listeners.  From compelling content creation and organization to presentation and delivery skills, to vocal control and care, Rosemarie creates speakers who are eloquent, charismatic, and powerful.


DAlcadinho_Sept15_626LowRes (2)_c

  • Attract & Speak to Your Ideal Customer
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Be Your Own Boss
  • Leading a Heart-Centered Business
  • Creating a Business Plan with Heart
  • Personal Branding – Connecting You With Your Customer
  • Networking Tips & Strategies
  • 10 Time Management Strategies For Productivity

Deb Alcadinho, Your Brand Power  is a business advisor and educator for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She’s a serial entrepreneur and a champion for female business owners. She works with business owners who want to move their business forward by educating business owners, empowering them to take action and holding them accountable. www.yourbrandpower.com

juhli selby

  • Instagram for Business Starter Session
  • Pinterest for Business – Starter Session
  • Graphic Design for Dummies – Canva & PicMonkey
  • Facebook Business Pages – Maximizing Free Reach & Facebook Ad Basics
  • Trello for Time Management & Productivity
  • Hootsuite for Beginners – Learn how to schedule social media posts
  • Feedly Content Curation for Beginners
  • Building Your Blogging and Content Strategy
  • LinkedIn Beginner – Personal Profiles
  • LinkedIn Intermediate – Professional (Personal) Profiles
  • Twitter for Beginners


  • 3 Keys to Passion & Profit.

Inga Michaelson, Freebird Coaching, beliefs that we are all called forth to bring positive change into this world and that using entrepreneurial principles can be a great vehicle for doing just that. Inga supports her clients to do the inner and outer work required to create a passion infused, purpose driven and profitable livelihood and offers high-end, high-impact one-on-one and group coaching programs. Inga facilitates experiential leadership retreats and speaks on the topics of business development and personal growth. She is interested in the movement from the ME to the WE and am actively engaged in creating cultures in which we all show up as leaders and co-create a future that is anchored in possibility, creativity and love.  www.freebird-coaching.com


lowell ann fuglsang

  • Google+ Level One
  • Google+ Level Two
  • Google+ Level Three
Lowell Ann Fugslang, Workstyle-Lifestyle Consulting has been in business for 18 years as a trainer, facilitator and coach. She uses everything Google for her business and is making great use of Hangouts recently with her weekly Being Your Own CEO MasterMind and interview series that profiles local solo entrepreneurs. www.lowellann.com
mike wicks
  • 10 Tips to Grow Your Business & Increase Sales
  • Guerilla Tips & Tactics for a Competitive Edge in Business
  • Sales: The Secrets of Sales Success
  • Handling Objections and Closing Sales
  • Crowdfunding for Small Business
  • The Power Of Enthusiasm In Selling
  • Handling Objections and Closing Sales
  • Trendsetting Business Ideas
  • Power Success Strategies
  • 50 Tips To Give You The Edge
  • Speaking With Confidence
  • Writing Winning Proposals

Mike Wicks, Blue Beetle Creative Media – Mike Wicks is the force behind this full service print and digital media creative firm. He is an award-winning writer having written, ghostwritten, and collaborated on several books and currently writes for several magazines including Douglas, YAM, and Salt. He is a trainer, facilitator and business educator.  www.bluebeetlecreativemedia.com | www.mpwicks.com

andrea ting-letts


  • WHAT  is your WHY?

Andrea Ting-Letts is the owner of SCRIBE Professional Writing, specializing in establishing brand identity through web content writing & marketing copy. She draws her expertise from managing multimillion dollar businesses & coaching teams to establish genuine relationships that result in brand loyalty.



clemens rettich

  • Be a Keeper, Not a Getter.  “The value and techniques of building a high-retention business.” 
  • Up at Night: Small Business and the Social Economy
  • This Ain’t No Stinkin’ Time Management!

Clemens Rettich, Clemens Rettich Business Consulting Ltd., has an MBA in Executive Management, with 20 years of experience in management, small business, and education. He has supported and run small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and community development programs. Clemens has marketed Canadian education products in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He sits on the board of Community Futures Cowichan and is an instructor, mentor, and speaker for the University of Victoria Gustavson School of Business. Clemens is the author of Great Performances: The Small Business Script for the 21st Century.  www.clemensrettich.com

paul latour


  • How to Catapult your Community Event to the Next Level: A Crash Course with Paul Latour of Hero Work

Paul Latour is the creator and founder of Hero Work, a strategic program that inspires people and companies to come together and complete extreme community events for worthy non-profits.  While working nights and weekends as a server, Paul has developed and used his strategies to complete three extreme makeovers worth over $650,000… and all without funding!  His most recent event was a double project: a ½ million dollar reno of the Mustard Seed’s 5000 sq. foot building (done in 9 days at no cost to them), and The Convoy of Awesome that raised over $50,000 worth of food and donations.  To pull off these two congruent events Paul inspired 65 team members, partnered with well over 100 companies, and mobilized more than 500 volunteers. A motivational leader and speaker, Paul recently produced, directed, and hosted an uplifting 1 hour TV special about the Mustard Seed extreme renovation, showcasing the power of community.  To watch a 6 minute online version of the TV special go to www.herowork.com.

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