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Finally… Take  the stress out of your Content Marketing with this easy-to-use planner. The links below have your Editorial Calendar spreadsheet and idea sources. It’s the one we use to plan out our content. 

  • Planning and publishing content is your path to building your reputation and getting more customers.

    When you’re marketing yourself and want to attract customers, your content is what gives people the answers to the questions they’re asking.

  • Content published online helps people find you in search engines.
  • Good content brings people back to find out what else you have to say.
  • Valuable, relevant content is what people share with their friends.
  • Content that solves people biggest problems is what gives you raving fans (and referrals).

    All that adds up to one big result. Your content is what gets people to…..

    KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

    So, now it’s time to download the Content Planning Template and start filling it in. Start with the next couple of weeks, focusing on one event or topic, and start plotting how you can share your knowledge and expertise, engaging fans and creating more customers.

Here’s what’s included:
Download: Free Resource_Content Ideas and Time Estimates – use this valuable resource for ideas on where to get content, sources ideas and brainstorm your own.

Download:  Free Resource_Content Planning Template
This excel document contains tabs for:

  • Blog Posts | Social Media | Email | Video | Graphics | Slides
  • Idea Bank | Published Content



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