2017, Self Improvement

Have you ever set your mind on a goal with genuine willpower and grit determination—only to find that your mind appears to have a mind of its own? Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s be honest, chances are you’ve tried just about everything else out there. You’ve gotten really clear on what needs to change and have awareness coming out of the wazoo. And yet here you are, still or again, staring at Groundhog Day down both barrels.

Scientific research now reveals that 97% of all cognitive activity—how we live our lives, behave in relationships and conduct business—is in fact (sub)conscious. Therefore, in order to successfully achieve your goals, it is vitally important to know how to identify and transform limiting beliefs held at the (sub)conscious level of mind.

When the stakes are high and you have a lot riding on the outcome, sentiments of lofty inspiration or shouty tough love designed to propel you forward aren’t what you need, no matter how well intentioned. What you need are concrete answers. You’re not lacking the ability, motivation or tenacity to take action—you just need help mastering your mindset so you can move your needle of success from stuck to stupendous.

Your mindset isn’t personal; it’s just programming—and you can change it in just minutes!


  1. Why willpower & determination doesn’t work
  2. What drives beliefs and behaviour
  3. How to change your limiting beliefs at fibre-optic speed
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