Christmas Event:  We forgo a speaker this month to come and celebrate the season with good friends, new friends, games, prizes, raffles, wine and a delicious festive buffet. You’ll be welcomed with a glass of wine, donated by Rosemarie Colterman, Homeward Bound Real Estate Team.

  1. Play games * Win prizes.  Games organized by Rosemarie Colterman.
  2. Centrepieces sponsored by Millie Vandale, Cabi Fashions
  3. Network with amazing business women!
  4. Bring your decorated and filled Shoe Box to support:
  5. This is the last and major fundraiser of the year for our chosen charities which were supported by raffle tickets and wine pull purchases.


November 24,  2016

nicole-smithKeynote Speaker: Nicole Smith, Flytographer

Meet Nicole Smith… she’s a successful business owner & entrepreneur and mom to 2 boys.  She’s a smart, savvy and inspirational business woman.

Nicole is the founder and CEO of Flytographer, an online marketplace that connects travellers with local photographers in cities around the world for fun, candid vacation photo shoots in about an hour.  She will share her journey and lessons along the way.

In just three years, Nicole has grown the Flytographer to over 200 destinations and is on track to do over $2 million in annual revenue. She has forged official partnerships with global travel brands Expedia, Fairmont and Virtuoso. Press around the world has featured Flytographer, such as Conde Nast Traveler: “The Future of Travel Photography”; Forbes: “The #1 Gift for Travelers”; and “An Ingenious Track Hack”. Mashable has named Nicole “One of 8 Women Shattering the Travel Industry’s Glass Ceiling” and she was recognized byPROFIT Magazine and Canadian Business in 2016 as a W100 Rising Star: “5 Women to Watch”. Flytographer was also selected for both the Metabridge and 40 Hours in the Valley cohorts in 2016. Nicole is also a board member of VIATeC.

Prior to Flytographer, Nicole worked for 13 years as a consultant and marketing manager for Microsoft.


October 27, 2016

jessicavibesfitness-1006585_revKeynote Speaker: Jessica Cruise, Vibes Fitness

Meet Jessica Cruise… successful business owner & entrepreneur, wife and mom to two beautiful babes. She’s a smart, savvy and inspirational business woman.

Just a few short years ago, armed with a diploma in Golf Course Management, she happened upon a fitness studio offering a revolutionary type of training. She was hooked. But she saw a hole in the market that this studio wasn’t offering.

Fast forward to present day, she’s the CEO of Vibes Fitness, with four franchises, and sights on growth and expansion. She’s learned some valuable lessons along the way. Jessica will inspire you to take action in your own business and sprinkled with some life lessons, you’ll feel empowered and enriched. Come and learn one woman’s journey of success. She’s been recognized in the business community with accolades as a Douglas Magazine Top 10 to Watch winner; Victoria Chamber of Commerce finalist for Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and the prestigious Top 20 Under 40.


September 22, 2016 – Video Marketing

sue ferreiraKeynote Speaker: Sue Ferreira, Wisdom to Wealth Mastery

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube and your iPhone, it’s now simple and inexpensive to take your business, your knowledge and your offer to a much wider audience using video. 

Video has been shown time and again to be the most powerful way to increase your reach, your influence and have people come to know, like and trust you. 

Today over 75% of all web content is video and rising steadily. Yet only 9% of small businesses in the US are using video, which means 91% of businesses are ignoring the most powerful marketing tool. Are you in the 9% or the 91%? 

There’s an old Chinese Proverb – “When The Winds Of Change Blow, Some People Build Walls, Others Build Windmills”.  Today, The Winds of Change are blowing hard in many areas of our lives. Wisdom To Wealth Mastery shows you – simply and easily – how to build your windmill and move your business forward into the exciting Brave New World. 

Want to know more? Check out Wisdom To Wealth Mastery Orientation for more information. 

About Sue: A few years ago, if anyone had told Sue Ferreira, then in her fourth decade as an anesthesiologist, she would soon be an entrepreneur, a speaker and creator of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery, she would have keeled over in fits of laughter. 

Sue’s transformation and shift began at the age of 60, following her divorce and the financial crash of 2008. From her decades as a physician, she had witnessed our increasing longevity and knew the financial crash would affect the future of millions for years to come. 

Yet, we also live in a fascinating time of Rapid Change and Disruptive Technologies, which offer great opportunities, but we all know, change can be scary and overwhelming. To eliminate the scary overwhelm, Sue created Wisdom To Wealth Mastery showing you, simply and easily, how to use the new marketing, to craft your Wisdom to create long lasting Wealth, using all the tools of the New Marketing, with a focus on video.  

If you have missed the recent rapid revolution, which has up-ended the way business is done, Sue’s Wisdom To Wealth Mastery is for you, as she walks you, simply and easily, into the Brave New World of business and video.


August 25, 2016 – Perfectly Imperfect – 4 Steps to Let Go of Perfection

Atkinson_PMJan15_784highresC (2)Keynote Speaker:  Julie Atkinson, RN and Mentor

Do you have a message to share but are scared to be visible? Is it your time to become you and live your true potential?  

Are you ready to realize the powerful beauty that lies deep within you? Julie’s talk will inspire you to become Perfectly Imperfect by letting go of the perfection that is holding you back from living your dreams and desires.

Julie will share her four steps to let go of perfection 

  • Awareness of your story that keeps you hidden
  • Bust your limiting beliefs to live your true potential
  • Commit to change by letting go and letting in
  • Design your personal transformational template

About Julie:  Julie now dedicates her life to encouraging the power of transformation. She has embraced her role as a catalyst for change, in her own life and in the lives of others.  New Look New Life is more than just a retreat centre for advanced skin care techniques. It is Julie’s sanctuary from which she helps others to heal: through compassionate conversation, skin treatments, motivational speaking, writing, educating, and mentoring.  Learn more about Julie – visit her website: and to read her story visit: 


July 28, 2016 – Connecting Your Financial Dots …  Live Your Dreams!

Shari Molchan

Keynote Speaker: Shari Molchan

Life is short.   

Stop settling by using money as an excuse to not develop yourself, your business, or your dreams. Instead, be inspired and fired up to take action.

Shari Molchan challenges and inspires excellence in yourself to;

  • clarify what motivates you
  • align your realities with the opportunities around you
  • simplify your finances
  • develop your confidence in life and in business

For over 19 years, Shari Molchan has helped hundreds of women, men and couples change their lives. Her super-power is getting you right with money in a feel-good kind of way. She’s all about results – not mediocre results – kick-ass results.  or


June, 2016 – No meeting. Deb had a death in the family so we did not have a meeting this month.


May 26, 2016 – Happiness Infusion!

paul krismer3Keynote Speaker: Paul Krismer, The Happiness Experts

Get a fresh taste of personal well being in this inspirational and fascinating introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential—most of this discovery has happened in the last 15 years.

We now know that happiness is not a lucky outcome resulting from a fortunate upbringing. Rather happiness generally results from skills that some people naturally pick up. This presentation makes clear that we can all learn to be happy.

Neuropsychology, through the wonder of modern science, shows that brains actually re-wire to make happiness more accessible on a day-to-day basis. Everyone can build a happy brain. The mechanisms to do so are now relatively well understood.

Learn how happiness can be brought into your life and the lives of the people you work with, play with, and love.

About Paul Krismer;  Paul is the Chief Happiness Officer and founder of The Happiness Experts Company.  Paul is a noted public speaker and trainer. His authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through his work. Playful and captivating storytelling complements his intelligent and accessible presentation of the science of happiness. His teaching is powerful, authoritative, and convincing. At the same time, Paul is exceptionally practical. He makes real his conviction that happiness is for everyone. And indeed, everyone leaves his courses inspired to put their learning into practice.

Paul Krismer has a proven track record as an inspirational leader. For twenty years, he has served in senior management roles—overseeing hundreds of staff, multi-million dollar projects, and cheerfully growing future leaders. As a Certified Executive Coach, Paul is appreciated for his kind-hearted, yet relentless pursuit of the client’s best life. Helping people to reach greater happiness and success is his trademark promise. His forthcoming book, “Whole Person Happiness” aims to give everyone access to his expertise. As a teacher of cutting edge positive psychology, he is truly a “Happiness Expert”.

Paul is a proud member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. 


April 28, 2016 – Understanding the Generational Divide

Keynote Speaker: Rosemary Barnes, Confident Stages

Being a business owner, employer or leader in today’s business world requires an awareness of the needs of Generation X, Y, and Z. We interact with people of all ages in our business, personal and social lives. Whether engaging with staff, clients or your children, understanding the difference in values and what motivates them will help make you a better communicator, employer, parent and business owner. 

Savvy employers are aware that Generation X prefers carefully funneled information, Generation Y feeds on mentorship and praise, and the upcoming Generation Z needs to understand how their tasks fit in with the whole.

“Business leaders are becoming increasingly frustrated by the changing attitudes of today’s employees. Not only do leaders and managers need to keep on top of rapid technological advances, but today’s job seekers are changing the very face of how business is conducted. Using gross generalities only to make a point, the Millennials are seen as entitled with no internal motivation, and Generation Z, the latest to begin to hit the job market, will not abide the pyramidal corporate structures so common today. The old version of decision-making and leadership, rightly or wrongly, is being threatened, and leaders and managers are reeling without knowing how to cope.”

Join Rosemarie Barnes as she provides insight into the generational divide, how to cope, how to strengthen relationships and how to make the workplace more united. 

About Rosemarie Barnes: 

Rosemarie is all about voice – your voice. She is a speaking & presentation coach, client workshop facilitation, instructing speakers and singers about healthy vocals production. Additionally she uses her voice for voiceovers for your audio books/audio work, she delivers keynote presentations and workshops… and so much more.   

In her role as a presentation coach, Rosemarie is uniquely qualified to help others because of her own training and experience as a speaker, because of her understanding of stage spaces, because she’s a really, really good teacher, and because of her deep seated objection to the overuse and abuse of slides in the speaking arena.

As a speaking coach, Rosemarie helps clients to create strong presentations out of solid ideas all the way from conception to final presentation, including speech development and formatting, presentation skills, and how to use the voice as a powerful tool for greatest impact.

She has presented in, and assisted others with, their own presentations for: theatres, lecture halls, boardrooms, classrooms, at conferences, and the bathroom shower.

Her spirit of optimism and curiosity continue to lead her a journey of learning and discovery, with her ultimate goal being to leave the world just a tiny bit better than she found it. 


March 24, 2016 – Be a Sales Hero: Attract and Help More Customers by Being Less “Salesy” and Weird.

Joe Girard 2015Keynote Speaker:  Joe Girard, International Sales Trainer

If any part of your business success requires you or your team to speak to potential customers, you know how important the sales conversation is.

However, something crazy happens when we switch to sales mode, and we often can become someone we’re not. We know what it feels like to be sold to and we don’t want our customers to feel that way. Sound familiar?

Learn the repeatable process of crafting sales conversations that not only work, but make you feel good doing them. You will understand some of the key aspects of human behavior, influence, and resistance that may be holding back your best sales conversations. A few small tweaks to the way you sell can allow you to take complete control of your results.

Joe Girard is a sales coach who helps his clients around the world get results and enjoy the process, from start-ups to large multinationals. He’s an authority on empowering people to sell more, have fun, and win consistently. Joe combines a mix of sales expertise, education, and leadership development to enable more professionals to become “Sales Heroes.” They’re the ones who are willing to do the hard work to serve those around them. He works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create systems, have deeper understanding of how their customers make decisions, and build their bulletproof mindset to succeed. Learn more about him at,, and at


February 25, 2016 – Branding 101 for Your Website

niki_kim_on couch (2)Keynote Speakers: Kim Timothy & Niki Campbell, Brand Brilliant

Let’s face it, if you have business today, you need to have an online presence. And if you’re going to have that presence, you have got to make sure that it represents you well.  This is called Branding.

Kim & Niki will dig into the true essence of branding, specifically when it comes to creating an impactful website that allows your customers to see your unique value.

We will ask you to step away from the frenzied landscape of recycled tips and tricks, “must-dos”, and guaranteed solutions that have become synonymous with this world of branding. In the current zeal to keep up with the next big thing, businesses are forgetting to simply build a consistent and meaningful relationship with their customers, the ones who are wanting to connect with your message.

In this session we will not “tip-and-trick” you, but rather deliver insights into honing your authentic message to truly resonate with your customers.  We will look at how to deliver that message consistently online, and we’ll focus on keeping that message simplified so that you are not distracting your customers away from why they should want to work with you.

You are the expert in your business and you have a unique story to tell. Defining that story and being strategic in its delivery is the very nature of branding.

About Kim and Niki:  In their business Brand Brilliant Kim and Niki have packaged up their decades of branding & web design experience, and offer it to you through easy and affordable website workshops. You can join their Website Bootcamp, where they’ll guide you through the process of building your own impact website, or join one of their smaller workshops focused on specific branding & website topics that you are dying to just conquer!  This duo is passionate about empowering you to push past obstacles, find clarity, and reconnect with the reason you began your business in the first place.


January 28, 2016 – Building Your Business With YouTube.  How to use YouTube as a social network, building brand, authority and community. 

steve dottoKeynote Speaker: Steve Dotto, DottoTech

Steve Dotto, spent the better part of 2 decades on TV educating Canadians on how technology fits in their lives.

In 2012 he shifted his focus to YouTube, and over the past 4 years has built a significant following online. More significantly he has converted that following into a community and that community into a business.

Steve will share the lessons he has learned in this short journey, with a focus on how you can use video to build your brand and business.  In March of 2013 he had less than 3,000 subscribers, one year later he had 20,000 subscribers, and now he has over 70,000 and growing by 4,000 per month. Not to impress you, but rather impress upon you that it can be done.

Spending 15 years teaching Canadians how to use and embrace technology has given Steve a unique perspective on the changing world; a perspective that he shares with energy and passion. A background in comedy, including stints in theatre and with Second City, contribute to make Steve an engaging, relevant, often irreverent, and highly entertaining speaker.

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