Dec 10, 2015 – Christmas Party 

christmas-tree-decoreated-in-hotelThis is our annual social event. It’s always a great event and not to be missed!  Entertainment, games, prizes, fantastic food and meeting other amazing women – what could be better?!

  • No guest speaker
  • No literature sharing tables will be utilized
  • Bring an item you’d like to donate to the raffle prizes
  • Purchase your raffle tickets at $10 each (at time of registration or at the door) to win prizes.  All money collected will benefit our chosen charities.
  • Help make a woman in a shelter at Christmas feel special by contributing a decorated and filled Shoe Box for the  Linda Ferguson is heading this up and will collecting filled shoe boxes. For ideas on what to put in your shoe box, please visit the website. Let’s help make Christmas special for Victoria women in transition houses.


November 26th, 2015  –  Create & Deliver a Compelling Elevator Pitch! 

Kanna coleshaw-echols2eynote Speaker:  Anna Coleshaw-Echols, Good To Great Public Speaking 

How eloquent are you when someone asks, “What do you do?” In the proverbial moment when you have 1 minute to tell a stranger who you are, what you do, and what makes you different, can you pull it off?  Learn how to craft and deliver a compelling elevator pitch.

It’s often not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it, that sets you apart and makes you memorable at networking events and during presentations. Anna Coleshaw-Echols of Good to Great Public Speaking Training, will provide strategies and solutions to help you be a memorable, confident and polished speaker, no matter what the occasion.  Join us at Westshore Women’s Business Network on November 26th and Get Your Pitch On!

About Anna Coleshaw-Echols: Anna has a passion for public speaking and is on a mission to cure the world of the fear of public speaking.  For over 15 years, Anna has helped hundreds of clients master the art of public speaking. With her compassionate, confidence-boosting and interactive teaching style, she coaches her clients to conquer their fears of public speaking and develops confident, polished speakers. She is an accomplished author, speaker, trainer, and speech coach. Give her an hour on a stage, a week of workshops, or just one day, and she will EDU-tain you while initiating a life-changing journey.


October 22, 2015 – 3 Keys to Unveiling the Hidden Power of Your Decisions

anna harvey 01Keynote Speaker:  Anna Harvey, Boost Potential 

Life’s full of them. Tough Choices. Tough Decisions about career, business, education and partnerships are only a few of the ones we’ve all faced.

Knowing 3 key things can help you unveil the hidden power of your decision, and bring with it the peace of Living Aligned.

Join us on October 22, 2015 when our keynote speak Anna Harvey of Boost Potential shares her knowledge gained from her years of study and working with women on their life and career transitions.

Anna is a speaker and a facilitator who inspires people to journey into the heart of their uniqueness in order to create a fulfilling, deeply satisfying life. In her entertaining presentations, her enthusiasm, humour and genuine desire to share insights and inspiration shines through. You’re sure to get a boost! Anna works with clients privately or in workshops, and is Certified as a Retirement Coach, Passion Test facilitator, and Lumina Spark practitioner.


September 24, 2015 – Take Charge of Your Time & Thrive in Your Business

julia james5Keynote Speaker: Julia James

Kick off the Fall season with excellent time management strategies in place. With more than 10 years experience coaching mid-career professionals through positive career transformations, Julia James can attest that effective time management is a key ingredient to achieving success.

She is excited to share her tried and true time management tools to help you achieve success in your business or career.  Guaranteed to not ‘waste your time,’ Julia will share 3 tangible time-management tools:

  • – Eliminate your daily time wasters, once and for all.
  • – Get and stay organized in 5 minutes daily.
  • – Break large projects into small action steps and get them done.

You will leave inspired to take charge of your time, so you can thrive in business and increase your productivity.

About Julia:  Having transformed her career from a struggling scientist to a thriving career clarity coach, Julia is passionate about helping people connect with their true calling. With over ten years of experience of coaching people through positive career transformations, Julia knows that when you are happy at work, your happiness fills all aspects of your life. Julia is a seasoned certified life coach (CPCC, PCC) and award-winning author of The Mini-Retreat Solution. Her calm, centered, positive energy infuses everything she does. For more information, visit


August 28, 2015 – Facebook Business Pages, Maximize Your Results

juhli selbyKeynote Presentation: JUHLi SELBy

Is using Facebook for business still a mystery to you? Do you find you waste a lot of time without getting any business results? Do you wonder if you even need a Facebook business page?  If you already have a business page, is it painfully slow going – slow fan growth & no engagement?Everyone seems to love Facebook…Do you wonder what you’re doing wrong?  Attend this session to learn:

  • How Facebook business pages work
  • How to set up your page to maximize likes & drive traffic to your website
  • Tactics to maximize views and engagement to increase free exposure – what’s working right now
  • How to avoid negative feedback – which reduces your free reach
  • Tactics for using Facebook ads effectively

About: JUHLi is an award winning marketing and technology instructor who has educated hundreds of professionals and small business owners on how to use social media tools effectively to build relationships online that will lead to sales. She’s the founder of JUHLi SELBy Social Media, a training company based in Victoria BC, that offers private lessons, public workshops and online training. She’s also a social media marketing instructor at Camosun College and a proud member of the Freebird Collective – an independent alliance of branding & marketing professionals in Victoria BC.

JUHLi helps clients evaluate their existing online presence by looking at their business goals, resources and the ideal audience they want to attract, to help determine social media strategy.She’s an enthusiastic and patient trainer who shares creative ideas, and helps her clients and students get comfortable with online marketing technologies so they can find, connect with and expand their audiences.


July 23, 2015 – Give Yourself Permission: Self-Care for Business Women

sue maitland2

Keynote Speaker: Sue Maitland

Women business owners juggle many responsibilities, from taking care of children, running a home, caring for elderly parents, not to mention managing and running their business. Often taking care of ourselves takes a back seat to everything else we’re responsible for. Without our health we cannot build wealth in our business or support our family. It’s time to take care of YOU and realize self care is NOT selfish.

Join Sue Maitland, Life & Career Transitions Coach in this hands-on keynote presentation to learn how to Give Yourself Permission for self care.
* Learn why self-care is important for ourselves and everyone else in our lives.
* Take time in a mini self-care workshop to appreciate yourself.
* Leave with 3 concrete actions you can take to integrate more self-care into your life.


June 25, 2015 – Stop Wasting Time & Money – Market to the Right Audience      

Deb_r2Keynote Speaker: Deb Alcadinho, Your Brand Power

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your hard earned revenues are stretched by the myriad of advertising and marketing options. Stop wasting time and money by marketing to the wrong audience. If you are marketing to everyone and have not defined your ideal client or your target market you are wasting time and money.

Join Deb Alcadinho, Business Strategist and founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network to learn what it means to define your target market, ideal client and why it can be breaking point for your business. In this valuable keynote, you’ll learn:

  • What is a target market and ideal client
  • How to create an ideal client persona or avatar
  • Why focusing on the best customer for your business, will increase sales.
  • How to develop messages with greater precision, focusing on what’s important to your audience in a language they understand.

Avoid the The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make: Thinking that targeting limits your opportunities.


May 28, 2015 – The Art of Business Strategy

lisa trotter2

Keynote Speaker: Lisa Trotter, Driven Business Consulting

Successful businesses require a strategy, a roadmap to the destination. Position your business for success and growth. Learn the value of strategic planning and the need for a solid business plan. Don’t cower with fear with the thought of a boring business plan that collects dust. Lisa will provide a basic business plan template and guide you through the steps to writing a business plan for YOU – not your bank. Through the framework of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, she will explain how to minimize risk to any business by recognizing weakness.

Lisa Trotter of Driven Consulting will show you the value of having a strategic plan and how incorporating a business plan, one that you will use, will position you for success.  “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” – Alan Lakein

Lisa Trotter has over 20 years experience in management and operations of small and large scale companies. She is a member of the Royal Roads Alumni, with a bachelor of commerce in entrepreneurial management.


April 23, 2015 – Raise Your Fascination Quotient!

pamela sylvanKeynote Speaker: Pamela Sylvan

You’ve seen it in action, stopped and stared when you came across it and perhaps even use it yourself. Fascination, has long been revered as that something elusive, special and almost ethereal in nature.

We move towards those who carry high points of fascination. We also purchase products and experiences that hold this quality. Wouldn’t you love to learn to cultivate this winning trait? What is it exactly that binds us to fascination and more importantly, how can we raise our own fascination levels that ensure success in both our personal and business lives? Pamela will share 12 POWER points to start you on the road to a more fascinating existence. Don’t miss it! 

About Pamela:  Pamela Sylvan is the Editor-in-Chief for Downtown and Around Lifestyle magazine, and a PR maven also known as the Mojo Maker. Pamela creates and holds a unique space in order for her audience, clients and tribe to power up their knowledge, internal strength and fortitude which easily converts into authentic, powerful results in any area they choose to direct it. Using methods that are both creative and engaging, she proves to be someone that breathes new life and forward movement into those that are ready to experience themselves and business lives in a new way.


March 26, 2015 – Frock-off! How much money are your Frocks costing you?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????Keynote Speaker: Jo Dibblee                  

Hey you, yes you, it’s time to Frock Off!  Stop conforming, procrastination, expecting and driving someone else’s bus. It’s time you reclaim and proclaim your place in business and life!

Sure we’ve all had imposter syndrome from time to time, such is life and business. How many times have you heard- fake it till you make it?  Although at times faking it – donning a frock may seem the only way; make no mistake, frocks impede who we really are.  Frocks, like lies, start to pile up and soon they take on a life of their own.  Wild success awaits you – but are you willing to take the steps?

At this highly interactive session you will learn:

  1. How to recognize the frocks that are holding you back.
  2. Remove the ill-serving frocks and disguises that keep you hidden and inhibit you from wild success
  3. Start seeing wild success in your business – by dropping your frocks
  4. Live the life you imagined- starting today

About:  Jo Dibblee, consistently recognized as a top performer, always seemed to make it look easy. She seemed to be able to spin cotton into gold. Recognized internationally on several occasions for helping entrepreneurs women exceed their goals and launch their business she seemed to have the perfect life!

That was until the weight of the many stories, relocations and many variations of names finally became too much to bare anymore.  Jo had been in hiding for 35 years – she was a key witness in a murder investigation. Out of necessity she wore frocks/disguises of protection, she lived in disguise and not even those closest to her knew the real story. Jo is described as a fighter for justice and the people she serves and is ever the optimist.

She has been featured on Canadian media nationwide.CTV, Canada AM, Global News, the Journal the Sun and numerous others.  Jo is an award winning bronze medalist, international bestselling author and, international speaker. She is driven to give women the tools they need to see wild success!


Feb 26, 2015 – Pay Yourself What You Are Worth

nafissa shireenKeynote Speaker: Nafissa Shireen                  

Charge What You Are Worth:  Break Free of the Beliefs That Limit Your Potential

Are you putting a self imposed glass ceiling on your income? Is fear, guilt, imposter syndrome etc, driving your pricing strategy? If so you are not alone.

Discover how to give yourself permission to build a thriving business and start charging what you are worth, not what you think people will pay.

At this powerful talk you will learn

  • Learn Key Areas You May Be Giving Away Your Power With Money
  • Why Undercharging Is a Disservice to Your Clients
  • Price is Rarely The Deciding Factor
  • What your clients really care about

About:  Nafissa Shireen is an award winning Master Coach, International Speaker and Business Mentor She has a gift for empowering women to reach their highest potential..

With 25 years’ experience leading 6-figure to 9-figure companies, eventually taking on the role of VP of an international mining company, she stepped down from her corporate role and brought her expertise to entrepreneurs to help them focus on sustainable & scalable business growth, so they can create a highly profitable and luxurious business and life.

Passionate about helping women earn what they are worth and build their wealth, so that they can realize all of their dreams and desires. She brings together her vast business knowledge with the deep inner work needed to help entrepreneurs identify blocks, step out of fear and overwhelm, raise their wealth consciousness, and move forward towards their goals with measurable, tangible results.

She is a featured Expert and regular contributing author for Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine, and is profiled in Canada’s 2014/2015 Distinctive Women Magazine


Jan 22, 2015 – Everything You Need to Know About Goal Setting in 2015!


Keynote Speaker: Inga Michaelson

Goal setting is one of the most powerful things you can do to chart the course of your future and increase your success. However, most people don’t set goals or don’t effectively work with goals.      

The reasons for avoidance are numerous:  Fear of failure with setting a goal and not accomplishing it.

On the flip side is the fear of success. What will happen if you do succeed and get what you want?

Sometimes there is the fear of setting our goals too high or too low and what if we don’t know what we really want – and get it wrong?  For all of these reasons above and more, people avoid setting goals or don’t focus on them consistently enough to achieve them.

During this talk, Business Coach Inga Michaelsen will share with you the most common mistakes made when goal setting and how to avoid these potential pitfalls.

Inga will also speak to the importance of setting the “right” goals – the ones that are in alignment with your deepest values and most authentic desires. Once you are clear on these, working with goals will bring more focus, fun, inspiration, momentum and success to your business and life!

About Inga Michaelsen
Inga beliefs that we are all called forth to bring positive change into this world and that using entrepreneurial principles can be a great vehicle for doing just that.

Inga supports her clients to do the inner and outer work required to create a passion infused, purpose driven and profitable livelihood and offers high-end, high-impact one-on-one and group coaching programs.

Inga facilitates experiential leadership retreats and speaks on the topics of business development and personal growth. She is interested in the movement from the ME to the WE and is actively engaged in creating cultures in which we all show up as leaders and co-create a future that is anchored in possibility, creativity and love.

GOLD MEMBER MEETING SPONSOR:  Dr. Diana Galbraith, 1st Get Healthy 

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