Dec 11, 2014 – Christmas Party

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Strictly a social event, this is always a great event and not to be missed!  Entertainment, games, prizes, fantastic food and meeting other amazing women – what could be better?!


Your need to knows:

  • No literature sharing tables will be utilized
  • Bring a prize you’d like to donate to the raffle prizes
  • Purchase your raffle tickets at $10 each (at time of registration or at the door) to win prizes.  All money collected will benefit the Victoria Women’s Transition House.
  • Help make a woman in a shelter at Christmas feel special by contributing a decorated and filled Shoe Box for the  Linda Ferguson is heading this up and will collecting filled shoe boxes. For ideas on what to put in your shoe box, please visit the website. Let’s help make Christmas special for Victoria women in transition houses.
  • Bring a shoe box and receive an extra raffle ticket!!


Nov 27, 2014 – Keynote: How to Bust Stress & Boost Your Confidence with Mini-Retreats

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As busy, entrepreneurial-minded women we often find ourselves stretched too thin and overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Julia James believes that sustainable success is founded on positive daily practices that profoundly shift the way we perceive challenges and make decisions. She calls these daily practices “Mini-Retreats.”

In this fun, interactive keynote presentation you will learn how to:

  • relax, even when you don’t have a moment to spare
  • face challenges with calm and confidence
  • let go of nagging feelings of guilt we so often associate with self-care

Walk away empowered and inspired to enjoy daily Mini-Retreats that will have you soar in business and in life.

About Julia: Having transformed her career from that of a struggling scientist to that of a thriving life and career coach, Julia James is passionate about helping people connect with their true calling. After ten years of coaching people through career transitions, she is even more enthusiastic about her path as a life and career coach. Julia knows from personal experience and from witnessing her clients’ transformations, that when you are happy at work, your happiness fills all aspects of your life. Julia James is a certified life coach (CPCC, PCC) and award-winning author of the book, The Mini-Retreat Solution. Her calm, centred positive energy infuses everything she does. Visit Julia’s website at to learn more.

GOLD MEMBER MEETING SPONSOR:  Vanessa Backlund, Lyoness Cash Back Program. 


Oct 23, 2014 – Keynote: Why Saying Thank You Doesn’t Always Work 

Denise Lloyd Engaged HR headshotHave you ever wondered why the people around you say they don’t feel appreciated but you feel like you are always saying thank you and trying to recognize them for their efforts?  Join Denise Lloyd, Engaged HR Inc.

Based on The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White, this short, entertaining and perspective-building presentation is all about understanding the different appreciation languages and how speaking the right language can have a huge impact on your relationships.  Learn the difference between recognition and appreciation and have your co-workers, employees, clients and volunteers feel like they are worth a million dollars to you!

Denise Lloyd is the Founder and Chief Engagement Office (CEO) of Engaged HR Inc. and has been in the Human Resources field for over 20 years.  Denise is known for bringing new ideas and innovation to the way people work together and for creating forward thinking workplaces. She is a sought-after consultant, speaker, and facilitator on a variety of HR topics and creates workplaces where everyone has opportunity to gain meaning from their work, and where business owners are proud of the kind of employers they are.


Sept 25, 2014  Challenge The Hard Way Mentors

At the August meeting, our attendees presented some business challenges for brainstorming. We have brought 4 juicy challenges to the September meeting and they will be explored by the Business Experts and Mentors from The Hard Way TV show. You will learn so much with hearing about how others problems are solved.

Meet our Panelists:

 sybil verchSybil Verch, Finance Mentor | Branch Manager, Senior VP Private Client Group & Portfolio Manager at Raymond James Ltd.

About Sybil: Sybil has a passion for empowering women to take control of their finances and to help other people succeed. Read More


dawn mccooey

Dawn McCooey, Training & Development Mentor | Manager, Skills Development Manager at Women’s Enterprise Centre

About Dawn: Dawn is a certified management consultant and worked in adult training & development for 20+ years. Read more


lindalee brougham

Lindalee Brougham, Accounting Mentor | LL Brougham Inc Chartered Accountant

About Lindalee: Lindalee is an accountant, a financial planner, a business advisor, a change agent and a team leader. Read more


Tracy McAllister

Tracy McAllister, Marketing Mentor | Owner & Director of Marketing at McAllister Marketing

About TracyTracy’s clients benefit from her expertise with understanding their consumer markets and direction on how to increase their sales. Read more


 Here’s a trailer to watch for the TV show:


Thank you to our Gold Members who in addition to sponsoring the meeting will have 5 minutes of shameless promotion.

Lisa Tinney: Royal Bank, Senior Account Manager, Business & Personal Banking
Easy Job Quote, Business Development Manager


August 28, 2014 – Got a Challenge?  Bring It!   

Given the easy breezy summer spirit, we’re going to keep things lighter for this month’s networking event. In place of the keynote speaker, we’ll have a “Bring Your Business Challenge” brainstorming event.  We did this a few years ago and it was widely received and you’ve asked for it again!

We will forgo the networking time at the beginning of the event from 11:30 – 11:50 – so if you’d like to network come early and network from 11-11:30. We’ll grab our lunch soon after 11:30, take our seats, eat and then dig right in! 

In this format of “Bring Your Business Challenge”, each person at the table will have two minutes to clearly state their challenge or something they need feedback on. Then the table members will weigh in and provide their insight.

This is a great opportunity to gain some fresh insight from a different perspective. Not everyone will have feedback on everyone’s challenge and that’s okay. But you may gain some nuggets that you can really use. It will also provide you with some connections that you may want to follow up on and explore the challenge further with some of the participants.

Keep your challenge succinct and clear (not as vague as “I want more customers”).  Don’t be offended if some people’s challenges get more feedback than yours does – that’s just the way it may roll.

So what’s the hot thing for you right now? What’s the thing that you could really use some feedback on? What’s got you stuck right now?  Bring it and just maybe you’ll gain some insight to break through and help you move forward.

Shelley Rogers from Staples Advantage will also be joining us to speak about the Staples Advantage program with WWBN and how it can save you hundreds & thousands of dollars on your office supplies.


July 24, 3014  Keynote Speakers: JUHLi SELBy, JUHLi SELBy Social Media and Sean Charles, Social Media Sean

Get Smart(er) with your Smart Phone

Join Social Media Sean and JUHLi SELBy as they get you up to speed on productivity & efficiency tools for social media using apps on your smartphone (iPhone and android). Make the best use of those 10 minutes you have between appointments during the day, so you don’t have ‘one more thing’ to do at night on social media – they will show you the best apps to use and how to fit social media into your business day! Topics covered will be:

  • Gathering content – content curation is key, but how do you do that during your already crammed day? JUHLi and Sean will show you how.
  • Scheduling content – time management can be challenging and adding social media into the mix can put some people over the edge, but JUHLi and Sean will show you the best apps to use to save your sanity.
  • Photo creation and enhancing – creating great photos on the go.  Attending a conference or seminar and want to share some content with your audience? They’ll show you how to share those awesome photos.

Sean CharlesSocial Media Sean manages dozens of community social media sites all from his smartphone. With over 20 years experience in business and social media, his boyish charm and good looks are no match for his social media savvy. He assists fledgling and established businesses to understand social media, and utilize it to its maximal potential.


juhli selbyJUHLi SELBy, JUHLi SELBy Social Media, is an award winning instructor and resource for professionals and small business owners who are new to social media. She helps streamline the social media marketing information they need, to connect with their audience effectively and build relationships, to meet their  business goals. JUHLi’s infectious personality, incredible social media knowledge, 13 years as a sales and marketing professional and her business degree from UVIC all add up to a whopping toolkit of social media super ninja savvy.


June 26, 2014  Keynote Speaker:  Deb Alcadinho, Your Brand Power

5 Things You Need in Your Personal Branding Toolkit and the 5 Biggest Mistakes of Personal Branding AND You’ll leave with a framework for creating your own Personal Brand!  Are YOU Branded?  

deb alcadinhoIf you want people to flock to your business and share your message – you need a personal brand that’s meaningful.  If you want to charge a premium for your time, knowledge and expertise – you need a personal brand that’s relevant.  If you want to become the #1 authority in your field – you need a personal brand that’s memorable.

Personal Branding and Personal Marketing are two critical components that every business owner, professional and student … okay everyone… need to have nailed down. Your branding toolkit is essential to your personal brand.

What is a Personal Brand?

  • It’s the consistent impression you make day after day
  • It’s taking the best parts of yourself and moving them forward into the spotlight.
  • It’s in every email you write, every conversation you have and it appears the moment you turn on the camera.
  • It’s about working out who you are and what makes you different in a way that resonates with people.
  • Making the best first impression when you walk into a room AND what people say about you when you leave.
  • Going beyond content and leveraging your personality and background to engage your audience

Are you ready to create a Personal Brand that rocks?  Join Deb Alcadinho, owner of Your Brand Power and founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network to learn the 5 Things You Need in Your Personal Branding Toolkit and the 5 Biggest Mistakes of Personal Branding AND You’ll leave with a framework for creating your own Personal Brand!

About Deb:  After more than a decade in the media industry, Deb established herself as an award winning branding specialist in establishing and promoting the brands of her clients and helping them to stand out in unique ways to increase their brand recognition and revenues.  Deb naturally sought out opportunities to connect her business clients to one another. She identified a common need: her female clients were seeking ways to make connections, learn new skills, be inspired, grow their businesses and succeed together as a community. Working with such a large group of female entrepreneurs and business owners enabled her to see that many women were not familiar with, or even uncomfortable with, marketing themselves, putting themselves out there and networking in general.

Deb is the founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network  and Your Brand Power. Three years after launchinga large scale women’s networking organization, Deb found herself eager to be of more service to women who are ready to thrive in their careers or businesses and ready to manifest a personal brand that exudes their confidence, professionalism and expertise. Your Brand Power focuses on two areas of Personal Marketing – Personal Branding and Networking Skills.  We provide training to business owners and professional women who want to gain a competitive edge in their industry, organization or company; who want to target the right audience and who want to build a long term business based on customer loyalty.


May 22, 2014:  Keynote Speaker: Stacey Mitchell, Directis Consulting

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Step Out of their Own Way, and Step Onto the Path to True Success, with Stacey Mitchell

stacey mitchell2_low resBeing an entrepreneur isn’t just about the business you own.  It’s also about the energy, focus and drive you bring into your business every day.  Experience has shown us that many times entrepreneurs aren’t achieving the success they desire because they are unconsciously standing in their own way.

This month’s presentation offers a variety of nuggets to take away for both the established and aspiring entrepreneur. With some life lessons thrown in that apply to everyone, you will be introduced to the top 5 ways that entrepreneurs self-sabotage, and tools to identify if you have adopted these habits.  Your awareness will be sparked as Stacey provides practical prompts for exploring your old habits and offers challenges for ways to get out of your own way.

About Stacey:  Stacey’s passion is in helping entrepreneurs become more strategic in the way they do their work. As an entrepreneur herself, she knows how interwoven an entrepreneur’s personal life and work life can be, and looks at all areas when working with her clients.  She helps her clients understand the unique talents that they bring to the table, and explores with them how they are holding themselves back from success, and what actions they need to take in order to really achieve their dreams.  Stacey is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, a business maven, a blogger, graphic facilitator, photographer, business owner, and a mom.  She brings a rich mixture of experiences to the table, which guide the work that she now does with her clients.

Stacey Mitchell, Directis Consulting Group Ltd., Coach | Facilitator | Consultant  |


April 24, 2014  Keynote Speaker: Wynter Langston, Wynter’s Wellness

‘Energy for Health and Wealth…How Energy can Help You to Create Your Own Success Story in Business and in Life’

wynter langstonWynter believes learning does not have to be serious work, so her seminars and talks are often fun and interactive.  This month’s keynote speaker will be informative, fun and sometimes ‘silly’.

You will learn the importance of being aware of energy for the success of your business and how nurturing your personal energy will impact your health and business. You will feel energized as you discover new empowering habits to replace ineffective habits in your life.  You will gain awareness, clarity, and focus and a new positive healthy outlook for your future.

A bit about Wynter:  Wynter’s main focus in life is to empower, inspire and uplift individuals.  She knows that energy has a huge impact on our lives, including our business life.  She helps clients get back in balance, be their best, do their best and have what they life!  Departing from a career in Social Work, she pursued further education and is now highly skilled and educated in many holistic modalities, a certified speaker, trainer, educator, entrepreneur and business owner  She created and facilitated her own seminars and coaching programs “Wise women, Wise Choices’, ‘Life by Design’ and an employee program called “How to Turn Stress into Success”.

Wynter Langston, Wynter’s Wellness.  Wellness Consultant | Professional Speaker | Empowerment Coach


March 27, 2014  Keynote Speaker: Chelsea Potter, Moon Under Water Brewery & Pub

This month’s topic: Thinking Outside the Box – diversification in your products, branding and marketing! 

Chelsea - Moon Under WaterHow does a successful international model transition from her career to co-owner of a Victoria craft brewery and become one of a few women emerging in the brewing industry?

Chelsea, together with Clay Potter, Brewmaster and husband, travelled Europe studying craft beer. In 2012 they seized an opportunity to purchase a local failing brewery and haven’t looked back. They’ve since turned the brew pub into a thriving business, producing Westcoast influenced German style craft beers.

This pair is not one to sit idle! While creating interesting craft beer for the local market, they started looking at alternate markets to grow their business. They’ve taken the canine world by storm, producing a healthy beer for canines (oh and cats love it too!). The Beef and Barley Dunkel and the Chicken and Peanut Pilsner  – both non-alcoholic drinks are low carb, alcohol and hop free beverages  with added healthy ingredients (salmon oil and glucosamine).  The beverages aren’t Moon Under Water’s first foray into animal treats. The brewpub already made dog biscuits from leftover grains, but was looking to appeal to a larger part of the animal market.

Through grit, tenacity, innovation and thinking outside the box, they have emerged into an alternate market.  Smart!  Talk about diversification. Every entrepreneur needs to think outside their box and be innovative.

You don’t want to miss this meeting as Chelsea shares her personal story, business story and their drive for innovation.  … and we might be partaking in beer sample too! (the people kind). Maybe this will get your creative juices flowing on how you can diversify.    Facebook


January 23, 2014  Keynote Speaker: Colleen Hoggarth, Security House Accounting.  

“How Organized is Your Shoebox?”  Get ready for the 2014 tax season with ease!

colleen hoggarth


Accounting might not be sexy, but it’s essential to your business running smoothly. Colleen will give you the tools you need to ensure you have what you need to get the most deductions, have the best accounting practices in place and alleviate the stress of tax season. She will cover:

  • how to stay compliant with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding receipts and records
  • organizing your receipts
  • software systems available to assist with tracking income and expenses
  • mileage log – what is required for deductible vehicle expenses
  • meals – what is deductible
  • other allowable expenses for small business owners

As a small business owner, we know first-hand the importance of a business having timely and accurate information to enable you to meet your financial obligations and monitor performance. At Security House Accounting Services we take pride in delivering a range of services such as bookkeepingaccounting, and tax preparation to help small and medium-sized businesses work smarter and to help individuals release themselves from the burden of annual tax reporting. We free up your time and give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on what you do best. Colleen has over 25 years in accounting and management roles and in 2012 purchased Security House Accounting when they transitioned from Ontario to BC.  Colleen has excellent blog content on her site as well, with relevant articles and information.

Gold Member Event Sponsors: Lucie Zettel, doTERRA Essential Oils, |  Deb Alcadinho, Westshore Women’s Business Network

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