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March 26, 2020  – The Style File with Shelley Brown

Shelley Brown teaches women how to develop their personal style – the visual expression of their inner personality – through personalized services in Advanced Color Analysis, Proportion Styling, Wardrobe Analysis and Closet Edits. She helps women Shop Smart. Save Time. Save Money.

This month at WWBN Shelley will be showing us how to dress for our proportions, attributes, physical features, colors and so much more. This isn’t the old language of the 80’s – it’s all updated! You don’t want to miss this!! In addition, she will work with 2 models so everything is visual.

Shelley Brown has been hooked on the high of helping women get great style for over 30 years. After ditching her career in banking, she became a fashion consultant with a major department store which lead to many exciting opportunities; dressing on air personalities, creating relatable seminars, and putting on memorable fashion events for audiences as large as 5000. Dressing women in their best styles and giving them confidence through their personal style became my super power. 

Shelley created and taught curriculum at a local image consulting school and has since created a pocket-sized file housing a woman’s personal style information – The Style File.

MEETING SPONSORED BY: Barbara Marengo, BEBA Collective


February 2020 – Social Good is Good for Fatso

We hosted Jill VanGyn, CEO of FATSO peanut butter for a social good conversation.

Jill has integrated social good into her business, but why?

What benefit has she seen in her business, in her community and what impact has her donation had on the charity she’s supporting? 






January 2020 – Social Media for Business w/Instagram Influencer Jannine MacKinnon

Are you feeling like your time on social media is wasted? That you’re not reaching your ideal customer or making an impact? This fireside chat with Motherhood Lifestyle Influencer Jannine MacKinnon will show you how to create content that is engaged with and seen by your community.

Jannine is a digital marketer turned influencer who has spent years helping small businesses sort through the overwhelm of online marketing. Whether it’s social media and computer basics, online advertising, or launching an online course, she has supported her clients to feel empowered in making the right decisions to reach their ideal customers.

When she became a mom isolation hit hard and she noticed a gap in representation of real, honest motherhood. She has since set out to help young moms find balance between their new role as a mother and re-finding that special part of themselves that makes them feel like them. She has grown her online community to 30k+ by sharing recipes, tips and tricks, and relatable content like my Mom Truth Mondays and Fashion Fridays.
www.instagram.com/janninemackinnon | www.HappyStylishFit.com



December 2019 – Strictly social Holiday Celebration. 

We gathered to celebrate the season, enjoy the company of new friends and old and raise money for our charity. No keynote speaker or presentations this month.





November 2019 – Get off the Hamster Wheel and Live a Life in Alignment

Have you ever found yourself feeling like a hamster in a wheel? Busy, productive, and even successful by others’ standards, but not getting anywhere, or at least not getting where you want to go? Or do you sometimes feel like your work or career are veering off in the wrong direction but you don’t know how to get things back on track?

Just like the tires on your car need alignment from time to time to drive straight and true, alignment in your life is important in keeping you on the path you you’ve set out for yourself. When things just don’t feel right, when you’re overly stressed, agitated, or distracted, chances are you are out of alignment somewhere and need to make an adjustment.

Join us to explore how you can step off the hamster wheel. Learn the most important things you need to be aligned with to live a life of purpose, meaning and success in work and in life.

About: Ingrid Vaughan is an HR Architect and owner of Smart HR in Victoria BC. She works with small business owners in creating and sustaining strong HR programs and systems. With 15 years’ experience in HR management, she brings a practical, proactive approach to human resource challenges in the workplace. Ingrid believes strong leadership is the key to culture, engagement and retention and in 2020 is launching the Smart Leadership Academy as a platform for groups of leaders to learn together in a cohort-based model. She coaches leaders at every organizational level to grow their leadership confidence and effectiveness. www.smart-hr.ca

Meeting is sponsored by Pam Katunar, Raymond James Ltd


October 2019  5 Powerful Women

This month we heard from a panel of 5 business women sharing business wisdom and insights.

Pam Katunar, Raymond James Ltd.: How Workshops Can Leverage Your Knowledge and Grow Your Business. Pam has been running workshops and seminars for years, sharing her knowledge, wisdom and expertise. Learn her key takeaway on the benefits.

Jilly Hyndman, The Heartrageous Coach: Building Integrity and Resilience in Your Business.
Learn a simple and powerful leadership tool that will allow you to build integrity and resilience in yourself and your business. You’ll learn how to re-awaken your feminine super-powers so the garden of your business (and life) can flourish, both in times of flow and challenge.

Heather Beaton, Potential Plus Coaching: What are you willing to give up today to accomplish what you want in your future?
Tomorrow doesn’t wait. Learn Heather’s 5 takeaways for achieving your business or life goals and dreams.

Brittany Barton, Iron & Pearl Financial Services: How To Use Instagram To Engage With Your Network.
Regardless of your business. Instagram is one of the least used marketing tools in the financial services industry and many other industries, because people think it’s not applicable to them. Hear how Brittany has leveraged Instagram, grown her network and following.

Bonnie Chomica, Marketing Done Write: Social media is rented space, Email Marketing is Where It’s At. 
Are you tired of posting on social media and not getting any leads? Learn Bonnie’s tips on getting the most from email marketing.


August 2019  Be Emergency Ready! 

Join us this month with Jenn Houtby-Ferguson, a specialist in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management, as she asks: Are you ready?

In today’s changing world, managing risk is critical to the preparedness of individuals, businesses and communities. From natural disasters to terrorism we must all understand our role, and the role of local government to both prepare for and respond to emergency situations.What is an emergency plan? What should you pack in your Grab n’ Go bag? How can you safeguard your family when travelling? Be prepared, not scared and learn how to disaster-proof your life!

Take Aways:

  • It happened to me! Tales from the front line
  • What is emergency readiness and why it matters for individuals and community
  • Who is responsible?
  • Hazard identification for the Vancouver Island Region
  • Key components of an Emergency Kit and Family Reunification Plan
  • What to prepare when you travel and where to get help while away
  • Where to go for start and go for help? (Additional resources)

About Jenn Houtby-Ferguson:

A seasoned marketing and communications professional, Jenn Houtby-Ferguson is a sought after speaker and facilitator. Also-known-as Madam Disaster, Jenn is ready to help businesses and individuals be ready before disaster strikes. A sessional instructor at Vancouver Island University, Jenn recently started a doctorate at Royal Roads University and trains groups throughout North America on risk management and emergency preparedness.


July, 2019  PR & Marketing for Your Small Business. 

Trisha Lees spoke about putting your best foot forward in building the reputation of your business.

Trisha is the owner of Rep Lab Communications in Victoria and worked with a variety of businesses throughout Canada. With a background in journalism, public relations and marketing strategy, she presents companies in a creative, engaging manner that helps build their reputation and enhance their bottom line.

She shared her knowledge of public relations and marketing for small businesses including:

  • How to get the media’s attention
  • The best way to spend marketing dollars
  • Using social media to build a brand and impact sales

As a business owner, she spoke about:

  • How to introduce yourself and grow your opportunities
  • Using strategy to create a business you love
  • The challenges of working on your own

About Trisha: Trisha Lees founded Rep Lab Communications in 2014, building on a 15 year career developed at Alberta Children’s Hospital and Tartan Group. She has a graduate certificate in journalism from Langara College and a certificate in public relations & communications management from the University of Calgary, as well as a MBA from Royal Roads University, with a specialization in management consulting.

For a large portion of her career she has focused on issues and crisis management, often working with clients who are experiencing a situation that will impact their reputation or well-being. Trisha’s ability to communicate a brand’s message effectively has garnered her recognition from diverse businesses and organizations. Most recently, Rep Lab was recognized by Douglas Magazine as a winner of the ‘10 to Watch Awards.’  http://www.replab.ca


June 2019, Kelly Falardeau, burn survivor, motivational speaker

Kelly Falardeau joins us from Edmonton Alberta, hot on the heals of her Canada-wide documentary film debut #StillBeautiful, the story of her life as a burn survivor.

Her message of body image, self-empowerment and self-esteem is an important message for men and women; an issue many struggle with. Her perspective will change your life!

In today’s world we are programmed to be SuperWomen, and yet no matter how hard we work at it, we still seem to feel like we are “not enough”.

Be prepared to be inspired!! In Kelly’s presentation, she will show you how you can thrive through tragedy or challenge and still be a successful person. Your value and worthiness has nothing to do with how much money you make or don’t make.

She will show you how the tragic fire when she was two and her divorce, are actually gifts in life that made her the strong woman she is and if she can do it, so can you. You will be inspired to see your life in a whole new way.

About Kelly: Kelly Falardeau is a burn survivor. From the age of two-years-old, when she had burns on 75% of her body, she constantly struggled with her self-worth and confidence.She found a way to go from near-death to success; from the ugly scar-faced girl to the Top 10 Most Powerful and Influential Speaker, Fierce Woman of the Year, an International Best-Selling Author (5x), recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and a YWCA Woman of Distinction.Her most recent accomplishments include two TEDx talks in 2019 and her #StillBeautiful  documentary hit the big screen and National TV.  www.kellyfalardeau.com


May 2019

Paula McPhee, Marine Biologist turned eco-preneur.

Paula and her partner Nairn, both educated in marine environmental fields. were prompted to make changes in their lives  when faced with sobering statistic. “By 2050 plastic items in the oceans are estimated to outnumber fish.”

Interested in the concept of Zero Waste, they made shifts in their consumption and interviewed hundreds of people while travelling and researching for a year.

In August 2018, they opened Vancouver Island’s first Zero Waste grocery store, and one of only a handful in Canada. The store provides customers with everything found in a conventional grocery store, completely package-free. The new store on Douglas Street is taking Victoria, BC and Canada by storm!

How does a marine biologist become an eco-preneur? In this keynote, you’ll learn their secret sauce:

  • passion (find better healthier alternatives for food and consumables while reducing excessive packaging)
  • mission (to tread lightly on the earth)
  • determination (navigating a complex retail and grocery industry)
  • travel (interviewing people for one year in their travels about zero waste)

Proof that you don’t have to come up with a new idea, just embody it and share it with the world (at least Vancouver Island). Oh, and they did it all within a year! https://www.zerowasteemporium.com


April 2019

Sozie Moskal, local Victorian grows YouTube channel to 1.9million YouTube subscribers. 

Meet Suzie Moskal, nail school owner in Victoria BC, the host of Nail Career Education and YouTube sensation with a hugely successful YouTube channel with over 1.9million subscribers and growing.
In Suzie’s keynote she’ll share her journey, how and why she got started with YouTube, how she reached 1.9M+ in YouTube subscribers, aspects that have made her channel successful and what you should know about getting started if you’re feeling shy about the YouTube space. 
Suzie publishes detailed video tutorials that attract an ever-increasing online audience. What started as a way to raise the veteran nail tech’s profile to reach more potential students is now a widely successful YouTube channel. 


March 2019

Peanut Butter and Dragon’s Den oh my! This month we welcome Jill Van Gyn, founder of Fatso Peanut Butter in Victoria, which is taking Canada by storm. In fact she secured a deal on the Dragon’s Den!

She says her journey with Fatso is not a conventional entrepreneurial path but her experiences are what enabled her to not only launch the company but drive it to be the success in two short years!

Fatso is now in over 1000 stores nation-wide and she has ambitions of entering the US market in 2020.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT:  “Fatso was developed with the elite athlete in mind, but regardless of whether you’re an athlete,  I also get how tough it can be to simply start your day off right. Fatso was designed to be the essential nut butter for the weightlifter, CrossFitter, spin enthusiast, yogi, or mountain biker but is also great for those who want to dip their toes into eating right. Whether you are trying out a keto diet, gluten free, or vegan or just need a better peanut butter in your life, Fatso is here to save the day.”

Attend and learn lessons from a successful, unconventional (her words, not ours!) entrepreneur. There are many lessons to be learned from other’s paths: Jill will share

  • her entrepreneurial journey
  • how she got the business started
  • the challenges and lessons learned
  • today’s success
  • and of course her vision for the future.

ABOUT JILL: Jill Van Gyn was born and raised in Victoria and returned home in 2010 after living away in Montreal and Vancouver for 10 years. Jill launched Fatso Peanut Butter in 2016 after having difficulty finding a job in her field in the year and a half that followed graduation from grad school.

Jill’s journey to Fatso is not a conventional entrepreneurial path. Her experiences, tenacity and perseverance have enabled her to launch the company and drive its current success. She lives on a farm with her family in the Blenkinsop Valley and plans on starting a small side business selling figs and making apple cider for local green grocers…if she ever finds the time.


February 2019

The Power of Storytelling with Karen Elgersma

Discover how you can create unique, compelling, and inspiring stories that will help you in your business…with the story-whisperer, Karen Elgersma.

Karen Elgersma has worked in media for over 30 years as a writer, producer, reporter, host and content creator. Her love of storytelling is infectious, and her passion for sharing her secrets has kept her in high demand as a speaker and media consultant.

  • Find out how to write your story in a way that is marketable, shareable, and emotionally engaging
  • Discover the key ingredients to a powerful story
  • Learn how you can turn your story into content that you can share
  • Understand the different platforms you can use to market your business through storytelling
  • Get the insider scoop on how to get earned media –media that tells your story for you, for free (e.g. you featured in Douglas Magazine, or on CHEK TV).
  • Discover how to hook your audience with your compelling story
  • Learn how to get eyes on your content.


January 2019

Beyond the Law of Attraction with Nadine Hanchar

How would you like to achieve the things in life and your business that you desire?

You can. Using the laws of the universe you CAN create your heart’s desires.

These laws apply to anyone, any time, any place. They do not discriminate. As you generate energy through your mind and your heart, you have the ability to create in your life. You are doing it all the time. When you understand and cooperate with these Universal Laws, and use them purposefully, you can be more proactive in what it is you create.

Whether you are aware of them or not, the Universal Laws govern everything in your life. They are at work all the time, everywhere. Be aware, understand them, and put them into your life in practical ways to assist you:
• in being more of who you really are
• to create and manifest your life in a purposeful way
• in being more fulfilled by working for yourself instead of against yourself.

Discover tangible tips on how to use the Universal Laws more effectively to achieve your life’s desires.


December 2018

Christmas Party Event 

Each holiday we gather to celebrate the season, mingle with friends, raise money for charity and generally have a great time.






November 2018

Make 2019 Your Best Year in Biz with Deb Alcadinho

November is the best time to plan for the upcoming year. Join Deb Alcadinho, founder of WWBN and small business consultant, for an engaging keynote to help you plan for your most amazing year in biz. Deb will focus on 4 things to set you up for success. Mindset. Time Management. Planning. Money. 
In the Thursday keynote Deb will give you essentials. In the Friday workshop the following day, you’ll be going in depth and get all the templates and forms Deb uses in her business. Learn how to:
  • Plan your calendars (like you’ve never seen it before) and learn how to manage your time, so you can be strategic, making the most of the time you have.
  • Get comfortable with your money – track it, keep it and know it inside and out. Don’t give away the power. 
  • Set realistic goals, assign projects and action plans to attain them. Goals are great but if you don’t have metrics in place to achieve your goals you won’t see the success you dream of. 
  • Improve your mindset so you don’t get in your own way. 


Theresa Scholes will share by an online course idea is a perfect complement to any entrepreneur as part of their marketing toolkit.October 2018

Build an Online Course with Theresa Scholes

Have you ever considered creating an online course or membership site? Imagine creating that course/membership based on your expertise, then take that content and share it with your audience! By teaching a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about, you relay that information to your audience and leave them with no doubt you are an expert in your field. The online course idea is a perfect complement to any entrepreneur as part of their marketing toolkit. 

Theresa will expand on the aspects of the fundamentals you need to know about:

  • What is an online course?
  • What is a membership site?
  • How do I start with creating the content for a course or membership?
  • How is the course content formatted on your website?
  • How do I market my course or membership?


Presentation by Lara Martens of WaterBaby on Taking the Leap into BusinessSeptember 2018

Taking the Leap into Business with Lara Martens

Join Lara Martens, founder of Water Baby, as she outlines how she started with an idea and developed it into a successful business in a short period of time.

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the process involved, knowing your market, the lessons learned, and leave feeling inspired to move your own idea into reality.


Join Deb Alcadinho for this inspirational, action-oriented keynote on how you can formulate a business that has impact!August 2018

Build a Business That Matters with Deb Alcadinho

The world is ready for those who want to be change makers. The world is ready for you! But are you ready?

Join Deb Alcadinho for this inspirational, action-oriented keynote on how you can formulate a business that has impact! We’re not talking vision boards, we’re talking a gritty vision, filled with your heart and soul that encompasses the greater good of what you want to achieve in this world. Deb believes we were all put on this earth for a reason. 

You will come away from Deb’s presentation with 6 action steps to get inspired and ready to create or revamp the future of your business to create real impact in your life and the lives of others. Be the Change!


Possibilities with Susan Simmons Be inspired by a truly inspiring story of determination and commitment to one’s goals. July 2018

Possibilities with Susan Simmons

Be inspired by a truly inspiring story of determination and commitment to one’s goals. Learn about how one woman took what seemed impossible and continuously overcame challenges to achieve success.  Susan Simmons is both an ultra-marathon swimmer and an advocate for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed herself over 20 years ago, she uses swimming and veganism to manage the disease. Last year she completed a one way crossing of the Juan de Fuca Strait from Port Angeles, swimming with nothing more than a swimsuit, cap and goggles. At 52, her crossing is the fastest one on record. 


Wisdom leaders have the ability to lead on a different dimension that allows for clearer decision making, non-judgement, people contributing their natural gifs and talents, and more joy and peace of mind.June 2018

Wisdom Leadership with Chantal Normand

A new leadership model that uses the natural gifts of women – our warrior way of being, our intuition and our ability to create safe spaces – has been created by Chantal Normand.  Wisdom Leadership is the leaders that will move us to the next dimension.
Wisdom leaders have the ability to lead on a different dimension that allows for clearer decision making, non-judgement, people contributing their natural gifts and talents, and more joy and peace of mind.
We’ll examine the 6 areas including a little magic of what is takes to step into this kind of leadership.
I invite you to join in this dynamic presentation  where we will be taking a deep dive into the different aspects of stepping into the wise leader you truly can be.


May 2018

Get Debt off Your Back with Chris Grew

35% of Canadians are in credit crisis. It’s much easier to get into debt than get out. And it’s not always that people are spending in a careless manner. Sometimes a job loss, or health issue in the family can make it impossible to meet cash outlay needs. Are you or someone you know in debt crisis?

In this keynote you will learn:

  • The 8 debtor options available
  • What makes a debt restructuring plan successful
  • Myth busters about banks not lending to people who go bankrupt or file a consumer proposal
  • How to rebuild your credit rating to a great score.


April 2018

Facebook for Business with JUHLi SELBy

Wondering if you should continue spending time promoting and managing your Facebook Business Page in 2018? Or should you shift your marketing time and resources elsewhere? Recent announcements about Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changes have prompted people to claim ‘Newsfeed Apocalypse’! They’re saying that free, organic reach for pages will finally be zero, unless you pay to advertise. Now is a great time to learn what’s new and how it can affect your business online. 

In this talk we will cover:

  • How things have evolved for Facebook Pages – Including reach, engagement, & the News Feed Ranking changes (the algorithm)
  • 2 different ways you can use your Facebook page (one takes a lot more time than the other) *Why you should consider a monthly Facebook ads budget as a part of your strategy – “Pay to play”
  • The Top 5 Reasons You STILL NEED a Facebook Page for Your Business in 2018 


March 2018

Social Video with Steve Dotto

Bonus Workshop was held from 10 AM to 1 PM on March 23rd

Learning to create and compose video is a skill set that can take your business to new heights. Steve Dotto is of the opinion video is the most valuable digital asset in the online world. More valuable than blogs, tweets, downloadable PDFs or any other digital content. But all video is not created equal, and we are not just talking about quality and content.
The type of video that you create for each social platform needs to be carefully crafted to serve your and your audience’s needs. You do not need to invest huge dollars or massive amounts of time. You DO need to commit to a process and trust yourself. You can do this!


February 2018

Sales Made Simple with Caterina Alberti

Caterina Alberti has trained hundreds of individuals and teams over a 30 year period, with an 8 Step Sales Process that builds confidence and puts you in a position of leadership.

She knows first hand that SALES is “The Most Important Skill You Can Learn” and simplifies the process.



January 2018

Discover Hidden Revenue Streams with Charmaine Hammond

There are BILLIONS of dollars in funding that are earmarked to go to projects just like yours every year, the trick is knowing who has the grants, donations and sponsorship funds, how to engage them and then what you need to do in order to close the deal.

Learn how to have every imaginable part of your project paid for (and even some things you never would have thought possible) through collaboration, partnership and sponsorship.


November 8, 2017

Guests brought their most pressing business challenge and we brainstormed ideas and solutions to “bust that challenge”.

No video taken.





October 26th, 2017
Find Your Truth, with Alison Forster and Lanne Rice

Have you ever set your mind on a goal with genuine willpower and grit determination—only to find that your mind appears to have a mind of its own? Then you’re in the right place!

Let’s be honest, chances are you’ve tried just about everything else out there. You’ve gotten really clear on what needs to change and have awareness coming out of the wazoo. And yet here you are, still or again, staring at Groundhog Day down both barrels.

Scientific research now reveals that 97% of all cognitive activity—how we live our lives, behave in relationships and conduct business—is in fact (sub)conscious. Therefore, in order to successfully achieve your goals, it is vitally important to know how to identify and transform limiting beliefs held at the (sub)conscious level of mind.

When the stakes are high and you have a lot riding on the outcome, sentiments of lofty inspiration or shouty tough love designed to propel you forward aren’t what you need, no matter how well intentioned. What you need are concrete answers. You’re not lacking the ability, motivation or tenacity to take action—you just need help mastering your mindset so you can move your needle of success from stuck to stupendous.

Your mindset isn’t personal; it’s just programming—and you can change it in just minutes!


  1. Why willpower & determination doesn’t work
  2. What drives beliefs and behaviour
  3. How to change your limiting beliefs at fibre-optic speed


October 11th, 2017
Behind the Lens: Self Love & Acceptance with Roxanne Low

Join Roxanne from Roxanne Low Photography and ROXYFOTO as she shares how she overcame her fear of being on the other side of the lens and her quest for self acceptance. Be prepared to be inspired as she talks about women’s experiences along their journey.  As a bonus, she will teach us a few tips and tricks for getting photographed.

Business Excellence Awards Nominee and Sooke Women In Business Co-Founder, Roxanne Low, is a professional portrait photographer specializing in women’s boudoir and headshots. As an advocate for showcasing authenticity at its finest, she passionately encourages women to step in front of the camera. Her gifts are putting clients at ease by connecting with them through humor and capturing their essence. 


September 28th, 2017

Copy Writing Secrets to Attract Clients, with Bonnie Chomica

Discover why people click away from your website, ignore your social posts, or throw away your brochure.

If you’re in business you have to be a writer. Effective marketing is about using the right words to attract attention, make a connection, and entice people to take action. 

This presentation is for you if you write emails and social media posts, brochures and ads, or website content and bios. Learn the lingo you need to attract more prospects by creating credibility-building content. You’ll discover practical tips you can start using today!


August 24th,  2017
Learn the 7 Magic Marketing Questions to Attract the Right Clients and Make More Money
, with Deb Alcadinho.

Imagine your business if your target market could easily find youunderstand the value you offer and were EXCITED to do business with you!

Do you feel like you are not connecting with the “right” customer? Or that people don’t really “get” what you are selling?

In this workshop-style keynote Deb will share her 7 Magic Marketing Questions to help identify your Target Market and Ideal Client, all with the goal to help you make more money.

You’ll work along and delve into how to identify your target market and ideal client and apply the framework to your own business. And we’ll look at the marketing language you use and how you can improve it to speak directly to your new found market and clients.

Your marketing and messaging needs to be clear, targeted and relevant, so you save your two most precious resources – time and money.


August 8th, Evening Event.  

Living into your Essence with Liz Stone

We are often trained to talk about what we do instead of who we are. We’re taught to value our minds over our hearts…to summarize our skills into our pitch. Do you ever feel like that’s not working for you? Like there’s something missing? Do you feel like you would be more successful just being your true self? You’re not wrong, and you’re not alone.

Join like-minded peers in this interactive, intimate mini-workshop to experience your world from the inside out. Discover your essential nature and how to utilize your inherent traits to have more fulfillment in your career and your life.

We left this workshop with:

  • · A glimpse of a new view of yourself
  • · An experience beyond confidence
  • · New possibilities emerging
  • · Understanding your inner power

About: Liz Stone is an Ontological Life Coach with 7+ years of coaching individuals and mentoring new coaches in training. She is a business woman with 30+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and business development, having recently co-founded a successful $4m growing startup. With a lifelong passion for human potential, she brings a unique combination of inspired thinking, powerful conversation, and hands-on practical experience to support her clients in creating powerful results in their lives and businesses. She is skilled at supporting clients to access deep wisdom and pathways to creativity they didn’t know they had, to create lives they didn’t know were possible.  www.lizstone.com 


July 27, 2017 

How to Set Boundaries, Say No, and Still Feel Good About It, with Erin Acton

When was the last time you said “yes” when you really wanted to say “no”? Erin will share with you how you can express yourself clearly so that others respect your decision. Isn’t it time you started saying “no” to others so you can start saying “yes” to you?

You will discover:
• How to create clear boundaries so it’s easier to say no.
• How to say no in a way that people respect, and leaves you feeling good about it
• How to deal with people who won’t take no for an answer

About: Erin Acton is an international speaker and certified life and business coach. Before that, she doused so many fires while leading the communications for a $50M company that she burned out. From the ashes of her 20-year communications and broadcasting careers, she started her own business and created powerful tools and strategies so no one else needs to struggle like she did. Now Erin helps leaders and entrepreneurs go from burnout to balance. But most of her clients aren’t burned out! They just have big goals and dreams and want to avoid burnout while making their magic happen. Her step-by-step formulas, practical tools, and high-impact techniques can help you create balance, live with purpose, and love your life. www.erinacton.com


June 24, 2017

10 Marketing Tips to Increase Branding & Visibility for Your Business, with Deb Alcadinho

Marketing your small business can be challenging. It is the key element to all successful businesses. Let’s face it, as a small business owner, you have an array of options when it comes to marketing. Essentially, EVERY thing you do is, in some form,  “Marketing” your business.

How you communicate your product or service may depend on what you offer, but there are common principles you can adopt. Sometimes learning one new thing can make all the difference in your marketing strategy and the way you communicate with your clients (existing and new).

Join Deb Alcadinho as she shares her top 10 Marketing Tips that will help you Increase Your Branding and Visibility for Your Business. You’re guaranteed to have at least one aha moment!

About:  Deb Alcadinho is a branding & marketing maven and business advisor to female entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business and turning their passionate business into a remarkable business.

As a sought after speaker and workshop presenter, she educates women on how to build a business that rocks, how to create a business that truly matters, how to brand, market & communicate the business, and how to network for success. 

Deb is the CEO and founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network in Victoria. And a business advisor at Your Brand Power


June 5, 2017

Learn the 7 Magic Marketing Questions to Attract the Right Clients and Make More Money, with Deb Alcadinho.

Imagine your business if your target market could easily find youunderstand the value you offer and were EXCITED to do business with you! 

Do you feel like you are not connecting with the “right” customer? Or that people don’t really “get” what you are selling?  Or that you have difficulty articulating what you are selling?

Often it’s because your target market and ideal client have not been clearly identified. Deb says, “If you are marketing to everyone, you are speaking to no one.  So get clear and focused!”.

In this talk Deb Alcadinho shared her 7 Magic Marketing Questions to help identify your Target Market and Ideal Client, all with the goal to help you make more money.

Deb’s keynotes are workshop-style, so you’ll work along and delve into how to identify your target market and ideal client and apply the framework to your own business. And we’ll look at the marketing language you use and how you can improve it to speak directly to your new found market and clients. 

Your marketing and messaging needs to be clear, targeted and relevant, so you save your two most precious resources – time and money. 

About:  Deb Alcadinho is a branding & marketing maven and business advisor to female entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business and turning their passionate business into a remarkable business.As a sought after speaker and workshop presenter, she educates women on how to build a business that rocks, how to create a business that truly matters, how to brand, market & communicate the business, and how to network for success. Deb is the CEO and founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network in Victoria. And a business advisor at Your Brand Power


May 25, 2017

Why Instagram is the HOT Social Network for Business and
Why You Need to Be There! with JUHLi Selby

Instagram has officially gone mainstream! All the big brands are  here – as well as people of all ages. And it’s growing fast! They  gained 100 million new users in the 2nd half of 2016 – finishing the year with 600 million. By early May 2017 they had reached 700 million! More than 40% of the online population in Canada is on Instagram and growing.

Are you wondering if you should finally jump on the Instagram bandwagon?

Do you have an Instagram account – but you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing? Would you like to learn more about how this platform works & how to use it effectively for business?

In this talk JUHLi covered:

  • What is Instagram, who’s using it and why?
  • What to share on your Instagram account – especially if you don’t have a business that lends itself to nice visuals
  • How you can take baby steps to get started on Instagram, and then how you can ramp up your efforts later as you get more comfortable
  • How to get exposure for your business locally and/or globally with the strategic use of hashtags & location tagging
  • Common mistakes to avoid on Instagram
  • Some intermediate tips & apps to take your Instagram account to the next level!


April 27, 2017

How to Fly Your Plane While Still Building It! with Angela Cote

Are you ready for take-off?  Have you hit turbulence?  Or are you flying high? 

Angela will inspire you with her flight path from Kelly Kabob to being the only female Franchise Growth Catalyst in Western Canada.

About: Angela grew up in the world of business growth and franchising.  Her father, Mac Voisin, is the founder of the successful iconic Canadian franchise M&M Food Market.  The family started the business in 1980 and successfully grew the company to over 450 franchised locations across Canada by 2008.  Angela was involved in many areas of the business over the years (from “Kelly Kabob” at early Grand Openings, to working in various roles in the corporate head office, then out in the field doing store visits ensuring compliance, training franchisees, creating and delivering workshops for franchisees and employees, and supporting franchisees as a field consultant).  In the late ’90’s, She moved to Vancouver to help develop the chain in Western Canada after attaining her honors degree in Business (Wilfrid Laurier University).

In 2000, Angela moved to Victoria to bring the chain to the island as a multi-unit franchisee, opening 3 stores in a year and a half, all exceeding sales projections within their first year.  The past 17 years as a franchisee have given her an alternate, invaluable perspective that inspired her to launch a business to help franchisors with growth.

Using her franchisor experience and invaluable franchisee perspective, Angela helps early and established franchisors by providing and helping implement the framework for exponential growth. www.angelacote.com


March 23, 2017  GPS to Create Your Business Success with Barbara Edie. 

“It’s always seems Impossible until it’s done.”  That quote, from Nelson Mandela, sits on Barbara Edie’s desk and is the essence of her latest book, “Creating the Impossible,” What It Takes to Bring Your Vision to Life, as well as what she teaches in her workshops and mentoring.

In her book and trainings, Barbara offers a set of principles that when applied provide an inner guidance system and path to creating your desired results without getting caught up in the FEAR and the HOW.

She likes to call it “GPS for your success,” because it moves you in the direction of your vision in a simple, easy, and effective way, often with surprisingly fast results.

While “Creating the Impossible” contains a set of eight principles, Barbara will discuss three keys to succeeding in business with ease and power, including:

  • Your focus creates your reality;
  • How to embrace the mystery rather than the fear and move forward;
  • Tapping into your intuition to get the simplest and best action to take next.

 Want to know more? Check out www.creatingtheimpossiblebook.com

About Barbara: Creating the Impossible” contains the message Barbara believes she came to the planet to not only deliver but also to live and role model.

By applying the practical wisdom gained from her own transformational experiences, as well as her interviews with visionary change-makers around the globe, Barbara has been able to “connect the dots” to create seemingly impossible results and bring her visions into reality, often quickly.

For example, last March she decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro; she was standing on its 19,000-foot summit in September. Earlier in 2016, after rewriting the entire manuscript of what is now “Creating the Impossible,” she launched the book in November; it became an Amazon bestseller 2 days before it was officially released.

Now through her writing, speaking, and transformational workshops, Barbara’s vision is to inspire, teach, and empower others to create their ‘impossible’ dreams—in business and in life.

And that vision is already unfolding. The principles in “Creating the Impossible” are being considered as part of a new curriculum for a school in Kenya to teach children a mindset that will empower them to consciously create their dreams from a young age.


March 13, 2017

PITCH PERFECT: The Art of the Elevator Pitch
with Rosemarie Barnes 

What makes people like you and want to do business with you?

Is it your name?  Is it the name of your company?  Is it what you do and how you do it?  No.  It’s not.

What draws people to get to know who we are, what we do, and where we do it, is that somewhere in the introductory meeting and elevator pitches we offer, they get an inkling that we may be able to steer them into solving their top of mind problem, help them address a burning issue, or somehow be of value to them.  Until that impression has been made, your name, rank, and serial number hold no interest for them.

Yet, how do we begin this most important introduction of ourselves to others?  With our name, our company, and what we do there.  And why?  Initially it’s because of habit, and continually because we don’t know how else to do it.  An elevator pitch is nothing more than an invitation to begin a conversation: done well, others are drawn to you; done poorly, they can be repelled or at the very least, bored.

Join Rosemarie Barnes as she provides insight into the powerful opportunities that can be unleashed through your Elevator Pitch.  Learn the most powerful words to include, the ones to leave out, and the best ways to connect what you do, with what they need.

About Rosemarie Barnes:  To Spark, Speak and Hear your Brilliance is Rosemarie Barnes’ purpose.

She sparks brilliance in others by offering understanding of the generation gaps so prevalent in today’s world of business and leads them to bridging that great abyss.  She ignites confidence when personal, professional, or corporate reinvention is necessary, and she shares hope among the families and friends of individuals suffering the indignities of addiction.

She coaches individuals to speak and share their brilliance in the most powerful ways with their listeners.  From compelling content creation and organization to presentation and delivery skills, to vocal control and care, Rosemarie creates speakers who are eloquent, charismatic, and powerful.

She uses her own extensive vocal and theatre training to apply her skills as a book narrator, so that authors may extend their reach by providing their words and thoughts via auditory means.  Authors’ meanings can be made clearer and more impactful with appropriate vocal tone and emphasis, and can be heard while other more mundane tasks are accomplished.  Multi-tasking at its finest!

And finally, Rosemarie shares compassion and kindness with others, and steers them toward realizing their value, so they may live their lives with confidence.  Learn more at: www,confidentstages.com


January 26, 2017

New Year Resolutions often promise so much, but deliver so little! Whether it’s fitness, weight loss, quality family time or higher income, people usually start off strong, enthusiastic and motivated. But then they get busy and sidetracked, and before long that high energy and focus dwindles away.

Grace Gerry has learned in her counselling practice that resolutions can be a powerful tool, as long as you have the right supports to stay on track.

Grace has helped hundreds of people to make the life changes they didn’t think were possible, whether with relationships, career or health.

At WWBN, Grace will talk about the key steps to harness the power of resolutions to reach your goals, and how to overcome common roadblocks. Find out what is most important to you, what calls to you in 2017, and how to get there. Learn Grace’s best tips and strategies to stay focused, energized and successful.

About: Grace Gerry is a registered counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, and has a private practice in Victoria for the past 12 years. She offer counselling to individuals, couples and for weight loss. Connect with Grace at 1.250.370-2254 or www.gracefulsolutions.ca or grace@gracefulsolutions.ca


Christmas Event:  We forgo a speaker this month to come and celebrate the season with good friends, new friends, games, prizes, raffles, wine and a delicious festive buffet. You’ll be welcomed with a glass of wine, donated by Rosemarie Colterman, Homeward Bound Real Estate Team.

  1. Play games * Win prizes.  Games organized by Rosemarie Colterman.
  2. Centrepieces sponsored by Millie Vandale, Cabi Fashions
  3. Network with amazing business women!
  4. Bring your decorated and filled Shoe Box to support: www.shoeboxproject.com
  5. This is the last and major fundraiser of the year for our chosen charities which were supported by raffle tickets and wine pull purchases.


November 24,  2016

nicole-smithKeynote Speaker: Nicole Smith, Flytographer

Meet Nicole Smith… she’s a successful business owner & entrepreneur and mom to 2 boys.  She’s a smart, savvy and inspirational business woman.

Nicole is the founder and CEO of Flytographer, an online marketplace that connects travellers with local photographers in cities around the world for fun, candid vacation photo shoots in about an hour.  She will share her journey and lessons along the way.

In just three years, Nicole has grown the Flytographer to over 200 destinations and is on track to do over $2 million in annual revenue. She has forged official partnerships with global travel brands Expedia, Fairmont and Virtuoso. Press around the world has featured Flytographer, such as Conde Nast Traveler: “The Future of Travel Photography”; Forbes: “The #1 Gift for Travelers”; and Oprah.com: “An Ingenious Track Hack”. Mashable has named Nicole “One of 8 Women Shattering the Travel Industry’s Glass Ceiling” and she was recognized byPROFIT Magazine and Canadian Business in 2016 as a W100 Rising Star: “5 Women to Watch”. Flytographer was also selected for both the Metabridge and 40 Hours in the Valley cohorts in 2016. Nicole is also a board member of VIATeC.

Prior to Flytographer, Nicole worked for 13 years as a consultant and marketing manager for Microsoft.


October 27, 2017

jessicavibesfitness-1006585_revKeynote Speaker: Jessica Cruise, Vibes Fitness

Meet Jessica Cruise… successful business owner & entrepreneur, wife and mom to two beautiful babes. She’s a smart, savvy and inspirational business woman.

Just a few short years ago, armed with a diploma in Golf Course Management, she happened upon a fitness studio offering a revolutionary type of training. She was hooked. But she saw a hole in the market that this studio wasn’t offering.

Fast forward to present day, she’s the CEO of Vibes Fitness, with four franchises, and sights on growth and expansion. She’s learned some valuable lessons along the way. Jessica will inspire you to take action in your own business and sprinkled with some life lessons, you’ll feel empowered and enriched. Come and learn one woman’s journey of success. She’s been recognized in the business community with accolades as a Douglas Magazine Top 10 to Watch winner; Victoria Chamber of Commerce finalist for Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and the prestigious Top 20 Under 40.   www.vibesfitness.ca


September 22, 2016 – Video Marketing

sue ferreiraKeynote Speaker: Sue Ferreira, Wisdom to Wealth Mastery

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube and your iPhone, it’s now simple and inexpensive to take your business, your knowledge and your offer to a much wider audience using video. 

Video has been shown time and again to be the most powerful way to increase your reach, your influence and have people come to know, like and trust you. 

Today over 75% of all web content is video and rising steadily. Yet only 9% of small businesses in the US are using video, which means 91% of businesses are ignoring the most powerful marketing tool. Are you in the 9% or the 91%? 

There’s an old Chinese Proverb – “When The Winds Of Change Blow, Some People Build Walls, Others Build Windmills”.  Today, The Winds of Change are blowing hard in many areas of our lives. Wisdom To Wealth Mastery shows you – simply and easily – how to build your windmill and move your business forward into the exciting Brave New World. 

Want to know more? Check out Wisdom To Wealth Mastery Orientation for more information. 

About Sue: A few years ago, if anyone had told Sue Ferreira, then in her fourth decade as an anesthesiologist, she would soon be an entrepreneur, a speaker and creator of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery, she would have keeled over in fits of laughter. 

Sue’s transformation and shift began at the age of 60, following her divorce and the financial crash of 2008. From her decades as a physician, she had witnessed our increasing longevity and knew the financial crash would affect the future of millions for years to come. 

Yet, we also live in a fascinating time of Rapid Change and Disruptive Technologies, which offer great opportunities, but we all know, change can be scary and overwhelming. To eliminate the scary overwhelm, Sue created Wisdom To Wealth Mastery showing you, simply and easily, how to use the new marketing, to craft your Wisdom to create long lasting Wealth, using all the tools of the New Marketing, with a focus on video.  

If you have missed the recent rapid revolution, which has up-ended the way business is done, Sue’s Wisdom To Wealth Mastery is for you, as she walks you, simply and easily, into the Brave New World of business and video.


August 25, 2016 – Perfectly Imperfect – 4 Steps to Let Go of Perfection

Atkinson_PMJan15_784highresC (2)Keynote Speaker:  Julie Atkinson, RN and Mentor

Do you have a message to share but are scared to be visible? Is it your time to become you and live your true potential?  

Are you ready to realize the powerful beauty that lies deep within you? Julie’s talk will inspire you to become Perfectly Imperfect by letting go of the perfection that is holding you back from living your dreams and desires.

Julie will share her four steps to let go of perfection 

  • Awareness of your story that keeps you hidden
  • Bust your limiting beliefs to live your true potential
  • Commit to change by letting go and letting in
  • Design your personal transformational template

About Julie:  Julie now dedicates her life to encouraging the power of transformation. She has embraced her role as a catalyst for change, in her own life and in the lives of others.  New Look New Life is more than just a retreat centre for advanced skin care techniques. It is Julie’s sanctuary from which she helps others to heal: through compassionate conversation, skin treatments, motivational speaking, writing, educating, and mentoring.  Learn more about Julie – visit her website: www.newlooknewlifeconsulting.com and to read her story visit: http://newlooknewlifeconsulting.com/about/julies-story/ 


July 28, 2016 – Connecting Your Financial Dots …  Live Your Dreams!

Shari Molchan

Keynote Speaker: Shari Molchan

Life is short.   

Stop settling by using money as an excuse to not develop yourself, your business, or your dreams. Instead, be inspired and fired up to take action.

Shari Molchan challenges and inspires excellence in yourself to;

  • clarify what motivates you
  • align your realities with the opportunities around you
  • simplify your finances
  • develop your confidence in life and in business

For over 19 years, Shari Molchan has helped hundreds of women, men and couples change their lives. Her super-power is getting you right with money in a feel-good kind of way. She’s all about results – not mediocre results – kick-ass results.  www.molchanfinancial.com  or  www.sharimolchan.com


June, 2016 – No meeting. Deb had a death in the family so we did not have a meeting this month.


May 26, 2016 – Happiness Infusion!

paul krismer3Keynote Speaker: Paul Krismer, The Happiness Experts

Get a fresh taste of personal well being in this inspirational and fascinating introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential—most of this discovery has happened in the last 15 years.

We now know that happiness is not a lucky outcome resulting from a fortunate upbringing. Rather happiness generally results from skills that some people naturally pick up. This presentation makes clear that we can all learn to be happy.

Neuropsychology, through the wonder of modern science, shows that brains actually re-wire to make happiness more accessible on a day-to-day basis. Everyone can build a happy brain. The mechanisms to do so are now relatively well understood.

Learn how happiness can be brought into your life and the lives of the people you work with, play with, and love.

About Paul Krismer;  Paul is the Chief Happiness Officer and founder of The Happiness Experts Company.  Paul is a noted public speaker and trainer. His authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through his work. Playful and captivating storytelling complements his intelligent and accessible presentation of the science of happiness. His teaching is powerful, authoritative, and convincing. At the same time, Paul is exceptionally practical. He makes real his conviction that happiness is for everyone. And indeed, everyone leaves his courses inspired to put their learning into practice.

Paul Krismer has a proven track record as an inspirational leader. For twenty years, he has served in senior management roles—overseeing hundreds of staff, multi-million dollar projects, and cheerfully growing future leaders. As a Certified Executive Coach, Paul is appreciated for his kind-hearted, yet relentless pursuit of the client’s best life. Helping people to reach greater happiness and success is his trademark promise. His forthcoming book, “Whole Person Happiness” aims to give everyone access to his expertise. As a teacher of cutting edge positive psychology, he is truly a “Happiness Expert”.

Paul is a proud member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. www.happinessexperts.ca 


April 28, 2016 – Understanding the Generational Divide

Keynote Speaker: Rosemary Barnes, Confident Stages

Being a business owner, employer or leader in today’s business world requires an awareness of the needs of Generation X, Y, and Z. We interact with people of all ages in our business, personal and social lives. Whether engaging with staff, clients or your children, understanding the difference in values and what motivates them will help make you a better communicator, employer, parent and business owner. 

Savvy employers are aware that Generation X prefers carefully funneled information, Generation Y feeds on mentorship and praise, and the upcoming Generation Z needs to understand how their tasks fit in with the whole.

“Business leaders are becoming increasingly frustrated by the changing attitudes of today’s employees. Not only do leaders and managers need to keep on top of rapid technological advances, but today’s job seekers are changing the very face of how business is conducted. Using gross generalities only to make a point, the Millennials are seen as entitled with no internal motivation, and Generation Z, the latest to begin to hit the job market, will not abide the pyramidal corporate structures so common today. The old version of decision-making and leadership, rightly or wrongly, is being threatened, and leaders and managers are reeling without knowing how to cope.”

Join Rosemarie Barnes as she provides insight into the generational divide, how to cope, how to strengthen relationships and how to make the workplace more united. 

About Rosemarie Barnes: 

Rosemarie is all about voice – your voice. She is a speaking & presentation coach, client workshop facilitation, instructing speakers and singers about healthy vocals production. Additionally she uses her voice for voiceovers for your audio books/audio work, she delivers keynote presentations and workshops… and so much more.   

In her role as a presentation coach, Rosemarie is uniquely qualified to help others because of her own training and experience as a speaker, because of her understanding of stage spaces, because she’s a really, really good teacher, and because of her deep seated objection to the overuse and abuse of slides in the speaking arena.

As a speaking coach, Rosemarie helps clients to create strong presentations out of solid ideas all the way from conception to final presentation, including speech development and formatting, presentation skills, and how to use the voice as a powerful tool for greatest impact.

She has presented in, and assisted others with, their own presentations for: theatres, lecture halls, boardrooms, classrooms, at conferences, and the bathroom shower.

Her spirit of optimism and curiosity continue to lead her a journey of learning and discovery, with her ultimate goal being to leave the world just a tiny bit better than she found it. www.confidentstages.com 


March 24, 2016 – Be a Sales Hero: Attract and Help More Customers by Being Less “Salesy” and Weird.

Joe Girard 2015Keynote Speaker:  Joe Girard, International Sales Trainer

If any part of your business success requires you or your team to speak to potential customers, you know how important the sales conversation is.

However, something crazy happens when we switch to sales mode, and we often can become someone we’re not. We know what it feels like to be sold to and we don’t want our customers to feel that way. Sound familiar?

Learn the repeatable process of crafting sales conversations that not only work, but make you feel good doing them. You will understand some of the key aspects of human behavior, influence, and resistance that may be holding back your best sales conversations. A few small tweaks to the way you sell can allow you to take complete control of your results.

Joe Girard is a sales coach who helps his clients around the world get results and enjoy the process, from start-ups to large multinationals. He’s an authority on empowering people to sell more, have fun, and win consistently. Joe combines a mix of sales expertise, education, and leadership development to enable more professionals to become “Sales Heroes.” They’re the ones who are willing to do the hard work to serve those around them. He works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create systems, have deeper understanding of how their customers make decisions, and build their bulletproof mindset to succeed. Learn more about him at joegirard.ca, changegrowachieve.com, and at salesheroacademy.com


February 25, 2016 – Branding 101 for Your Website

niki_kim_on couch (2)Keynote Speakers: Kim Timothy & Niki Campbell, Brand Brilliant

Let’s face it, if you have business today, you need to have an online presence. And if you’re going to have that presence, you have got to make sure that it represents you well.  This is called Branding.

Kim & Niki will dig into the true essence of branding, specifically when it comes to creating an impactful website that allows your customers to see your unique value.

We will ask you to step away from the frenzied landscape of recycled tips and tricks, “must-dos”, and guaranteed solutions that have become synonymous with this world of branding. In the current zeal to keep up with the next big thing, businesses are forgetting to simply build a consistent and meaningful relationship with their customers, the ones who are wanting to connect with your message.

In this session we will not “tip-and-trick” you, but rather deliver insights into honing your authentic message to truly resonate with your customers.  We will look at how to deliver that message consistently online, and we’ll focus on keeping that message simplified so that you are not distracting your customers away from why they should want to work with you.

You are the expert in your business and you have a unique story to tell. Defining that story and being strategic in its delivery is the very nature of branding.

About Kim and Niki:  In their business Brand Brilliant Kim and Niki have packaged up their decades of branding & web design experience, and offer it to you through easy and affordable website workshops. You can join their Website Bootcamp, where they’ll guide you through the process of building your own impact website, or join one of their smaller workshops focused on specific branding & website topics that you are dying to just conquer!  This duo is passionate about empowering you to push past obstacles, find clarity, and reconnect with the reason you began your business in the first place. www.brandbrilliant.ca


January 28, 2016 – Building Your Business With YouTube.  How to use YouTube as a social network, building brand, authority and community. 

steve dottoKeynote Speaker: Steve Dotto, DottoTech

Steve Dotto, spent the better part of 2 decades on TV educating Canadians on how technology fits in their lives.

In 2012 he shifted his focus to YouTube, and over the past 4 years has built a significant following online. More significantly he has converted that following into a community and that community into a business.

Steve will share the lessons he has learned in this short journey, with a focus on how you can use video to build your brand and business.  In March of 2013 he had less than 3,000 subscribers, one year later he had 20,000 subscribers, and now he has over 70,000 and growing by 4,000 per month. Not to impress you, but rather impress upon you that it can be done.

Spending 15 years teaching Canadians how to use and embrace technology has given Steve a unique perspective on the changing world; a perspective that he shares with energy and passion. A background in comedy, including stints in theatre and with Second City, contribute to make Steve an engaging, relevant, often irreverent, and highly entertaining speaker.  www.dottotech.com


Dec 10, 2015 – Christmas Party 

christmas-tree-decoreated-in-hotelThis is our annual social event. It’s always a great event and not to be missed!  Entertainment, games, prizes, fantastic food and meeting other amazing women – what could be better?!

  • No guest speaker
  • No literature sharing tables will be utilized
  • Bring an item you’d like to donate to the raffle prizes
  • Purchase your raffle tickets at $10 each (at time of registration or at the door) to win prizes.  All money collected will benefit our chosen charities.
  • Help make a woman in a shelter at Christmas feel special by contributing a decorated and filled Shoe Box for the www.shoeboxproject.com  Linda Ferguson is heading this up and will collecting filled shoe boxes. For ideas on what to put in your shoe box, please visit the website. Let’s help make Christmas special for Victoria women in transition houses.


November 26th, 2015  –  Create & Deliver a Compelling Elevator Pitch! 

Kanna coleshaw-echols2eynote Speaker:  Anna Coleshaw-Echols, Good To Great Public Speaking 

How eloquent are you when someone asks, “What do you do?” In the proverbial moment when you have 1 minute to tell a stranger who you are, what you do, and what makes you different, can you pull it off?  Learn how to craft and deliver a compelling elevator pitch.

It’s often not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it, that sets you apart and makes you memorable at networking events and during presentations. Anna Coleshaw-Echols of Good to Great Public Speaking Training, will provide strategies and solutions to help you be a memorable, confident and polished speaker, no matter what the occasion.  Join us at Westshore Women’s Business Network on November 26th and Get Your Pitch On!

About Anna Coleshaw-Echols: Anna has a passion for public speaking and is on a mission to cure the world of the fear of public speaking.  For over 15 years, Anna has helped hundreds of clients master the art of public speaking. With her compassionate, confidence-boosting and interactive teaching style, she coaches her clients to conquer their fears of public speaking and develops confident, polished speakers. She is an accomplished author, speaker, trainer, and speech coach. Give her an hour on a stage, a week of workshops, or just one day, and she will EDU-tain you while initiating a life-changing journey.  www.goodtogreatps.com


October 22, 2015 – 3 Keys to Unveiling the Hidden Power of Your Decisions

anna harvey 01Keynote Speaker:  Anna Harvey, Boost Potential 

Life’s full of them. Tough Choices. Tough Decisions about career, business, education and partnerships are only a few of the ones we’ve all faced.

Knowing 3 key things can help you unveil the hidden power of your decision, and bring with it the peace of Living Aligned.

Join us on October 22, 2015 when our keynote speak Anna Harvey of Boost Potential shares her knowledge gained from her years of study and working with women on their life and career transitions.

Anna is a speaker and a facilitator who inspires people to journey into the heart of their uniqueness in order to create a fulfilling, deeply satisfying life. In her entertaining presentations, her enthusiasm, humour and genuine desire to share insights and inspiration shines through. You’re sure to get a boost! Anna works with clients privately or in workshops, and is Certified as a Retirement Coach, Passion Test facilitator, and Lumina Spark practitioner.


September 24, 2015 – Take Charge of Your Time & Thrive in Your Business

julia james5Keynote Speaker: Julia James

Kick off the Fall season with excellent time management strategies in place. With more than 10 years experience coaching mid-career professionals through positive career transformations, Julia James can attest that effective time management is a key ingredient to achieving success.

She is excited to share her tried and true time management tools to help you achieve success in your business or career.  Guaranteed to not ‘waste your time,’ Julia will share 3 tangible time-management tools:

  • – Eliminate your daily time wasters, once and for all.
  • – Get and stay organized in 5 minutes daily.
  • – Break large projects into small action steps and get them done.

You will leave inspired to take charge of your time, so you can thrive in business and increase your productivity.

About Julia:  Having transformed her career from a struggling scientist to a thriving career clarity coach, Julia is passionate about helping people connect with their true calling. With over ten years of experience of coaching people through positive career transformations, Julia knows that when you are happy at work, your happiness fills all aspects of your life. Julia is a seasoned certified life coach (CPCC, PCC) and award-winning author of The Mini-Retreat Solution. Her calm, centered, positive energy infuses everything she does. For more information, visit www.juliajames.ca


August 28, 2015 – Facebook Business Pages, Maximize Your Results

juhli selbyKeynote Presentation: JUHLi SELBy

Is using Facebook for business still a mystery to you? Do you find you waste a lot of time without getting any business results? Do you wonder if you even need a Facebook business page?  If you already have a business page, is it painfully slow going – slow fan growth & no engagement?Everyone seems to love Facebook…Do you wonder what you’re doing wrong?  Attend this session to learn:

  • How Facebook business pages work
  • How to set up your page to maximize likes & drive traffic to your website
  • Tactics to maximize views and engagement to increase free exposure – what’s working right now
  • How to avoid negative feedback – which reduces your free reach
  • Tactics for using Facebook ads effectively

About: JUHLi is an award winning marketing and technology instructor who has educated hundreds of professionals and small business owners on how to use social media tools effectively to build relationships online that will lead to sales. She’s the founder of JUHLi SELBy Social Media, a training company based in Victoria BC, that offers private lessons, public workshops and online training. She’s also a social media marketing instructor at Camosun College and a proud member of the Freebird Collective – an independent alliance of branding & marketing professionals in Victoria BC.

JUHLi helps clients evaluate their existing online presence by looking at their business goals, resources and the ideal audience they want to attract, to help determine social media strategy.She’s an enthusiastic and patient trainer who shares creative ideas, and helps her clients and students get comfortable with online marketing technologies so they can find, connect with and expand their audiences. www.juhliselby.com


July 23, 2015 – Give Yourself Permission: Self-Care for Business Women

sue maitland2

Keynote Speaker: Sue Maitland

Women business owners juggle many responsibilities, from taking care of children, running a home, caring for elderly parents, not to mention managing and running their business. Often taking care of ourselves takes a back seat to everything else we’re responsible for. Without our health we cannot build wealth in our business or support our family. It’s time to take care of YOU and realize self care is NOT selfish.

Join Sue Maitland, Life & Career Transitions Coach in this hands-on keynote presentation to learn how to Give Yourself Permission for self care.
* Learn why self-care is important for ourselves and everyone else in our lives.
* Take time in a mini self-care workshop to appreciate yourself.
* Leave with 3 concrete actions you can take to integrate more self-care into your life.  www.suemaitland.com


June 25, 2015 – Stop Wasting Time & Money – Market to the Right Audience      

Deb_r2Keynote Speaker: Deb Alcadinho, Your Brand Power

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your hard earned revenues are stretched by the myriad of advertising and marketing options. Stop wasting time and money by marketing to the wrong audience. If you are marketing to everyone and have not defined your ideal client or your target market you are wasting time and money.

Join Deb Alcadinho, Business Strategist and founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network to learn what it means to define your target market, ideal client and why it can be breaking point for your business. In this valuable keynote, you’ll learn:

  • What is a target market and ideal client
  • How to create an ideal client persona or avatar
  • Why focusing on the best customer for your business, will increase sales.
  • How to develop messages with greater precision, focusing on what’s important to your audience in a language they understand.

Avoid the The #1 Mistake Business Owners Make: Thinking that targeting limits your opportunities. www.yourbrandpower.com


May 28, 2015 – The Art of Business Strategy

lisa trotter2

Keynote Speaker: Lisa Trotter, Driven Business Consulting

Successful businesses require a strategy, a roadmap to the destination. Position your business for success and growth. Learn the value of strategic planning and the need for a solid business plan. Don’t cower with fear with the thought of a boring business plan that collects dust. Lisa will provide a basic business plan template and guide you through the steps to writing a business plan for YOU – not your bank. Through the framework of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, she will explain how to minimize risk to any business by recognizing weakness.

Lisa Trotter of Driven Consulting will show you the value of having a strategic plan and how incorporating a business plan, one that you will use, will position you for success.  “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” – Alan Lakein

Lisa Trotter has over 20 years experience in management and operations of small and large scale companies. She is a member of the Royal Roads Alumni, with a bachelor of commerce in entrepreneurial management. www.drivenconsulting.ca


April 23, 2015 – Raise Your Fascination Quotient!

pamela sylvanKeynote Speaker: Pamela Sylvan

You’ve seen it in action, stopped and stared when you came across it and perhaps even use it yourself. Fascination, has long been revered as that something elusive, special and almost ethereal in nature.

We move towards those who carry high points of fascination. We also purchase products and experiences that hold this quality. Wouldn’t you love to learn to cultivate this winning trait? What is it exactly that binds us to fascination and more importantly, how can we raise our own fascination levels that ensure success in both our personal and business lives? Pamela will share 12 POWER points to start you on the road to a more fascinating existence. Don’t miss it! 

About Pamela:  Pamela Sylvan is the Editor-in-Chief for Downtown and Around Lifestyle magazine, and a PR maven also known as the Mojo Maker. Pamela creates and holds a unique space in order for her audience, clients and tribe to power up their knowledge, internal strength and fortitude which easily converts into authentic, powerful results in any area they choose to direct it. Using methods that are both creative and engaging, she proves to be someone that breathes new life and forward movement into those that are ready to experience themselves and business lives in a new way.  www.downtowandaround.com


March 26, 2015 – Frock-off! How much money are your Frocks costing you?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????Keynote Speaker: Jo Dibblee                  

Hey you, yes you, it’s time to Frock Off!  Stop conforming, procrastination, expecting and driving someone else’s bus. It’s time you reclaim and proclaim your place in business and life!

Sure we’ve all had imposter syndrome from time to time, such is life and business. How many times have you heard- fake it till you make it?  Although at times faking it – donning a frock may seem the only way; make no mistake, frocks impede who we really are.  Frocks, like lies, start to pile up and soon they take on a life of their own.  Wild success awaits you – but are you willing to take the steps?

At this highly interactive session you will learn:

  1. How to recognize the frocks that are holding you back.
  2. Remove the ill-serving frocks and disguises that keep you hidden and inhibit you from wild success
  3. Start seeing wild success in your business – by dropping your frocks
  4. Live the life you imagined- starting today

About:  Jo Dibblee, consistently recognized as a top performer, always seemed to make it look easy. She seemed to be able to spin cotton into gold. Recognized internationally on several occasions for helping entrepreneurs women exceed their goals and launch their business she seemed to have the perfect life!

That was until the weight of the many stories, relocations and many variations of names finally became too much to bare anymore.  Jo had been in hiding for 35 years – she was a key witness in a murder investigation. Out of necessity she wore frocks/disguises of protection, she lived in disguise and not even those closest to her knew the real story. Jo is described as a fighter for justice and the people she serves and is ever the optimist.

She has been featured on Canadian media nationwide.CTV, Canada AM, Global News, the Journal the Sun and numerous others.  Jo is an award winning bronze medalist, international bestselling author and, international speaker. She is driven to give women the tools they need to see wild success!  www.frock-off.com


Feb 26, 2015 – Pay Yourself What You Are Worth

nafissa shireenKeynote Speaker: Nafissa Shireen                  

Charge What You Are Worth:  Break Free of the Beliefs That Limit Your Potential

Are you putting a self imposed glass ceiling on your income? Is fear, guilt, imposter syndrome etc, driving your pricing strategy? If so you are not alone.

Discover how to give yourself permission to build a thriving business and start charging what you are worth, not what you think people will pay.

At this powerful talk you will learn

  • Learn Key Areas You May Be Giving Away Your Power With Money
  • Why Undercharging Is a Disservice to Your Clients
  • Price is Rarely The Deciding Factor
  • What your clients really care about

About:  Nafissa Shireen is an award winning Master Coach, International Speaker and Business Mentor She has a gift for empowering women to reach their highest potential..

With 25 years’ experience leading 6-figure to 9-figure companies, eventually taking on the role of VP of an international mining company, she stepped down from her corporate role and brought her expertise to entrepreneurs to help them focus on sustainable & scalable business growth, so they can create a highly profitable and luxurious business and life.

Passionate about helping women earn what they are worth and build their wealth, so that they can realize all of their dreams and desires. She brings together her vast business knowledge with the deep inner work needed to help entrepreneurs identify blocks, step out of fear and overwhelm, raise their wealth consciousness, and move forward towards their goals with measurable, tangible results.  www.nafissashireen.com

She is a featured Expert and regular contributing author for Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine, and is profiled in Canada’s 2014/2015 Distinctive Women Magazine


Jan 22, 2015 – Everything You Need to Know About Goal Setting in 2015!


Keynote Speaker: Inga Michaelson

Goal setting is one of the most powerful things you can do to chart the course of your future and increase your success. However, most people don’t set goals or don’t effectively work with goals.      

The reasons for avoidance are numerous:  Fear of failure with setting a goal and not accomplishing it.

On the flip side is the fear of success. What will happen if you do succeed and get what you want?

Sometimes there is the fear of setting our goals too high or too low and what if we don’t know what we really want – and get it wrong?  For all of these reasons above and more, people avoid setting goals or don’t focus on them consistently enough to achieve them.

During this talk, Business Coach Inga Michaelsen will share with you the most common mistakes made when goal setting and how to avoid these potential pitfalls.

Inga will also speak to the importance of setting the “right” goals – the ones that are in alignment with your deepest values and most authentic desires. Once you are clear on these, working with goals will bring more focus, fun, inspiration, momentum and success to your business and life!

About Inga Michaelsen
Inga beliefs that we are all called forth to bring positive change into this world and that using entrepreneurial principles can be a great vehicle for doing just that.

Inga supports her clients to do the inner and outer work required to create a passion infused, purpose driven and profitable livelihood and offers high-end, high-impact one-on-one and group coaching programs.

Inga facilitates experiential leadership retreats and speaks on the topics of business development and personal growth. She is interested in the movement from the ME to the WE and is actively engaged in creating cultures in which we all show up as leaders and co-create a future that is anchored in possibility, creativity and love.  www.freebird-coaching.com

GOLD MEMBER MEETING SPONSOR:  Dr. Diana Galbraith, 1st Get Healthy 


Dec 11, 2014 – Christmas Party

christmas image


Strictly a social event, this is always a great event and not to be missed!  Entertainment, games, prizes, fantastic food and meeting other amazing women – what could be better?!


Your need to knows:

  • No literature sharing tables will be utilized
  • Bring a prize you’d like to donate to the raffle prizes
  • Purchase your raffle tickets at $10 each (at time of registration or at the door) to win prizes.  All money collected will benefit the Victoria Women’s Transition House.
  • Help make a woman in a shelter at Christmas feel special by contributing a decorated and filled Shoe Box for the www.shoeboxproject.com  Linda Ferguson is heading this up and will collecting filled shoe boxes. For ideas on what to put in your shoe box, please visit the website. Let’s help make Christmas special for Victoria women in transition houses.
  • Bring a shoe box and receive an extra raffle ticket!!


Nov 27, 2014 – Keynote: How to Bust Stress & Boost Your Confidence with Mini-Retreats

julia james 1


As busy, entrepreneurial-minded women we often find ourselves stretched too thin and overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Julia James believes that sustainable success is founded on positive daily practices that profoundly shift the way we perceive challenges and make decisions. She calls these daily practices “Mini-Retreats.”

In this fun, interactive keynote presentation you will learn how to:

  • relax, even when you don’t have a moment to spare
  • face challenges with calm and confidence
  • let go of nagging feelings of guilt we so often associate with self-care

Walk away empowered and inspired to enjoy daily Mini-Retreats that will have you soar in business and in life.

About Julia: Having transformed her career from that of a struggling scientist to that of a thriving life and career coach, Julia James is passionate about helping people connect with their true calling. After ten years of coaching people through career transitions, she is even more enthusiastic about her path as a life and career coach. Julia knows from personal experience and from witnessing her clients’ transformations, that when you are happy at work, your happiness fills all aspects of your life. Julia James is a certified life coach (CPCC, PCC) and award-winning author of the book, The Mini-Retreat Solution. Her calm, centred positive energy infuses everything she does. Visit Julia’s website at www.juliajames.ca to learn more.

GOLD MEMBER MEETING SPONSOR:  Vanessa Backlund, Lyoness Cash Back Program. 


Oct 23, 2014 – Keynote: Why Saying Thank You Doesn’t Always Work 

Denise Lloyd Engaged HR headshotHave you ever wondered why the people around you say they don’t feel appreciated but you feel like you are always saying thank you and trying to recognize them for their efforts?  Join Denise Lloyd, Engaged HR Inc.

Based on The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White, this short, entertaining and perspective-building presentation is all about understanding the different appreciation languages and how speaking the right language can have a huge impact on your relationships.  Learn the difference between recognition and appreciation and have your co-workers, employees, clients and volunteers feel like they are worth a million dollars to you!

Denise Lloyd is the Founder and Chief Engagement Office (CEO) of Engaged HR Inc. and has been in the Human Resources field for over 20 years.  Denise is known for bringing new ideas and innovation to the way people work together and for creating forward thinking workplaces. She is a sought-after consultant, speaker, and facilitator on a variety of HR topics and creates workplaces where everyone has opportunity to gain meaning from their work, and where business owners are proud of the kind of employers they are.  www.engagedHR.com


Sept 25, 2014  Challenge The Hard Way Mentors

At the August meeting, our attendees presented some business challenges for brainstorming. We have brought 4 juicy challenges to the September meeting and they will be explored by the Business Experts and Mentors from The Hard Way TV show. You will learn so much with hearing about how others problems are solved.

Meet our Panelists:

 sybil verchSybil Verch, Finance Mentor | Branch Manager, Senior VP Private Client Group & Portfolio Manager at Raymond James Ltd.

About Sybil: Sybil has a passion for empowering women to take control of their finances and to help other people succeed. Read More


dawn mccooey

Dawn McCooey, Training & Development Mentor | Manager, Skills Development Manager at Women’s Enterprise Centre

About Dawn: Dawn is a certified management consultant and worked in adult training & development for 20+ years. Read more


lindalee brougham

Lindalee Brougham, Accounting Mentor | LL Brougham Inc Chartered Accountant

About Lindalee: Lindalee is an accountant, a financial planner, a business advisor, a change agent and a team leader. Read more


Tracy McAllister

Tracy McAllister, Marketing Mentor | Owner & Director of Marketing at McAllister Marketing

About TracyTracy’s clients benefit from her expertise with understanding their consumer markets and direction on how to increase their sales. Read more


 Here’s a trailer to watch for the TV show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdliAdjr7Ds


Thank you to our Gold Members who in addition to sponsoring the meeting will have 5 minutes of shameless promotion.

Lisa Tinney: Royal Bank, Senior Account Manager, Business & Personal Banking
Easy Job Quote, Business Development Manager


August 28, 2014 – Got a Challenge?  Bring It!   

Given the easy breezy summer spirit, we’re going to keep things lighter for this month’s networking event. In place of the keynote speaker, we’ll have a “Bring Your Business Challenge” brainstorming event.  We did this a few years ago and it was widely received and you’ve asked for it again!

We will forgo the networking time at the beginning of the event from 11:30 – 11:50 – so if you’d like to network come early and network from 11-11:30. We’ll grab our lunch soon after 11:30, take our seats, eat and then dig right in! 

In this format of “Bring Your Business Challenge”, each person at the table will have two minutes to clearly state their challenge or something they need feedback on. Then the table members will weigh in and provide their insight.

This is a great opportunity to gain some fresh insight from a different perspective. Not everyone will have feedback on everyone’s challenge and that’s okay. But you may gain some nuggets that you can really use. It will also provide you with some connections that you may want to follow up on and explore the challenge further with some of the participants.

Keep your challenge succinct and clear (not as vague as “I want more customers”).  Don’t be offended if some people’s challenges get more feedback than yours does – that’s just the way it may roll.

So what’s the hot thing for you right now? What’s the thing that you could really use some feedback on? What’s got you stuck right now?  Bring it and just maybe you’ll gain some insight to break through and help you move forward.

Shelley Rogers from Staples Advantage will also be joining us to speak about the Staples Advantage program with WWBN and how it can save you hundreds & thousands of dollars on your office supplies.


July 24, 3014  Keynote Speakers: JUHLi SELBy, JUHLi SELBy Social Media and Sean Charles, Social Media Sean

Get Smart(er) with your Smart Phone

Join Social Media Sean and JUHLi SELBy as they get you up to speed on productivity & efficiency tools for social media using apps on your smartphone (iPhone and android). Make the best use of those 10 minutes you have between appointments during the day, so you don’t have ‘one more thing’ to do at night on social media – they will show you the best apps to use and how to fit social media into your business day! Topics covered will be:

  • Gathering content – content curation is key, but how do you do that during your already crammed day? JUHLi and Sean will show you how.
  • Scheduling content – time management can be challenging and adding social media into the mix can put some people over the edge, but JUHLi and Sean will show you the best apps to use to save your sanity.
  • Photo creation and enhancing – creating great photos on the go.  Attending a conference or seminar and want to share some content with your audience? They’ll show you how to share those awesome photos.

Sean CharlesSocial Media Sean manages dozens of community social media sites all from his smartphone. With over 20 years experience in business and social media, his boyish charm and good looks are no match for his social media savvy. He assists fledgling and established businesses to understand social media, and utilize it to its maximal potential. www.socialmediasean.com


juhli selbyJUHLi SELBy, JUHLi SELBy Social Media, is an award winning instructor and resource for professionals and small business owners who are new to social media. She helps streamline the social media marketing information they need, to connect with their audience effectively and build relationships, to meet their  business goals. JUHLi’s infectious personality, incredible social media knowledge, 13 years as a sales and marketing professional and her business degree from UVIC all add up to a whopping toolkit of social media super ninja savvy. www.juhliselby.com


June 26, 2014  Keynote Speaker:  Deb Alcadinho, Your Brand Power

5 Things You Need in Your Personal Branding Toolkit and the 5 Biggest Mistakes of Personal Branding AND You’ll leave with a framework for creating your own Personal Brand!  Are YOU Branded?  

deb alcadinhoIf you want people to flock to your business and share your message – you need a personal brand that’s meaningful.  If you want to charge a premium for your time, knowledge and expertise – you need a personal brand that’s relevant.  If you want to become the #1 authority in your field – you need a personal brand that’s memorable.

Personal Branding and Personal Marketing are two critical components that every business owner, professional and student … okay everyone… need to have nailed down. Your branding toolkit is essential to your personal brand.

What is a Personal Brand?

  • It’s the consistent impression you make day after day
  • It’s taking the best parts of yourself and moving them forward into the spotlight.
  • It’s in every email you write, every conversation you have and it appears the moment you turn on the camera.
  • It’s about working out who you are and what makes you different in a way that resonates with people.
  • Making the best first impression when you walk into a room AND what people say about you when you leave.
  • Going beyond content and leveraging your personality and background to engage your audience

Are you ready to create a Personal Brand that rocks?  Join Deb Alcadinho, owner of Your Brand Power and founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network to learn the 5 Things You Need in Your Personal Branding Toolkit and the 5 Biggest Mistakes of Personal Branding AND You’ll leave with a framework for creating your own Personal Brand!   www.yourbrandpower.com

About Deb:  After more than a decade in the media industry, Deb established herself as an award winning branding specialist in establishing and promoting the brands of her clients and helping them to stand out in unique ways to increase their brand recognition and revenues.  Deb naturally sought out opportunities to connect her business clients to one another. She identified a common need: her female clients were seeking ways to make connections, learn new skills, be inspired, grow their businesses and succeed together as a community. Working with such a large group of female entrepreneurs and business owners enabled her to see that many women were not familiar with, or even uncomfortable with, marketing themselves, putting themselves out there and networking in general.

Deb is the founder of Westshore Women’s Business Network  and Your Brand Power. Three years after launchinga large scale women’s networking organization, Deb found herself eager to be of more service to women who are ready to thrive in their careers or businesses and ready to manifest a personal brand that exudes their confidence, professionalism and expertise. Your Brand Power focuses on two areas of Personal Marketing – Personal Branding and Networking Skills.  We provide training to business owners and professional women who want to gain a competitive edge in their industry, organization or company; who want to target the right audience and who want to build a long term business based on customer loyalty. www.yourbrandpower.com


May 22, 2014:  Keynote Speaker: Stacey Mitchell, Directis Consulting

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Step Out of their Own Way, and Step Onto the Path to True Success, with Stacey Mitchell

stacey mitchell2_low resBeing an entrepreneur isn’t just about the business you own.  It’s also about the energy, focus and drive you bring into your business every day.  Experience has shown us that many times entrepreneurs aren’t achieving the success they desire because they are unconsciously standing in their own way.

This month’s presentation offers a variety of nuggets to take away for both the established and aspiring entrepreneur. With some life lessons thrown in that apply to everyone, you will be introduced to the top 5 ways that entrepreneurs self-sabotage, and tools to identify if you have adopted these habits.  Your awareness will be sparked as Stacey provides practical prompts for exploring your old habits and offers challenges for ways to get out of your own way.

About Stacey:  Stacey’s passion is in helping entrepreneurs become more strategic in the way they do their work. As an entrepreneur herself, she knows how interwoven an entrepreneur’s personal life and work life can be, and looks at all areas when working with her clients.  She helps her clients understand the unique talents that they bring to the table, and explores with them how they are holding themselves back from success, and what actions they need to take in order to really achieve their dreams.  Stacey is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, a business maven, a blogger, graphic facilitator, photographer, business owner, and a mom.  She brings a rich mixture of experiences to the table, which guide the work that she now does with her clients.

Stacey Mitchell, Directis Consulting Group Ltd., Coach | Facilitator | Consultant  www.directis.ca  |  www.staceylmitchell.com


April 24, 2014  Keynote Speaker: Wynter Langston, Wynter’s Wellness

‘Energy for Health and Wealth…How Energy can Help You to Create Your Own Success Story in Business and in Life’

wynter langstonWynter believes learning does not have to be serious work, so her seminars and talks are often fun and interactive.  This month’s keynote speaker will be informative, fun and sometimes ‘silly’.

You will learn the importance of being aware of energy for the success of your business and how nurturing your personal energy will impact your health and business. You will feel energized as you discover new empowering habits to replace ineffective habits in your life.  You will gain awareness, clarity, and focus and a new positive healthy outlook for your future.

A bit about Wynter:  Wynter’s main focus in life is to empower, inspire and uplift individuals.  She knows that energy has a huge impact on our lives, including our business life.  She helps clients get back in balance, be their best, do their best and have what they life!  Departing from a career in Social Work, she pursued further education and is now highly skilled and educated in many holistic modalities, a certified speaker, trainer, educator, entrepreneur and business owner  She created and facilitated her own seminars and coaching programs “Wise women, Wise Choices’, ‘Life by Design’ and an employee program called “How to Turn Stress into Success”.

Wynter Langston, Wynter’s Wellness.  Wellness Consultant | Professional Speaker | Empowerment Coach  www.WynterLangston.com


March 27, 2014  Keynote Speaker: Chelsea Potter, Moon Under Water Brewery & Pub

This month’s topic: Thinking Outside the Box – diversification in your products, branding and marketing! 

Chelsea - Moon Under WaterHow does a successful international model transition from her career to co-owner of a Victoria craft brewery and become one of a few women emerging in the brewing industry?

Chelsea, together with Clay Potter, Brewmaster and husband, travelled Europe studying craft beer. In 2012 they seized an opportunity to purchase a local failing brewery and haven’t looked back. They’ve since turned the brew pub into a thriving business, producing Westcoast influenced German style craft beers.

This pair is not one to sit idle! While creating interesting craft beer for the local market, they started looking at alternate markets to grow their business. They’ve taken the canine world by storm, producing a healthy beer for canines (oh and cats love it too!). The Beef and Barley Dunkel and the Chicken and Peanut Pilsner  – both non-alcoholic drinks are low carb, alcohol and hop free beverages  with added healthy ingredients (salmon oil and glucosamine).  The beverages aren’t Moon Under Water’s first foray into animal treats. The brewpub already made dog biscuits from leftover grains, but was looking to appeal to a larger part of the animal market.

Through grit, tenacity, innovation and thinking outside the box, they have emerged into an alternate market.  Smart!  Talk about diversification. Every entrepreneur needs to think outside their box and be innovative.

You don’t want to miss this meeting as Chelsea shares her personal story, business story and their drive for innovation.  … and we might be partaking in beer sample too! (the people kind). Maybe this will get your creative juices flowing on how you can diversify. www.moonunderwater.ca    Facebook


January 23, 2013  Keynote Speaker: Colleen Hoggarth, Security House Accounting.  

“How Organized is Your Shoebox?”  Get ready for the 2014 tax season with ease!

colleen hoggarth


Accounting might not be sexy, but it’s essential to your business running smoothly. Colleen will give you the tools you need to ensure you have what you need to get the most deductions, have the best accounting practices in place and alleviate the stress of tax season. She will cover:

  • how to stay compliant with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding receipts and records
  • organizing your receipts
  • software systems available to assist with tracking income and expenses
  • mileage log – what is required for deductible vehicle expenses
  • meals – what is deductible
  • other allowable expenses for small business owners

As a small business owner, we know first-hand the importance of a business having timely and accurate information to enable you to meet your financial obligations and monitor performance. At Security House Accounting Services we take pride in delivering a range of services such as bookkeepingaccounting, and tax preparation to help small and medium-sized businesses work smarter and to help individuals release themselves from the burden of annual tax reporting. We free up your time and give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on what you do best. Colleen has over 25 years in accounting and management roles and in 2012 purchased Security House Accounting when they transitioned from Ontario to BC. www.securityhouseaccounting.com  Colleen has excellent blog content on her site as well, with relevant articles and information.  http://securityhouseaccounting.com/blog/

Gold Member Event Sponsors: Lucie Zettel, doTERRA Essential Oils, www.mydoterra.com/lucie |  Deb Alcadinho, Westshore Women’s Business Network


December 12, 2013 Christmas Celebration


We have a fun filled Christmas Party for you and we’d love you to join us!

What with the festive drink, spectacular food, entertainment and of course the wonderful women you’ve come to know, you won’t want to miss this event.

Lunch: cost is $20 members | $30 non-members & guests. Menu is spectacular! and includes a festive drink compliments of Dana LeComte, Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

Raffle:  Purchase a ticket for $10 with all proceeds going to Charity. Will you donate a gift? Please email to let us know.  deb@wwbnvictoria.com  or you can donate a gift for our other draws throughout the event!

Shoe Box Project: Linda Ferguson (Linda Ferguson Designs) is organizing the Shoe Box Project in Victoria. Decorate and fill a shoe box (we all have one!) with items a woman in need would not otherwise spend on herself. Maybe do one with a girlfriend, sister, your family or a co-worker. up to a $50 value.  Boxes will be delivered to shelters just before Christmas.  For more info and what to include please click here for an info sheet.  Provide a shoe box and get a free raffle ticket!

Vocal talents by: Melissima

Games organized by Celeste Jacobson, Vibes Fitness Westshore..


November 28th, 2013  Keynote Speaker: Suzanne Heron, Blue Heron Art Enterprises

“How to hitch your business to a bigger wagon”

suzanne heron_1Small businesses need very high margins to offset lower volumes, so they need to offer BIG VALUE to their customers. Where does it come from? How to hitch your business to a much bigger wagon will show you how to find the big idea that will elevate what you offer to a higher level of value and price. Suzanne will show you:

  • How to find your big idea
  • Being the future
  • Sharing a major belief with your customers
Suzanne has spent 35 years bringing people and groups together to turn their hopes and dreams for a better community into strategic goals and concrete results. How?   By: – teasing out the perspectives and priorities, needs and visions of the sometimes diverse participants – integrating the energies of all to move forward with focus and commitment – demonstrating program success, and in highlighting that success to the public and to funders, increasing funding for innovative services

Meeting sponsored by:  Daria Bunting, I Dare-ya Designs


October 24, 2013  Keynote Speaker:  Anna Harvey, BOOST Communications

“Speed Reading Others for Business Success – How to make the first 150 milliseconds count!”

Anna HarveyIt takes 150 milliseconds for humans to categorize others.  Within 30 minutes others have made lasting judgments about your character.

How accurately are others speed reading you? How accurately are you speed reading others?  When it’s important to make a good first impression – initiate a sale, do a job interview, interact with a customer – you’ll have an excellent head start IF you can get a quick and accurate read of his/her personality type.  This ability is equally important if you want to continue to grow a good relationship.  Our keynote speaker on October 24 is Anna Harvey of BOOST.  She’ll give you the clues to watch for in body language, linguistic style – even work space! You’ll also learn specific tips on how to initiate positive rapport.

Anna is an experienced speaker and facilitator who inspires people to journey into the heart of their uniqueness in order to create a fulfilling, deeply satisfying life.  In her entertaining presentations, her enthusiasm, humour and genuine desire to share insights and inspiration shines through. Anna works with clients privately or in workshops using two powerful self-awareness tools – The Passion Test and Lumina Spark.  Her C.L.E.A.R. Program helps people discover their passion and potential.  She volunteers as the President of Soroptimists International Victoria Westshore, a mentor with Community Micro Lending, and an in-school facilitator with Junior Achievement.


August 22, 2013  Keynote Speaker: Sarah Daviau, Piece of Cake Communications

“Do you have an Elevator Speech for your business?”

sarah - piece of cakeAn Elevator Speech makes you look and feel more confident and professional.  It leaves a lasting impression of you and the business you represent.  Find out the number one thing people want to know about your business – and the number one mistake most people make when crafting an Elevator Speech.  Learn what to put in, what to leave out, and how to say it in a memorable way.

Sarah grew up in the family business where she learned many valuable lessons.  Now the proud owner of her own business, Piece of Cake Communications, Sarah is devoted to showing others how to communicate with ease.  Her motto is:  Be confident.  Communicate effectively.
Sarah believes that when people are given a bit of knowledge and a lot of encouragement, all of their business and personal goals can come true.  http://www.pieceofcakecommunications.net/


July 25, 2013   Keynote Speaker: Linda Ferguson, Linda Ferguson Designs

“Anyone can be well dressed with a little organization and a few simple strategies.”

Linda will teach us how to Dress For Success and provide 10 tips on how to look Linda FergusonTaller, Slimmer and more Poised!  How to recognize the different Body Types.  Which body type are you?

Designing beautiful clothing for women is a deep passion that runs like a river through her veins.  Linda believes that all women are beautiful, regardless of their age or dress size.  Women just need to understand that ‘Looking Good’ is all about Line, Proportion and Balance.  Once you know what your Body Type is – then you will only INVEST in clothing pieces that enhance your appearance.

Linda Ferguson has been designing clothing for women for more than three decades.  After graduating from the ‘Fashion Design & Knit program’ at Sheridan College, she then worked in the garment industry on Spadina Avenue in Toronto.

Linda Ferguson Designs  |  Designer Clothing with ATTITUDE!  www.lindafergusondesigns.com 


June 27, 2013  Keynote Speaker: Kristy Martin, Farley Martin Notary Public

kristy martinWhat would you do if you couldn’t run your business anymore? How would your business pay its bills or close accounts if needed?”

  • You’ll learn when to consider a Corporate Power of Attorney or a Personal Power of Attorney, what they are and how to get them done.
  • Wills – what clauses you should have in them to ensure your executor can deal with your business on your behalf
  • Tips and tricks to get organized and ensure your family and business partners aren’t scrambling if they need to take over.
After completing her Psychology Degree at the University of Victoria Kristy Martin went on to complete her Masters of Applied Legal Studies at Simon Fraser University as part of her application to be accepted by the Notaries Society as a Notary in British Columbia. She joined her Father’s long time Victoria practice in 2011 and is excited to announce the opening of their New Westshore office in June of 2013 on Jacklin Road.  
Her area of focus is Wills and Estates practice and believes that great estate planning is about knowing how the law applies, what your options are and what impact your Will may have on your family.  www.farleymartinnotary.com  

Spotlight Speaker:  Deb Alcadinho.  Get over yourself!  Get out there and network. 5 Tips to help you succeed.


May 23, 2013  Keynote Speaker: Jill Doucette, Owner of Synergy Enterprises in Victoria

“Sustainability & Your Business: How to turn this new imperative into a successful business strategy”

jill doucetteWhat does sustainability mean to my brand?  What is sustainability and what does it mean to my business? How can my small business make a big difference?

We have seen companies grow and prosper through a successful sustainability program. It isn’t just a tack -on, it’s a new norm and those who get on the bandwagon now are realizing the benefits”.

Jill Doucette is the owner and founder of Synergy, a progressive environmental firm working to catalyze the green economy in BC. The company, founded in 2008, has worked with dozens of local companies to help achieve sustainability solutions that positively impact the bottom line and the brand. “It is absolutely key to ingrain sustainability into the company in order to maximize the benefits to both the business and the environment.
Jill works within the community to help bridge the economy and the environment as a member of the CRD Roundtable for the environment, new Co-chair of the VIATeC sustainability roundtable, Director of the Synergy Sustainability Institute, and Board member of the Lifecycles Project Society. A passion for start-ups and business planning,
Jill has received the National Nicol Entrepreneurship Award and the VanCity leadership award for her endeavors in business that bridge the link between sustainability and commerce. www.synergyenterprises.ca/

Spotlight Speaker: Annette Quan, Manulife Securities  “Matching your money to your values” Specializing in Ethical/Sustainable Investments and Values-based Financial Planning www.stephenwhipp.com/

Charity Spotlight: Andrea Carey, Victoria Goddess Run.  The 2nd Annual Goddess Run on June 3rd, supports 3 women’s charities and this month, we will hear from Andrea about the Goddess Run and the third of the three charities: Tracy Lubick, Victoria Women’s Transition House. www.victoriagoddess.com


April 25, 2013  Keynote Speaker: Andrea Ting-Letts, SCRIBE Professional Writing

“Crafting a Killer News Release”

andrea ting-lettsAs small business owners, we have tough choices to make when it comes to spending our hard-earned income. Deciding where to spend our advertising and marketing dollars is perhaps the hardest – not to mention the most expensive – decision of all.

But what if you could access FREE ADVERTISING? Advertising that tells your customers what you are all about, what you stand for, and how you are contributing to your community?  Quite simply, media exposure is possibly one of the most effective forms of endorsement for your business. An article about your business in the paper or magazine, or a TV or radio spot is the best WORD-of-MOUTH advertising you will ever get.  And the only way to secure media exposure is by submitting: a KILLER NEWS RELEASE.

But do you know how to craft a news release that INSPIRES, INTRIGUES, or ENTICES?  Andrea Ting-Letts, owner of SCRIBE Professional Writing, will lead you through a simple 11-step process to craft a killer news release that will get the buzz going for your organization or business.

Andrea Ting-Letts is a professional writer whose passion is to uncover the authentic voice of each business or organization she works with, and to transform dry technical writing into engaging storytelling. Learn more about her business at www.scribeprofessionalwriting.ca

Spotlight Speaker: Anna Harvey and Anney Ardiel  The Soroptomist International, Westshore Chapter, has started “Anney’s Closet”. The project collects household goods from seniors who are downsizing and gives the goods to young at-risk teens and young moms. Many are aging out of the care system yet still trying to set up their new apartments for themselves, often with their new babies. The girls come to Anney’s Closet to ‘shop’ for free household goods, and we hope a rocking chair to help with mother/child bonding.

Charity Spotlight: Andrea Carey, Victoria Goddess Run.  The 2nd Annual Goddess Run on June 3rd, supports 3 women’s charities and this month, we will hear from Andrea about the Goddess Run and the second of the three charities: Joan Wharf Higgins, ProMotion Plus.
The remaining charity, Victoria Women’s Transition House will be speaking to us next month. www.victoriagoddess.com


March 28, 2013 Keynote Speaker JUHLi Selby, JUHLi SELBy Social Media

JUHLi_SELBy_Social_Media_Training_and_Consulting_in_Victoria_BC5 Steps To Creating a Great Social Media Plan for Your Small Business

Did you know 76% of small businesses don’t have a social media plan? 

Do you have a social media plan for your small business? Have you already spent time “doing social media” but haven’t seen any results? Are you wondering if you’re wasting your time? If you don’t have a plan for your social media marketing yet – this session is for you!  We will cover:

  • The importance of being clear on your marketing message & your ideal target market BEFORE you start building your community online
  • How to assess your current online presence & how you compare with your competition
  • How to know which social networks are a fit for your ideal audience
  • How to create a plan of action which will include: Goals, how you will measure success, which social platforms you will use, tactics for each platform AND a plan for content creation, curation & sharing
  • Time management: How to set yourself up for success – some effort now will save you much time later!

JUHLi SELBy Social Media  Social Media Consulting/Coaching in Victoria BC  www.juhliselby.com | www.facebook.com/JUHLiSELBySocialMedia

SPOTLIGHT SPEAKER: Andrea Carey, Victoria Goddess Run.  The 2nd Annual Goddess Run on June 3rd, supports 3 women’s charities and this month, we will hear from Andrea about the Goddess Run and one of the three charities: Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre – Lenore Kennedy, Resource Development Manager. The two remaining charities, Victoria Women’s Transition House and ProMotion Plus will be speaking to us over the next few months. www.victoriagoddess.com | www.vwsac.com

Event Sponsor: Loreli Urquhart, Alter Ego Fitness


February 28, 2013  Keynote Speaker: Anna Harvey, Boost Communications

“4 Steps to Creating Your Competitive Edge”

Anna Harvey

Looking for ways to find ‘the edge’ in your business that will make you stand out in the crowd?  It’s much closer than you may think!  

Keynote speaker Anna Harvey of BOOST shares a 4-part process to help you create your ‘edge.’

Anna is a speaker and a facilitator who inspires people to journey into the heart of their uniqueness in order to create a fulfilling, deeply satisfying life. In her entertaining presentations, her enthusiasm, humour and genuine desire to share insights and inspiration shines through. You’re sure to get a boost!
Anna works with clients privately or in workshops using two powerful self-awareness tools – The Passion Test and Lumina Spark – to explore and discover the potential within. She volunteers as the President of Soroptimists International Victoria Westshore, a mentor with Community Micro Lending, and a facilitator with Junior Achievement.


January 24, 2013  Patricia Wade, Patricia Wade Design

Graphic Design and Branding, Do’s and Don’ts. What Every Business Owner Needs to Know! 

patricia wadeBranding is one of the most important aspects you can do for your business. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It’s important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all, your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It’s a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without.

Patricia Wade is the owner of Patricia Wade Design Inc. offering complete graphic design services. Patricia has been a graphic designer since 1984 and has owned her own business since 2002. Patricia studied art and graphic design at the Ontario College of Art and Design.
Patricia Wade has a diverse clientele, from corporations to government and scores of small and medium-sized businesses. She is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and is one of the founding members of the BNI Bear Mountain Chapter and is now a BNI Director.
She also believes in giving great customer service and in 2012 won the Westshore Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in the Individual/Home-based business category. In addition, being a finalist for the 2012 Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award.  www.patriciawadedesign.com

Spotlight Speaker & Event Sponsor: Gaylia Lassner Owner of 4Cats Art Studio, Langford  www.4cats.com


December 13, 2012  You’re invited to the networking event of the holidays.

christmas-tree-decoreated-in-hotelWe will come together to appreciate the lovely women we have come to know this year, and connect with new ladies!  In place of our typical meeting, we will be enjoying a festive event filled with entertainment, prizes, great food, fun and networking!

Entertainment:  Enjoy the beautiful singing voices of April Reidie of Lovenotes and the vocal trio of Mellissima with Lisa Tinney, Melaney Black and Melanie Wittur.

Event sponsored by: RBC Royal Bank – Christine Campbell & Lisa Tinney.

  •  Gwen Nowlan, Sweet Art Supplies is helping 2 families for Christmas again this year, as she has done for the past 8 years. We’d like to support the food banks and these two familiesDonations of non-perishable food, money, gift cards for food or gas, gift certificates for malls. The two families we are helping are a single mom with two boys (8 & 10) & the other is a single disabled father with three kids but only one lives with him who is 17 and in grade 12.
  • If you wish to bestow a gift on another as a prize, please bring it with you for our fun draws.
  • Don’t forget your business cards and any promotional literature you may want to share for the sharing tables.
  • Click on the link below to register. Payment at the door with cash or cheque. Cost is $20.


November 22, 2012  Keynote Speaker: Lisa Edwards, Ideography

lisa edwards


Presentations can be powerful tools of persuasion when well crafted and supported by meaningful images. Though many people fear and avoid them, presentations can be an effective way to position yourself as an expert in your field and, in turn, expand your business. You will leave this presentation with:

  •     More confidence to use presentations to build your business
  •     Ideas for designing your next presentation with visuals to captivate your audience
  •     Tips for using Prezi, Powerpoint, and other visual tools to make your presentation memorable
Lisa Edwards is a visual consultant who works with organizations and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, using visuals. She works with entrepreneurs to create custom visual business plans and visual tools for marketing their businesses.

Spotlight Speaker & Event Sponsor: Frederique Philip, co-owner & Innkeeper at the award winning and prestigious Sooke Harbour House in Sooke.



October 25, 2012  Keynote Speaker:  Karen Knight, Toastmasters International

toastmastersDoes the thought of giving a presentation to your peers or a client make you weak in your knees? Can you present your message clearly to a group?

Karen Knight’s presentation is essential for any business woman who needs the confidence to speak clearly & concisely to her peers, colleagues, clients whether in an informal meeting or formal presentation. You will come away with solid information and tips on:

  • How strong communication skills can help in business and life
  • Communication – what it is and what it isn’t
  • Quick tips to handle nerves
  • Suggestions to ensure that your message is clear and focused
  • Places to find more information and/or training

For Karen’s handout, click here

Karen went from being too shy to say her name to giving dramatic, entertaining speeches to large audiences. She has facilitated workshops on public speaking, creativity, speech writing and goal setting, as well as conducting officer training for local Toastmaster clubs. Drawing on a wide range of knowledge and experience, Karen is able to make even complicated, abstract concepts easy to understand, as well as having a superb ability to pass that knowledge on to others.
Karen Knight, Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor Marketing for Toastmasters International in BC, has been an enthusiastic member of Toastmasters since 1996. She has served successfully in several executive roles, from club President to, most recently, Lt. Gov. Marketing. She is currently a member of two clubs, including an advanced club.

Spotlight Speaker: Dr. Marianne Trevorrow, Naturopathic Physician, spoke about  ‘taking care of the girls’. In this special presentation, in this month of Cancer Awareness and the personal fight with breast cancer of one of our WWBN members, Marianne provided sound information. She spoke of things we can do to help ourselves and thermography imaging available to detect breast cancer that might not be clear on traditional imaging.



September 25, 2012  Guest Speaker:  3 Dynamic Women from RBC

Financial Advice for Women in Business – Borrowing, Banking & Retirement – for the Entrepreneur

As a woman in business, solopreneur, entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to know how the financial institutions look at your financial picture. Let the experts from RBC Royal Bank®give you some insightful tips and advice.

Lisa Tinney, Gold Member Sponsor, Westshore Women's Business NetworkBusiness Banking from the Business Banking expert – Lisa Tinney

  • So how does a bank look at a business?
  • What financing option is best for me – Term Financing vs. Operating line
  • A quick overview on Payroll Structures

christine-campbellTop 3 tips from a Mortgage Specialist – Christine Campbell

  • Things to consider when ‘shopping’ for a mortgage
  • Mortgage advise for buying or refinancing your home
  • What to expect if you are self employed; what documents will be required by the lender.

diana-frizellRetirement – from a business perspective – Diana Frizell

  • Are you building a business that will support your retirement or are you relying on other resources?
  • Have you set aside funds in retirement vehicles? What are your options?
  • What are the succession plans for your business?
  • How much do you need in retirement? When and what does retirement look like for you?
Christine Campbell, Lisa Tinney and Diana Frizell have a combined 80 years of industry expertise. Their passion is working with women business owners, providing them with the solid advice they need to be successful with their financial picture and personal finances.

Spotlight Speaker:  Caroline Herbert and business partner Robin Holden combined their years of fundraising talents to form EventsCan.. Their mission: to create a unique fundraising event to bring together corporate sponsors and the public in support of a specific charitable cause. Theyhave managed corporate functions for 10 people to the NHL Awards Gala for 1500. Producing events behind the scenes, while the client (you!) receive the rewards and recognition. EventsCan… will showcase two of their upcoming events: Inspiring Sales Success Saturday Oct.20 at the Victoria Marriott.  Redirect Rethink Refocus a one day seminar on how you can achieve increased sales in the current economy. With Start Ellis-Myers and Clemens Rettich.  For more information contact Caroline @ caroline@eventscan.ca 250-383-4380

Friday October 19th at the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour. The Evening to Inspire” 2012 is a Celebration of Inspiration, in it’s 4th year, will support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. It is a gala event aimed at motivating you to pursue your dreams. This year’s motto is “change your thoughts, change your life”. The keynote speaker will be Stuart Ellis-Myers, aka Twitchy, an internationally known and respected speaker on communication leadership. When he speaks of improving lives, he speaks from personal experi­ence—since the age of nine, Stuart has “suffered” from Tourette’s Syndrome. Stuart overcame his hard­ship by studying the universal laws of the mind; he learned how to test and immediately apply usable life principles to his own growth and also how to share them with others for their benefit. He is one of North America’s most uniquely inspirational and in-demand motivational speakers. Music will be provided by Skyla J & The Vibes and Stephanie Greaves. This is going to be an exciting event that you will not want to miss!



August 23, 2012  Keynote Speaker: Susan Low, CEO & Founder, Directis Consulting Group

“5 Ways to Be Strategic Every Day”



Success in life is 5% inspiration and 95% hard work and perseverance. Even with the best planning in the world, you will only achieve business and personal success if you develop and practice the habits to be strategic every day. Learn about five ways you can easily incorporate strategic planning into your daily life so that your goals become reality.

Susan Low is the CEO and founder of Directis Consulting Group. She is co-author of StratPad Non-Profit, an iPad app for strategic planning that will be in the App Store later this fall. Going into her tenth year of business in September, Susan has successfully translated strategic planning concepts from the Fortune 500 boardroom into the lunchrooms and back storerooms of small businesses, where the action really happens. www.directis.ca

Spotlight Speaker & Event SponsorKaren C. Mason, Karen Mason CFP, CLU, CHS, Mason Financial.is a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Life Underwriter and a Certified Health Insurance Specialist. She has been involved in Financial Services since 1983. Her background includes management roles such as trainer of financial advisors and development manager.

She has worked extensively in the fields of tax and estate planning, retirement planning, business succession planning, farm transfer planning, charitable giving, life, disability, critical illness and long term care insurance. Karen will be discussing the Chamber of Commerce extended healthcare and dental benefits which are affordable and comprehensive and are designed specifically for the small business owner. www.masonfinancial.net



July 26, 2012  Keynote Speaker:  JUHLi SELBy, JUHLi SELBy Social Media

JUHLi_SELBy_Social_Media_Training_and_Consulting_in_Victoria_BC“The Top 10 Mistakes Small Businesses Make That Waste Time & Money on Social Media ~and how to avoid them~”

  • Defining your business goals and knowing how to incorporate them into your social strategy
  • The importance of having your own piece of online real estate (your website) set up to help meet your business goals – BEFORE you start doing any social media networking
  • Why it’s important to have clear calls to action, a way to capture visitor information and the opportunity for 2-way interaction on your site
  • Why you should be doing email marketing (unless your target market is age 25 & under)
  • Why you should consider blogging (if you’re not already doing it), and why it’s important to set up a private content plan to help give you direction & keep you on track
  • How to know which social channels could be a fit for your business
  • What is social media ROI and how to measure it?  … and so much more!
JUHLi has spent the past 11+ years helping professionals and small business owners use marketing tools to connect with and expand their audiences. She specializes in training clients on how to effectively use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Video (YouTube/Vimeo), & Blogging for Business (WordPress) to build relationships with existing & potential clients. She helps clients to create social media strategy to meet their goals, integrate with traditional marketing, and then measure results. She also has a passion for creating video projects to help her clients tell their story more effectively online. She loves spreading the love and joy of inbound marketing and social media one friend at a time!

Spotlight Speaker:  Cindy Moyer – Do you ? the ARTS?  The City of Colwood does, and is championing the development of a community arts centre for Royal Bay.  Cindy Moyer, community relations consultant working with the City, will talk about the community’s vision to build a performing arts and cultural centre where Emily Carr painted one of her most famous works, “Above the Gravel Pit”.  You can learn more at www.emilycarrwestshore.ca

Event Sponsor: Forbes Pharmacy Group & Casino Royale Rentals



June 28, 2012 Keynote Speaker: Lowell Ann Fuglsang, Workstyle-Lifestyle Consulting

lowell ann fuglsangMore On Doing Business in the Feminine Way. You will come away with the confidence and knowledge that the feminine way really does work:

  • You’ll hear about Daniel Pink’s New Conceptual Age;
  • You’ll discover that the feminine/right brain skills are a leading edge asset to business development;
  • You’ll discover a feminine model for receiving the support and encouragement that is often missing in the business world.
  • You’ll hear about applying the feminine way to the social media world
We will not have a Spotlight Speaker this month to faciliate more NETWORKING time!
Event Sponsor:  Denice Bigelow, The Bullion Exchange.


May 24, 2012  Guest Speaker:  Mandy Farmer, President & CEO of Accent Inns

Mandy has joined an elite group of Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs, as recognized by mandy-farmer-head-shotPROFIT magazine’s annual W100 list. In a few short years, under Mandy’s leadership, Accent has expanded its markets, greened more of its business process and retained staff far beyond industry standards. Accent had a profitable year while holding true to the company vision of investing back into the community, in light of a poor global economy

Recognition is based on ranking Canada’s top women entrepreneurs on a composite score based on the size, growth rate, and profitability of their businesses. Mandy’s successes rank her 40th on the list of 100.

During the evolution of Accent Inns, under Mandy’s direction, one of her goals has been to “grow the brand” of the organization.  Mandy’s presentation today will be “Growing Your Brand”.

Spotlight Speaker & Event Sponsor: Tracey Hansen, Sun Life’s Sales Manager and Recruiting Officer will provide you with an overview of Sun Life Financial.  Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth accumulation products and services to individuals and corporate customers.

Chartered in 1865, Sun Life and its partners, today have operations in key markets worldwide.  Sun Life Financial Advisors share a proud 140 year history of providing financial security solutions to millions of Canadians.



April 26, 2012  Keynote Speaker:  Shirley Johnson, Johnson Management & Consulting.

“What every business woman needs to know about finances – like it or not!”

No one said financials were FUN, but Shirley will help demystify! Building on Lori Voyer’s presentation last month, Shirley will discuss:

  • Identifying income needs – income wants – target profit
  • Identifying fixed costs & flexible costs
  • Creating a budget
  • Analysis of income and expenses on a regular basis – compare to targets
  • How to keep track of purchases and income efficiently and easily
  • WHY do all this?

Shirley Johnson is the owner of Johnson Consulting and Management. She raised 7 children while managing a family owned business. She has an extensive background in financial and administrative management. Her passion now is helping others create an environment that facilitates business success.

Spotlight Speaker: Carolyn Thomas, My Heart Sisters, The Heart & Stroke Foundation.   What every woman needs to know about heart health! Come and hear about Carolyn’s inspiring life, heart attack survival and experience as the first Canadian woman at the Mayo Clinic symposium on Women’s Heart Science and Leadership.

Event Sponsor: Loreli Urquhart, Alter Ego Fitness

Special Presentation:  Judy Fanstein, Executive Director and Founder, YesBC.   Youth Climate Action Summit and the Off-the-Grid Music and Art Festival – May 25th



March 22, 2012   Keynote Speaker: Lori Yoyer, The Business Connection.

Lori Voyér and her team at The Business Connection solve business operational headaches and help business people become more successful!

Lori works with small businesses to streamline and setup business work flow processes and efficient technology tools. By helping women operate their business more smoothly and effectively, business women become more successful and prosperous.

At the March WWBN luncheon Lori will present the Top 3 Ways to Make Your Business More Successful by examining business tools every business woman should know how to use:

  • Identify start-up and ongoing expenses
  • Determine your break-even point
  • Track revenue and income expenses.

Spotlight Speaker:  Mellissima Vocal Trio is an a capella vocal trio dedicated to enhancing special occasions with harmonious live performances. With a repertoire of music from madrigals to jazz, sacred to bawdy, soothing to uplifting, old classics to new pop tunes, join Lisa Tinney, Melaney Black and Melanie Wittur for this special performance ‘spotlight’.

Special Presentations by: Jennifer Harrison and Kathryn Mullis, Vagina Monologue.  This international play is being featured on the Westshore in March 31 at Isabelle Reader Theatre, along with a silent auction. The author has set up an amazing organization (vday.org) where those who present the play donate back 10% to the Global Campaign and the other 90% is donated locally to an organization in support of Women Affected by Violence. We have chosen the Pacific Centre Family Services Association (Stopping the Violence against Women Program)

Philanthropic Component: Wear2Start – Presented by Adele Deegan.  Wear2Start works with unemployed women who are living in poverty; who are seeking to enter the workforce and need the help to regain their confidence through a professional appearance. They assist women by selecting suitable job interview items such as clothing, shoes, accessories. Each woman receives individual, personal attention to her needs. We also co-ordinate other necessary services such as haircuts, make up consultations, dry cleaning, and alterations.

Wear 2 Start is a Non-Profit Society and Registered Federal Charity. Wear 2 Start seeks no government assistance and has no paid employees. It is operated entirely by volunteers together with community partnerships and private donations.

Event Sponsor: Barbara Scott & Associates, Coldwell Banker, Slegg Realty



February 23, 2012  Keynote Speaker:  Anna Harvey, Boost Communications.

Anna HarveyIf you’ve looked around and noticed that the passion is missing from your business or your life, then you won’t want to miss this talk by Anna Harvey. Anna is a Passion Test Facilitator and specializes in helping people connect to their passion or, in her words, “what makes your heart sing.”

She’ll be drawing on her experiences as a Passion Coach, an entrepreneur, a mother and life enthusiast to present a serious, yet entertaining talk entitled “ONE SIZE FITS ALL: How to size up the passion in your life and business.

Spotlight Speaker & Event Sponsor:  Dawn McCooey is a business advisor with Women’s Enterprise Center.  How to Stay In Love With Your Business.  Dawn holds a master of arts degree in leadership and training and will soon be moving to the Acting Training Manager position. Dawn ran her own employment consulting business for 18 years and is an avid off-shore sailor.



January 26, 2012  Keynote Speaker:  Amelia Warren, CEO, Epicure Selections in Victoria BC 

Epicure Selections is a 100% Canadian, family-owned, women-led company. Epicure was started in 1991 by Sylvie Rochette, who, dissatisfied with what the market had to offer her family in terms of nutritious meals that were quick and easy to prepare, created her own spice blends, quickly developing a passion for this ancient art.

Sylvie started out with a small manufacturing facility (her basement) and then moved to James Bay. In 2003 Sylvie bought 80 acres of agricultural land on the Saanich Peninsula, its current production facility, distribution centre, home office and vineyard. Today, Victorian Epicure Inc./Epicure Selections has grown into Canada’s largest direct seller with over 10,000 consultants across Canada. Amelia will share the strategies and successes of her family’s business and the importance of ‘growing your culture’, as you grow your company.  www.epicureselections.com

Spotlight Speaker: Gail Cole, of All Things Balanced is Victoria’s Feng Shui specialist.

Gail provides consultations for homes, offices and businesses. Her budget friendly workshops teach people how to get started themselves. The results speak for themselves, check out the many testimonials on her website. Gail also does corporate speaking engagements for companies such as Gardenworks, Heirloom Linens, Capital Iron and Baja Rosi’s Consignment.  www.allthingsbalanced.com

Event Sponsor:  Darlene Oudot, Investors Group, Westshore. www.investorsgroup.com/consult/darlene.oudot/ENGLISH/



December, 2011 – Christmas Celebration

Spotlight Speaker:  Dana LeCompte, owner of Tugwell Creek Meadery & Winery.  Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery was licensed as British Columbia’s first Meadery in 2003. The combination of Bob Liptrot’s 43 years of beekeeping experience and over 25 years of mead making experience bring a unique and educational culinary experience to each visitor to the tasting room. Their award winning Meads (honey wines) reflect harmony and balance by blending varietal honeys and berries from our local region.  Mead (Honey Wine) is the oldest art of fermentation. Consumed by all, from kings to peasants, mead has gained a reputation as a giver of life, wisdom, courage and strength down through the ages.

Event Sponsor:  Jacqueline Ellis, Bikram Yoga, Westshore



November, 2011 – Spotlight Speaker

Lynn Longmuir owner of Healing Scents Aromatherapy Clinic.  Lynn is an Essential Oil Therapist and Registered Aromatherapist.  Lynn is an accomplished business owner of Healing Scents for the past 14 years which comprised her own practise AND vocational training for Aromatherapists AND as a Board member for the British Columbia Association for Practicing Aromatherapists, she set standards and core curriculum for aromatherapists in BC.

November, 2011 – Guest Speaker

Tracy McMicking is a Certified Professional Wellness Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Writer who works with busy professionals to help them bring balance and wellness to everyday living.   She has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in psychology and earned her certification in coaching through the Coaches Training Institute.   She is a member of the International Coach Federation and is a volunteer at the Family Medical Clinic providing coaching for women in need.  Tracy combines over 10 years of experience working as a parent educator, supporting healthy family relationships with her passion for coaching professionals and entrepreneurs to create successful, balanced and fulfilling lives.

 Event Sponsor: Jen McCarthy from Newera Wellness an Esperenza Bermudez of Esperenza Esthetics, in Oak Bay, co-sponsored.




OCTOBER, 2011 – Spotlight Speaker:

Bridges for Women is a non-profit agency with over 20 years of experience in empowering women with a background of abuse and trauma.  Carrie Everett, Mentoring and Volunteer Coordinator; Jan Bate, Executive Director and Julie Atkinson, Ambassador for the Mentoring Program will give us a well rounded picture of what Bridges offers women and the great work they do in our communities.

OCTOBER, 2011 – Guest Speakers & Event Sponsor:

WestShore Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Wallis, Manager of Membership Services, will be discussing ‘Women Entrepreneurs in Business’, and an outline of what the Chamber’s role is in the business community.




 September 2011 – Spotlight Speaker

Janet Young, All Organized Storage, is an accomplished business woman. Janet provides organizing services, designs, supplies, and installs custom closets and shelving

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