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WWBN Holiday Virtual Cocktail Party
December 17th @ 7 pm
hosted by Twist of Fate Cocktails

Celebrate the holidays with our WWBN community – guests and members are welcome to this virtual experience! Come on, who doesn’t need a little cocktail party?
So put on your splashy festive attire – little black dress, crazy sweater or comfy pj’s, we don’t judge 🙂 A curbside cocktail package (with enough ingredients for 6 drinks) will be delivered to each virtual guest and Twist of Fate mixologists will have you answering trivia, learning techniques, shaking and of course sipping cocktails throughout their fun, interactive 90 minute event. 
We’ll have a bit of networking time too. This is a wonderful way to end the year WWBN virtual style. 


Nov 19, 2020  – How to achieve Go-To-Expert Status with Bonnie Chomica. 


Are you looking to build your expert identity? Do you want to be seen as the “go-to” authority in your field?

WWBN Member and Marketing Mentor, Bonnie Chomica will share how anybody can use content marketing to get more visibility for their business and personal brands.


In this dynamic session you’ll discover:

  • How content marketing works and why it’s important
  • Why content marketing creates awareness and trust
  • What types of content marketing to consider (online and off)

Content marketing is a low cost, long-term strategy that continually fuels your marketing so you can attract more prospects and buyers. When people get to know you and the value you deliver, they’ll associate your content with the qualities of your brand.

On November 19th, 2020, Bonnie shares her wisdom along with several tips and examples on how to elevate your brand in a crowded marketplace, using a content marketing strategy.About Bonnie: As a marketing mentor living in Nanoose Bay, Bonnie Chomica helps to elevate the visibility of her coach, consultant, and service provider clients. As an advisor, guide, and cheerleader, her role is to move you from frustration and confusion to clarity and confidence as a highly visible expert. She helps you earn trust and build expert status, so you are top-of-mind when clients are ready to buy.

Nov 5, 2020  – The fastest way to connect to your ideal clients w/Sharon-Rose McNeil.

 “In business, sales is where rubber hits the road. If you want to grow your business you will need to learn to embrace sales. Many clients ask me what is the fastest way they can connect with their ideal prospects so that they can sell without sounding pitchy or salesy.”

Join Sharon as she shared with you her number 1 tip for shortcutting the sales process so you can stop selling and start having fun serving you ideal clients.
About: Sharon-Rose McNeil is the Founder & CEO of Honor Sales and works with Coaches, Experts and Custom Service Providers who want to impact their community by closing more sales.
She has been in sales for 25 years; starting at 18 years old selling vacuum cleaners door to door in order to support her family for 6years as the sole income provider. For the past 18 years she has been working for North America’s largest garage door manufacture managing a territory of over 13 million dollars. 

Sharon-Rose has written several coaching programs such as the Fundamentals of Sales, Effective Communication and Difficult Conversations. 
Learn more about Sharon.

October 22, 2020
Connect & Educate Virtual Networking
We have a new format for virtual networking, giving each participant 5 minutes to answer the following questions.
We’ll use breakout rooms if we have a large group, or stay in one large group for networking if we have a smaller participant count.
In rounds of timed 5 minutes intervals:
  1. Tell Us about yourself
  2. Show Us what you do if you have a visual product to show.
  3. Educate Us on what you know – is there one thing you can share about your business that will inform or educate.
  4. Connect us by sharing where we can support and stay connected with you – social channels and website.
October 8, 2020
Meeting details the same as above.
September 24, 2020
Meeting details the same as above.
July 23, 2020
You don’t want to miss this interview with Nicole Smith, CEO Flytographer and Cathy Scott, CEO Departures Travel & Niche Women’s Tours.
In this frank discussion, these two ladies will share how they’ve had to pivot their businesses to survive in the COVID recovery, at a time when the tourism industry has been hard hit. It pays to be creative, but listen in to learn how they’ve done it!

July 9, 2020

This week we have Juhli Selby joining us for a Q&A.

Bring ONE social media question and Juhli will answer it.

Not to be missed and super valuable. For anyone who knows Juhli, you know she’ll deliver 🙂

Come to the Virtual event prepared with:
a quick 30 second introduction of yourself and your business.
plus your ONE social media question.

March 26, 2020  – The Style File with Shelley Brown – live event cancelled due to Covid-19

Shelley Brown teaches women how to develop their personal style – the visual expression of their inner personality – through personalized services in Advanced Color Analysis, Proportion Styling, Wardrobe Analysis and Closet Edits. She helps women Shop Smart. Save Time. Save Money.

This month at WWBN Shelley will be showing us how to dress for our proportions, attributes, physical features, colors and so much more. This isn’t the old language of the 80’s – it’s all updated! You don’t want to miss this!! In addition, she will work with 2 models so everything is visual.

Shelley Brown has been hooked on the high of helping women get great style for over 30 years. After ditching her career in banking, she became a fashion consultant with a major department store which lead to many exciting opportunities; dressing on air personalities, creating relatable seminars, and putting on memorable fashion events for audiences as large as 5000. Dressing women in their best styles and giving them confidence through their personal style became my super power. 

Shelley created and taught curriculum at a local image consulting school and has since created a pocket-sized file housing a woman’s personal style information – The Style File.

MEETING SPONSORED BY: Barbara Marengo, BEBA Collective

February 2020 – Social Good is Good for Fatso

We hosted Jill VanGyn, CEO of FATSO peanut butter for a social good conversation.

Jill has integrated social good into her business, but why?

What benefit has she seen in her business, in her community and what impact has her donation had on the charity she’s supporting?

January 2020 – Social Media for Business w/Instagram Influencer Jannine MacKinnon

Are you feeling like your time on social media is wasted? That you’re not reaching your ideal customer or making an impact? This fireside chat with Motherhood Lifestyle Influencer Jannine MacKinnon will show you how to create content that is engaged with and seen by your community.

Jannine is a digital marketer turned influencer who has spent years helping small businesses sort through the overwhelm of online marketing. Whether it’s social media and computer basics, online advertising, or launching an online course, she has supported her clients to feel empowered in making the right decisions to reach their ideal customers.

When she became a mom isolation hit hard and she noticed a gap in representation of real, honest motherhood. She has since set out to help young moms find balance between their new role as a mother and re-finding that special part of themselves that makes them feel like them. She has grown her online community to 30k+ by sharing recipes, tips and tricks, and relatable content like my Mom Truth Mondays and Fashion Fridays. |

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