Deb Alcadinho founded Westshore Women’s Business Network, (WWBN) in Victoria BC Canada in 2010 after identifying a common need with her female clients: they  were seeking ways to make connections, learn new skills, be inspired, grow their businesses and succeed together as a community.  Today, Westshore Women’s Business Network provides a platform for female business owners and professionals to achieve all of this and more. Read Deb’s personal message on the Home Page.

Deb is a Business Advisor and Personal Branding Strategist at Your Brand Power  She works with female entrepreneurs who want to up-level their business, work on business planning and development, or develop a winning personal brand.  She is an educator, leader, speaker, mentor, entrepreneurial business owner, wife and mom to 3 boys.

Deb is a serial entrepreneur having owned 7 businesses (the first one at age 10), an award-winning media specialist promoting the brands of her clients and helping them to stand out in unique ways to increase their brand recognition and revenues. 

Deb speaks on subjects of: personal branding, business planning, strategy and development.

She’s been honored to receive the Community Leadership Award in 2018 at Government House, and the Unlimited Woman of Mentorship and Leadership award in 2015. Deb has mentored students at the UVIC Gustavson School of Business and Camosun College.

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