As a child in elementary school I always had the comment on my report card, “Debbie talks to much in class.” I love talking to people! Human connection is so important to me. 

Through the years, I’ve learned the art of conversation, the beauty of friendships, the delicate dance between listening and speaking and the intricacies of making human connection. There’s something so beautiful about the invisible thread I see between people and the opportunity to make introductions between people. The way I see it is we are all just beautiful threads in life’s complex tapestry and it’s a sweeter life when we collaborate and work together.

Deb Alcadinho founded Westshore Women’s Business Network (WWBN) in Victoria BC Canada in 2010 after identifying women in business were seeking a different networking experience. One where they could network with women because let’s face it, the conversation is different when dudes are in the room. Don’t get me wrong, mixed networking is great, but the demeanor and conversation is just different. Deb envisioned an environment where more than one person per industry was welcome, where women could learn new skills, be inspired, grow their business and succeed together as a community.

Deb’s journey through owning 7 businesses, working in community engagement with non-profits and a decade long award-winning career in media promoting the brands of her clients, has positioned her well to not only tune into market demands and trends, but deliver training and development that meets the needs of her business clients as a business advisor and serve the members of WWBN.

She knows two things to be true in business – learning and connection. A lifelong learner, Deb knows learning and stepping outside our comfort zone are two ways to grow personally and professionally.  Today, Westshore Women’s Business Network provides a platform for female business owners and professionals to achieve professional and personal success, get unstuck and move their business forward. Deb provides and facilitates Elevate21 Mastermind,  a premier mastermind group for established business women who are seeking elevated conversations to move their business forward. To discuss problems, challenges or have discussions in a confidential, non-competitive, safe space; to get unstuck!; to be supported and encouraged by women who have your back; to take action and be held accountable to get it done!

Continuing on the learning path, Deb also provides business learning and networking events twice per month incorporating a keynote speaker (learning) and networking (connection).  Deb has developed numerous free downloadable resources, along with other trainings and courses are available for self study on the store.  The Essential Networking Guide is one of Deb’s signature free downloads.

Deb is a business advisor and passionate about helping women succeed in business. She works with female entrepreneurs who want to up-level their business, work on business planning and development, sales and marketing or develop a winning personal brand.  She is an educator, leader, speaker, mentor, entrepreneurial business owner, wife and mom to three young men.  She studied marketing and sales in college, and through mentorship programs has mentored many students at the University of Victoria and Camosun College in Victoria, BC Canada.

In addition, Deb is the co-founder of Business 4 Social Good (soon to launch in Spring 2021) and believes women-led businesses will lead the social impact space, using business as a force for good to solve some of Canada’s biggest social, environmental and humanitarian challenges.

When not working on her businesses, you’ll find Deb enjoying the beauty of Vancouver Island, BC, time spent with her family, in her kitchen (or both) or delving into the latest business book or podcast.

Deb speaks on subjects of: personal branding, business planning, strategy & development and sales & marketing.

She’s been honored to receive the Community Leadership Award in 2018 at Government House, and the Unlimited Woman of Mentorship and Leadership award in 2015 and numerous business awards for Westshore Women’s Business Network through the WestShore Chamber of Commerce.

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