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April 1, 2021 – 5 Questions to Become a Silver Linings Seeker
Jilly Hyndman, CPCC PCC, the heartrageous coach


Do you believe in silver linings?  Turning lemons into lemonade?  Finding gems in the rubble? Or is that all a bunch of hooey and wishful thinking?

Either way, you’ll be inspired to turn that frown upside down in this interactive talk led by Jilly Hyndman CPCC PCC, the heartrageous coach. Through stories of bad bosses, a scary diagnosis and other gifts from the universe,

In this talk Jilly will reveal

  • Five key questions that will help you seek the silver linings in life’s unplanned, unwanted or disappointing events. Why? Not so we can ignore the bad or broken things that happen, but so we can truly be with them (’cause they’re going to happen) and move through them with more ease…so we can spend more time and energy on what matters most.
  • Bring your hardship or annoying obstacle and leave with practical tips and tools to adopt a mindset that will bring more resilience, joy and optimism to your life.

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April 15, 2021 Breakthrough to Bigger & Bolder Thinking
Nicole Kirby, BA, ACC, NLPP

The entrepreneurial path is not for the faint of heart!  Changes in perspective and mindset not only propel our success; they inspire us to build a BOLDER vision.

In this powerful session, Nicole will share her journey of overcoming a 25 year-long phobia that kept her thinking and living small. And helped her to make the jump from 9-5 to business owner.

All of us have our own breakthroughs just waiting to happen! Through greater self-awareness, self-compassion and confidence – we can be unstoppable!

Leave inspired and armed with tools to breakthrough to thinking BIG!

In this talk Nicole will help you:

  • Discover the importance of self-perception
  • Learn how to bounce back from setbacks and keep on going
  • Make the shift from inaction to confident action

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May 6, 2021  Present Virtually like a Ladyboss
with Suzy Dickstein, certified world-class speaking coach and trainer who helps business people deliver riveting presentations.

Communicating well online is about much more than just adding some tech. This presentation will help you speak like a ladyboss, so you can stop shying away from boldly presenting on camera and start resonating with your ideal audience.

You’ll walk away with some quick and easy tips to keep people engaged in your online presentation, so they can stay focused on you and your very important message.

In this talk Suzy will reveal:

• How to set-up a simple virtual staging area, so you look and sound great on camera
• How to communicate more confidently, so you present like a ladyboss
• How to engage your audience online, so they resonate with your message

About: Suzy Dickstein is a certified world-class speaking coach and trainer who helps business people deliver riveting presentations. She works with business women who want to speak more confidently, resonate more deeply, and make a lot more gelt (money). She’s passionate about helping women present their amazing ideas in a powerful way so they market their businesses like a ladyboss.

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