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Are you feeling like your time on social media is wasted? That you’re not reaching your ideal customer or making an impact? This fireside chat with Motherhood Lifestyle Influencer Jannine MacKinnon will show you how to create content that is engaged with and seen by your community. 

Jannine is a digital marketer turned influencer who has spent years helping small businesses sort through the overwhelm of online marketing. Whether it’s social media and computer basics, online advertising, or launching an online course, she has supported her clients to feel empowered in making the right decisions to reach their ideal customers. 

 When she became a mom isolation hit hard and she noticed a gap in representation of real, honest motherhood.  She has since set out to help young moms find balance between their new role as a mother and refinding that special part of themselves that makes them feel like them. She has grown her online community to 30k+ by sharing recipes, tips and tricks, and relatable content like my Mom Truth Mondays and Fashion Fridays.   | 

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