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January 7, 2021

Are you showing up as a leader in your life?
Why does it matter? with Heather Beaton

WWBN Member Heather Beaton is passionate about women and leadership. Why? Because women lead in all aspects of their lives – leaders at home with our families, at schools where we volunteer, at the soccer field or the hockey rink where our kids play, in boardrooms, and where we run successful businesses. We often don’t think of ourselves as leaders in all aspects of our lives.

”How we show up anywhere is how we show up in most places in our lives”. Here many of us have blind spots, meaning we can’t see where our beliefs hold us back from leading more impactfully.

In this session you’ll discover:
– The impact of leading from authority versus leading from humanity
– Why authentic leadership can be messy
– Why perfectionism keeps you from living & leading full out
– What it means to fall from integrity grace

On January 7th, 2021 Heather will share her journey in leadership including some of the good, the bad and the ugly and why she is so passionate about supporting women to differentiate between how they are showing up in their leadership and what they do as leaders. As a young leader in the sport of figure skating, to leading in the corporate environment, to now running her own coaching & consulting business, Heather’s focus is to help women shine the light within and from here discover the gifts they haven’t yet shared with the world.

January 17, 2021

Digital Marketing
with Nikki Thibodeau, Shopify

Nikki will download a bundle of goodies for your on Digital Marketing. She’s a passionate individual, and loves pairing up with entrepreneurs to help them identify and remove roadblocks. She is currently working as the Shopify Local Lead, leading a global team of community managers who deliver free digital resources to help entrepreneurs to level up. Her favorite things to talk about are your business, digital marketing, and how dogs are the greatest gift to mankind. Nikki will cover
– Target Audience
– Marketing Funnel Overview
– Discussing Unique Value Proposition
– Content (what type of content to post, how to source and find it, and a bit on strategy)

Make sure you’ve got your notebook ready for Nikki’s 3 takeaways:
– Know how to define your target audience
– What sets you apart from your competition
– Have a plan for your content marketing strategy


February 4, 2021

Tax Tips for Freelancers and Side Hustles
with Colleen Hoggarth, Freedom Accounting Inc.

In conversation with Colleen, she will cover:
– how you can avoid the most common mistakes freelancers and those with a side hustle make when it comes to their bookkeeping and accounting.
– tips to get organized for the upcoming tax season to reduce the feeling of overwhelm.
– what to know about CERB benefits
– tips for tracking allowable expenses and invoices
– cloud based vs paper based bookkeeping and accounting – what you should know.
… and so much more in a live Q&A.

Colleen Hoggarth, CPB, FCPB, is the owner of Freedom Accounting Inc. Fore more than four decades her team has been offering services in bookkeeping, accounting and tax prep. Colleen herself, has over 30 years’ experience in accounting and management roles.


February 18, 2021

From cottage business to Dragon’s Den to North American ecommerce business. Inspiration from Joanne Arnold, owner of Soulful Sister Aromatherapy, Langford BC.



March 4, 2021

Product Photography 101
with Nikki Thibodeau, Shopify.

Learn how to take great photos of your products that grab your audience!
Join Shopify for a workshop all about product photography. Customers often associate a brand’s visual presentation with trustworthiness, so having high-quality photography can go a long way.

In this presentation we’ll cover:
– Why product and brand photography is essential for your business
– What equipment you’ll need to get started
– How to take product-centered photos
– How to edit and collect images for your online store and social media accounts

Don’t have a digital camera? No problem – this workshop can be done with just a smartphone camera.


March 18, 2021 Social Media with Juhli Selby, Sandhi’s Social. Topic TBA.

Details and registration coming soon! 


April 1, 2021 Jilly Hyndman, The Heartrageous Coach.
Topic TBA.

Details and registration coming soon! 


April 15, 2021 Nicole Kirby, personal development & breakthrough coach for entrepreneurial women.

Details and registration coming soon! 

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