A premier mastermind group for women whose business or industry has been disrupted.
You are seeking new opportunities, elevated conversations, and ready to think bigger, lead bigger and ‘do’ bigger.

Elevate21 promises to be extraordinarily powerful.

Are you craving a business experience where:

  • You will be incredibly supported and encouraged
  • You can present problems, challenges and discussions in a confidential, non-competitive, safe space
  • You can get creative and exciting ideas and solutions, from people other than friends and family
  • You will tap into the shared knowledge, skills and experience of peers
  • Your learning curve will be shortened and forward momentum gained faster
  • You will form clear actions and goals and be held accountable to complete them

You will be part of a small, close group of peer business women who have laser focus on the success of you and your business.

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Elevate20 Mastermind specifics:

  • Small groups only 6 members per mastermind group.
    • Small personalized groups ensure laser focus on the hot seat participant and rich brainstorming.
  • Current business owners only
  • Acceptance is by application
  • No competitors.
    • During the screening process, participants will be carefully chosen to ensure competitors will not be in the same mastermind group.
  • Similar levels of experience and success
    • this ensures seasoned members are not only mentoring junior business women and missing out on receiving advice themselves
  • Varied skills, different backgrounds and specialties
    • will be considered to add to the group dynamics and richness in brainstorming.

What members can expect at the Elevate20 Mastermind sessions:

  • Clarity
  • Hot Seat laser focused brainstorming and feedback at each meeting with the topic.
  • Check-ins
  • Accountability
  • Action
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Innovative ideas and solutions
  • Tapping in to the experience, expertise, wisdom and knowledge of peers.
  • Reduce feelings of isolation or working in a silo or small team


  • Two meetings per month
    • 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month
    • 10 am to 1 pm
  • in-person is where the rich conversation happens, but the reality is likely the meetings will be virtual due to COVID (let me know your preference)
  • 3 month commitment
  • commit to showing up for every meeting; participation is vital so that members can brainstorm together
  • to participate in the mastermind group process of hot seats, brainstorming, action plans and accountability
  • to sign non-disclosure agreement and commit to confidentiality
  • to abide by the guidelines of the group
  • $100 per month

Commitment to participate in:

a) Two-way sharing –willing to both ask for help and give help

  • Asking – when in the hot seat, present a problem, challenge or decision, and the entire group gets involved with idea and solution generation.
  • Giving – when not in the hot seat, freely share ideas and solutions.

b) Setting actions and being accountable to completion.


Guidelines are created to set boundaries and create a safe, harmonious and trusting space for everyone. All participants will be asked to read and abide by the guidelines so that everyone is in agreement.



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