Many business owners are constantly caught up in the busy-ness of running a business. Overwhelmed by a never-ending To Do list, women in business may be especially challenged by this. We have a brain that thinks “global” rather than “linear” – which can make us good a juggling lots of tasks. And, it can also make it difficult to sort things into clear priorities and steps. Result: Overwhelm.

To find your way out:

  1. Create a Written Action List. List the 3 most important things you need to get done today first. Then sort your list into “like” activities. Errands, Calls and e-mails, Projects (with key steps and timelines), Administrative Tasks –or whatever fits your type of business and life. Just getting it on paper will help you see your true priorities and what can wait. Schedule time to work on your list—not all of it today!
  2. Chunk your work week. Schedule things in chunks of time –1.5 to 2 hour chunks work well. Set aside 4 hour blocks to focus on bigger projects. Example: Return e-mails in chunks of time, not as they come in.
  3. Take charge of your schedule. Being “nice” to please others will cost you in the long run. Learn to value your time and say “No” and “Not now” (kindly) to interruptions. Close your door to focus on priorities and teach others to respect that.
  4. Ask for help. Stop being a “lone ranger” and the “queen of everything”. Figure out what your time is worth to bring in the real money for your business. Hire someone at a cheaper rate (maybe part-time) to do time consuming admin tasks and handle details. It will make you more money a lot faster. And that’s why you’re in business, isn’t it?
  5. Plan! And Work your Plan. Make time to set a Vision, Goals and Action Steps, with timelines. It will help you focus your priorities. It will help you ask for and get help. And, it will keep you inspired as you look back and see that your are making progress.

By Sharon Hall, CEC, Business Coach

Grow Your Business – Grow Your Life