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Valerie Westra

Staging Consultant At First Sight, Home Staging Solutions
Work Phone: 250.216.2529 Website:


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I am Valerie Westra, a Professional Staging Consultant and Owner of At First Sight Home Staging Solutions.

I started this company following a lifelong involvement in art and design, driven by my passion for helping people during challenging times of their lives.

I know how much your home has become the reflection of yourself, your family and lifestyle. We love our homes for the comfort they provide—a history and character with that special feeling in our hearts.

It is time to look at our home from a different perspective once the decision to sell has been made.  To sell your house we need to market it well. How we live in our houses is not how we market them.

You are now in the business of selling a product. Your house is now the product on the market competing with other similar products.

At First Sight Home Staging Solutions promises to showcase your house, first!

At First Sight Home Staging Solutions takes great pride in marketing your house to realize its full potential, reduce time on the market and minimize the stress associated with the process of preparing it for sale. With our extensive training and experience, we understand the psychology of the buyer.

We apply advanced home staging techniques to enhance your house’s best features and downplay any flaws. We create favorable first impressions with positive feelings and emotions in the potential buyers to increase the chances of the fastest sale and at the best price.


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