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Valerie Couture

Owner and Founder Relaxation Of The Soul
Work 2949 Colquitz Ave Victoria BC V9A 2M2 Canada Cell Phone: 250-812-5088 Website:


Photo of Valerie Couture

Valerie found her true passion in healing and has since pursued training in several modalities.  Her personal experiences have been an asset to understanding and learning about healing. Becoming a ThetaHealing Practitioner was a great accomplishment for her and has proven to be the skill she frequently finds the best success with, but she also uses her ability as a Reiki Master, and Certified Crystal Practitioner to assist those that respond better to other modalities.

Offering private sessions and group classes in her home studio, Valerie uses the ThetaHealing techniques to help her clients clear limiting beliefs that otherwise hold them back from moving forward in their life and to truly attain feeling good about themselves without the negative aspects these beliefs create and hold us to.

Valerie has recently returned from Montana, where she attended ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper Instructor courses with Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing.

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2949 Colquitz Ave Victoria BC V9A 2M2 Canada

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