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Nicole Kirby

Coach & Trainer Nicole Kirby Coaching
Work Nanaimo BC V9T 6E1 Canada Work Phone: 250-668-3496 Cell Phone: 250-668-3496 Website: Nicole Kirby Website


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Through one-to-one coaching and online training programs, I help women design a life they love!

Too often we put our biggest goals on the back burner or we want better work/life balance and just do not know how to achieve it.

We all have incredible strengths but sometimes it takes someone else to help us truly uncover them. We all have goals, but sometimes it takes someone else to help us create the plan…and follow through on the plan!

I bring to my clients over 25 years of experience in career development and education programs, sales and coaching. My true passion though is when I can see my clients make that “breakthrough” that allows them to start taking big actions in their lives!

What is that “something” you have wanted to achieve but haven’t quite reached yet?
Let’s connect and start designing your life exactly as you want it!

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