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Nadine Hanchar

International Trainer Counsellor & Consultant Progressive Edge Plus NLP Inc,
Work Suite #135-1555 McKenzie Ave., Victoria BC Work Phone: 250.384.1341 Website: Website: Knowing Me, Knowing You [book]


Photo of Nadine Hanchar

Nadine Hanchar has been a counselor, consultant, and facilitator for more than thirty years. She is also an NLP Trainer and works with a variety of non-traditional result-oriented therapies.

Nadine is a speaker and author who has developed a personality profiling system based on how a person processes information. She has recently published a book about the system called “Knowing Me, Knowing You – The PEP Personality Process”. This system offers incredible insights into ourselves and others and how the way we process information affects our personalities, relationships, and life.

Nadine is also trained in physical disciplines such as iridology and nutrition, energy healing therapies like Huna and Reiki, and a wide range of spiritual philosophies and meditations. She specializes in assisting people to have better relationships at home and at work.

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Suite #135-1555 McKenzie Ave., Victoria BC

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