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Heather Beaton

Owner Heather Beaton Coaching
Work Langford BC V9B 0G4 Canada Cell Phone: 250-686-7311 Website: Heather Beaton Coaching


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Specializing in leader transformation, I work with smart, competent and driven individuals; professionals committed to excelling in their careers and in their lives. Transformation is about becoming our best selves and whether we are leading at home, in the community or in the office, success starts with a willingness to look inward.

Leading from the belief that we must have all the answers, that making mistakes is career limiting and that asking for help is a weakness, is exhausting. This mindset creates fear and anxiety.

When striving to be a better human being and thus a better leader the 6 most important words are …”I don’t know and I need support”. How vulnerable is that in a world that teaches us the opposite? When we can come from this mindset, we are open to learning and growth.

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