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Heather Beaton

Professional Coach and Consultant Potential Plus Coaching
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I specializes in coaching smart, competent and committed professionals to reach their true potential; professionals who want to excel in their career and in their lives. Additionally, using the Boss Whispering Method™ I provide a specialty service as a licensed Intervention Consultant and Coach, working with organizations to tame abrasive behaviors among leaders who have much to offer but are getting in their own way and these abrasive behaviors cause suffering to others and overall harm to the organization.

I am a highly motivated individual who brings energy and possibility to all that I do. My background and accomplishments at a young age in the sport of figure skating were instrumental in developing my discipline, courage and understanding of what it takes to be committed and follow your dreams.

My mission and commitment is to work with those who want to unearth what is holding them back. I supports clients to gain the clarity and direction necessary to achieve their goals. Together we step into and push through the change that seems incredibly scary at first, but by doing so allows my clients to lean into the life they truly want and to believe in themselves so that they can live into all that they are capable of being.

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