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Brittany Barton

Licensed Insurance Advisor Iron and Pearl Financial Services
Work Victoria BC Canada Work Phone: 1-604-817-6212 Website: Iron and Pearls Financial Services


Photo of Brittany Barton

Hello! I’m Brittany, a Licensed Life Insurance Broker.

I like to refer to my clients as Dream Chasers – people who are undeniably set on going for what sets their soul on fire. We can’t always prevent life from going sideways, but we can put plans in place that minimize the damage.

I was closely affected by serious health conditions and accidents early in life and understand the damage it can cause, especially to those of us not working the traditional 9-5. It can feel overwhelming to find and understand an insurance plan without the right person to guide you through. I’m dedicated to help you find the right plan for your lifestyle and goals.

Whether you want to look at options or understand a plan you already have, please feel welcome to get in touch.



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