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Brenda Hobor

Work Victoria BC Work Phone: 250.858.6230 Website: B.A.N.K.


Photo of Brenda Hobor

I have been a NIKKEN Wellness Consultant for 19 years. I have seen remarkable recovery from those who were dealing with sleep deprivation to everyday pain issues. Through my travels I have had the honour to work with families and individuals.I have also worked with amateur to professional athletes in Cycling, Lacrosse, Rugby, Softball, Rowing, Mountain Biking, Soccer and Basketball. The NIKKEN magnetized, alkaline water and magnetic products were instrumental in reducing recovery time and helping the athletes get back to a workout sooner.

I have even had success using the NIKKEN products on animals for healing and recovery including dogs, cats and horses.

I value an ongoing commitment to educating myself and others. My more recent courses at Royal Roads University include many business management courses. This year is a year for developing sales skills which will be shared with our NIKKEN and B.A.N.K. sales team. B.A.N.K. is a personality training system to help in serving others. Personal development is helping to value all four of the B.A.N.K. personality types on a sales team. Blueprint (B) specializes in the process. Action(A) thinks outside the BOX and can close a deal fast and is interested in the bottom-line. Nurturer(N) specializes in team building and relationships. Knowledge(K) helps to define the BOX to follow the process. This person centres in on the science and research areas.

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