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Beth Campbell-Duke B.Sc., B.Ed.

Co-Founder Transplant Rogues
Work PO Box 8041 Victoria BC V8V 3R7 Canada Work Phone: 250-650-1527 Website: Transplant Rogues


Photo of Beth Campbell-Duke B.Sc., B.Ed.

Beth Campbell and Tony Duke started Transplant Rogues to help address the issues they found in their own transplant journey. Beth has a background in science education. Tony is a bloody-minded Brit who doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

We talk about the challenges and successes that Rogues encounter along the way… And we try to sort out creative ways to deal with challenges and celebrate our successes… from referral to living life again.

Beth’s background is in science and education. She worked for a decade in the Agricultural Microbiology sector as a Lab Tech and Regulatory Affairs Officer before re-tooling as a high school science teacher. She likes to think of herself as a #GeekSpeakTranslator. As a teacher, she worked in program design and re-design for modified, at-risk and advanced-program students. She’s also volunteered with adult literacy learners in the past.

Through their transplant journey, Beth has been interested in the gap that exists for patients and families in trying to make sense of the medical issues and the siloed health care system in Canada. By any measure that’s a tall order for any of us at the best of times – and Rogues are asked to do it during a time of intense personal and family crisis.

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PO Box 8041 Victoria BC V8V 3R7 Canada

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