Why Join WWBN

If you own a business, run a business or are an employee in an organization, networking helps you to:

  • increase exposure for your business
  • build business relationships with new customers or suppliers, businesses and industries
  • grow your personal and professional networks
  • form strategic alliances or collaborations with other businesses
  • mentor a new entrepreneur or business owner with your knowledge and expertise
  • Increase your personal brand and business brand exposure

Entrepreneurs need support, some need encouragement, some just need validation. Solopreneurs need to get out and meet people.  All business owners and business people need to connect with their customers, new and current, on a face to face level.

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  • Connect face-to-face with like-minded business women at monthly networking lunch meetings and coffee sessions.
  • Connect on-line with over 700 members in our on-line WWBN community.
  • Create engagement with your target audience by being one of featured businesses in the Spotlight Women blog series.

“I love the atmosphere, group, content and format.  I think it’s all fantastic and productive.  jen spencerI also think you do a wonderful job being a welcoming host, organizer and are sincere and professional in your interactions with fellow business professionals.  It’s very refreshing and a skill set for us all to strive towards.” ~ Jen

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  • Gain professional development
  • Gain access to trainers, educators, business leaders and thought leaders with the Tidbits of Training series.
  • Gain empowerment and inspiration from visionary women in our Women of Vision video series.


“I wanted to drop you a quick note to say, thanks.  I really enjoyed yesterday’s WWBN meeting, really inspirational, great energy and I really felt that my time was valued in coming out.  In fact I would probably go as far as to say that it was the best networking session I have been to in Victoria to date.”   ~Nicola

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• Access resources, tips, tools and techniques to make you more productive, profitable and successful.

“I wanted to just drop you and note and say thank you for WWBN. As a new business owner, I’ve been attending lots of networking events in the city and I have to say yours REALLY stands out.  I don’t know how, but you’ve created a wonderful atmosphere of warmth, openness and connection. I’ve been recommending the networking to many women and next month I hope to bring a few of them with me.” ~Clare

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