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People aren’t born as experts at business networking.  It takes Consistency and Perseverance.

Power networkers use a proven system and implement it religiously.

In Power Networking for Results, we’ve broken down that system for you …..step-by-step.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Approach your networking with a clear goal in mind – Without a goal, you’re just busy making more friends
  • Evaluate your current skill set – It’s not just a matter of who can help YOU
  • Engage people with your story – But not every story fits every situation
  • Identify who you should be networking with – It’s not as obvious as you think
  • Have a networking conversation with ease – Know what you’re going to say before you say it
  • Follow-up after your networking conversations – Put your systems in place
  • Create a game plan for your networking – Deadlines and action plans mean results
  • Establish specific metrics for evaluating your results – And determine your next course of action

You’ll also learn tips for keeping yourself motivated and in the right mindset for networking.

And, you’ll get a Workbook to take notes and complete the activities at the end of each section, along with some unexpected bonuses 🙂

Want the specifics? Here are the topics we’ll cover…

  • Module 1: What is Power Networking?
  • Module 2: The Key to Successful Power Networking – Defining Your Purpose
  • Module 3: Evaluating Your Skills for Effective Power Networking
  • Module 4: Get Your Story Straight – Crafting a Story for Successful Networking
  • Module 5: Who’s Who – Identifying Your Target Networking Prospects
  • Module 6: Power Networking – What to Say and How to Say it
  • Module 7: Power Networking Follow-Up Strategies and Etiquette
  • Module 8: A Game Plan for Your Power Networking
  • Module 9: Measuring Your Networking Results
  • Module 10: Maintaining a Positive Mindset for Power Networking

By the end of the course, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. And before long, you’ll have a constantly growing network of relationships to help drive your own success.

Isn’t it time you invested a small amount of time in the most important part of YOUR business?

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