Deb, I just picked up the AGELESS LIVING magazine (Deb Article Nov 2012). The author had it all tied up when she wrote about you. Your life, your family and of course, your business and how you are able to combine them all, SUCCESSFULLY!

I really treasure your “valuable insights” for a healthy, successful business. However, the points that I try to practice are: a) Have a budget  b) Love what you do – fun and success will follow.

Deb Alcadinho

Thank you Deb, for sharing your goals and insights. It is absolutely wonderful to read a magazine, that as you turn over the pages you come across someone you know. And can say, “Not only do I know Deb, but I have experienced her energy, enthusiasm & dedication.” This always shines through at the monthly WWBN luncheons.

I know that everytime I attend a WWBN luncheon, it motivates me to continually grow, learn and develop. Thanks Deb, you truly are “breath of fresh air”, to each and everyone of us. Thanks for being our leader!   ~ Carell-Ayne


I’ve been to many networking events and your group is by far the best group2896992-portrait-of-women-in-business-suit of women I’ve ever had the pleasure of connecting with!

WWBN is definitely a group I’d like to belong to.  ~ Diana


I wanted to just drop you and note and say thank you for WWBN. As a new business owner, I’ve been attending lots of networking events in the city and I have to say yours REALLY stands out.

I don’t know how, but you’ve created a wonderful atmosphere of warmth, openness and connection. I’ve been recommending the networking to many women and next month I hope to bring a few of them with me.   ~ Clare

As a new member of WWBN, I want to thank you. This group is making a huge difference to my business and personal life. Your hard work is appreciated.

Thank you.   ~ Alayne


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the lunch today and thank you so much for putting together an amazing networking group and opportunity for women come together. It is a very welcoming environment and the speakers and lunch were fantastic as well, I look forward to the next one!  ~ Alysha


Thank you for what you are doing with the women’s networking.I was driving home from work today and thinking about you, I just want to say THANK YOU for what you did today and making events like this possible. I marvel at your organizational skills, the confidence and the strength I saw in you today. When I see what you can do, I say to myself “I want to be just like that – successful and confident in what I do.” The world needs more strong women like you! I really mean that Deb.  ~Anonymous


I wanted to drop you a quick note to say, thanks.  I really enjoyed yesterday’s WWBN meeting, really inspirational, great energy and I really felt that my time was valued in coming out.  In fact I would probably go as far as to say that it was the best networking session I have been to in Victoria to date.  ~Nicola


Thanks for the shout out today and including me in helping set up.  I also just wanted to give you a sincere thank you for all you do with WWBN.  I think it’s a great group.  I love the atmosphere, group, content and format.  I think it’s all fantastic and productive.  I also think you do a wonderful job being a welcoming host, organizer and are sincere and professional in your interactions with fellow business professionals.  It’s very refreshing and a skill set for us all to strive towards.  Hats off to you Deb !  ~Jen


Deb, It was a great pleasure to meet you briefly today at the Westshore Women’s Business Networking Event! It was a wonderful couple of hours so well spent gettingto know other inspiring women.

I sincerely believe today more and more that life is all about connecting heart to heart with other like-hearted-minded women and one by one this is how great change is facilitated in the world.  ~Miriam

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